How To Stay Organized

okay guys Stefan here from project life mastery in this video blog I’m gonna take some time to answer some emails that I’ve been getting on my blog and you know I get quite quite a lot of emails every day from people just asking random questions you know about life or whatever and I always make sure that I respond to those people and do the best I can there but I thought it’d be a good opportunity just to share some of these questions with you because you guys can benefit from the answers that I have to share as well and what I’ll probably do is you know segment this into different video blogs for you guys to check out so if you have any questions by the way you can just reach me on my blog but a project life mastery com click on ‘contact and you can shoot me an email there I’m pretty good at responding to things but sometimes things get a little bit hectic but don’t be afraid to ask me a question or shoot me an email but I got an email here from Josh and it says hey Stefan my question to you is how do you stay organized I’m a college student I also run my own businesses and I have noticed that without some sort of organization it is very easy to become overwhelmed and fall off track for hitting your goals maybe you could show us how you organize your emails different businesses how you organize your desk and your overall environment to make it suitable for high levels of productivity thanks and congrats again on buying your first investment property is extremely motivating to see you smash those goals you set the beginning of the year keep it up to your success Josh so thanks Josh for the email when it comes to organization you know I try to make things simple I’d like to try to simplify life as much as I can even though that’s you know very difficult to do just because life can be very complicated so much to focus on and so much to do but simplicity is a really important thing and sometimes you know I noticed some people they’re juggling too many things more than what they can handle and more than what any system out there could really help them to juggle and organize and so sometimes you know it takes even eliminating certain things or learning to say no to certain things to really simplify your life so that you can just be more stress-free and more focused on the things that are really important for you and that really matter and that’s some things that I had to do you know last year and some meters before is I made different transitions out of certain businesses that were requiring a lot of time and focus and Restrepo and there’s this you know my life was just too difficult to organize and so if your life is too difficult to organize then you know there might be certain things in your life you have to change or you need to develop a new system to help you stay more organized and there is really too much that I personally do to stay organized besides planning planning is really you know that the key to success and the key to productivity in my opinion if you watch the video blog that I had on you know my life plan you’ll know that I have goals for different areas of my life every year of my life my health my body my businesses relationship you know so I understand life can be complicated and there’s a lot to focus on but you need that’s why you need that system and so what I do is that you know I have you know my Excel spreadsheet and make sure you refer to that video blog and the blog post to find out what that’s about but I have my goals my actions my outcomes everything in each area in my life there and what I do is I plan every week for the upcoming week that is yet to come so the week before you know on Sunday or maybe the start of the week on Monday what I’ll do is I’ll just focus on and just look through all the goals that I have for my for my life and then the the individuals that I have goals that have for each area of my life and I make sure that I just kind of block off each time or a certain for each goal each week to make sure I’m focused on it making some sort of progress towards those goals so if you have multiple businesses you know the week before they didn’t have to plan out okay when they’re going to focus on that business when you’re going to focus on this other business that you have well what part of the the week or during the day is we’re going to focus on your health going to the gym exercising what part of the days or during the week are you going to focus on your morning ritual you know what days are going to go with your friends and have fun or you know be with your your your life-partner or whatever so you need to plan every week and that’s personally what I do um so I make sure I have all my appointments laid out I know which days I’m going to be going out and having fun or socializing with friends I’m gonna admit I know which days you know I’m working on which businesses or whatever and and I have a routine I have a schedule for that and the routine is really important because when you incorporate that routine you don’t have to really think about it’s just automatic you just wake up and you go and you wake up you look it up what the plan is for that day and you just execute that plan so I always make sure I plan out a week before in the morning part of my morning ritual I have a journal where I plan out the day more in detail and a look at what I need to get done that day what are the most important things I need to get done that day like the highest leverage things that I could do I also have an accountability partner where we focus we do a phone call first thing in the morning at 8 o’clock and we talked about the three most important things that we need to get done that day and then at the end of the day I’ve incorporated this into my evening ritual got a video blog on that too but we do a follow-up just to talk about what we got done what we didn’t get done it and and just kind of go over things there so I you know like I said in my fan of systems I want to make sure I have systems rituals a part of my life that just make it automatic and just make it very easy for me to actually be organized and get the things done that I need to get done so I think that’s really the secret is just taking the time to plan things in advance plan out your week in advance know you know your students so you got a certain schedule over when you’re going to school you’re going to have to book off what days of the week and what times you’re going to study you’re gonna have to book off what days of the week what times you’re going to work on your businesses and then also what days you’re going to work out at the gym and then maybe on the weekends you get a book book off whatever date is there you’re going to go out with your friends or have fun or whatever right certain family functions and you do not you know deviate from that plan for me I have to say no to a lot of things because I already have my plan and schedule in place people if they want to hang out with me they can’t just be like hey Stefan what are you doing today do you want to hang out my life doesn’t work like that you know I already have a plan for today and I’m being proactive not reactive being reactive is when you don’t have any plan and someone you know anyone can just come in and distract you from whatever it’s a hey let’s do this or this comes up or whatever and you just go with it because you don’t have a plan you’re just reacting to the environment and everything else around you and so to be proactive you have to decide in advance what you want your week to be what you want your day to be and that’s just that’s just how it is for you if you want to really be organized and you’re going to make sure you eliminate those distractions that are going to get you away from that so having some sort of journal having some sort of way to plan your weeks and plan your days is really really important another really big piece is leverage and automation and this is something that Tim Ferriss talks about in the 4-hour workweek his book which is really great book for everybody to check out but you know I’ve been a huge fan of automating my life as much as possible in the last few years that’s why I’m a big fan of passive income the only active income work that I do is coaching and that’s only because I enjoy it a few years ago I started creating online businesses because I I wanted to basically have total freedom so I can spend my time doing what I want to do not what I have to do and in my opinion there’s no worse feeling of having to do something everything that I do now is because I choose to do it because I want to do it because I enjoy it so I really you know changed my life in so many ways because I didn’t I got to appoint my life where I never really had to work again all my expenses and everything were paid for because I just had some websites and some streams of passive income that just paid for everything and so that was a really important piece whereas before I got in the passive income thing I had another business which was an active active business and it was very stressful because I was just juggling that and amongst many other projects that I had going on and with my passive income things is just set it and forget it I never I’ve got some businesses I haven’t even touched or really focused on in over a year and they I still make you know I have thousands of dollars that has come in from those businesses into my bank my bank account so that is one way that I found a way to automate my income to automate that so I didn’t really have to focus on it I can now free up that focus and spend it in other areas of my life you know another big piece in terms of automation is outsourcing I always source a lot of things in my life I have a virtual assistant that works works with me full time and have a few other assistants that work with me on a part-time basis but I have a virtual assistant that handles a lot of things a lot of elements from it with my other businesses you know for example one of my virtual assistants handles all the emails all the customer support that frees up a lot of time for me so I can focus on other things that are more important you know so I automate a lot of things there with my virtual assistant she works with me she lives in the Philippines and I’ve been working with her for almost two years now it’s been going great and and that and that’s a big piece you know just if you if you’re stuck caught up in little mundane tasks with your business or your life or whatever look at outsourcing it I remember there’s a website I think it’s called ask Sunday comm and I think I used them a few years ago when it came out because Tim Ferriss from the 4-hour birth we talked about them but they’ll do a lot of just day-to-day tasks that you’re already doing and you can just outsource and hire them to do it for you so that that’s a really important useful thing and then you can also outsource a lot of your day-to-day stuff you know I don’t clean my own apartments at all I hire a house a house cleaner to come in and clean that every week or so just because I think life is too short to clean your own place and you know there’s little things like that that are probably taken up your time that are just making you more disorganized and have to focus on all these things and not allowing you to really focus on what’s important for you so that’s something that I hire recommend everybody to look into people think that outsourcing cost a lot of money and it doesn’t you know my virtual assistant in the Philippines I pair to 79 and our you know so it’s really not much at all and it provides a really good lifestyle for her so that’s another big piece that my opinion can just really help you be more productive and be more organized with your life but that’s really the best advice I can give you is just make sure that you have a system for planning you know just to have a journal plan out your weeks in advance outsource and leverage as much as you can so that will free up time for you to really focus on the things that are important and just simplify things as much as possible you know don’t try to take on too much then you can really handle you know and learn to say no to things so I hope this answers your question Josh thank you again for the email and thanks again and we’ll talk to you bye