How to Start Saving as a Young Couple

are you ready I got a lavender on today it’s nice so nice hey this is Jeff rose welcome to dollars and cents where I’m answering one of your autumn and insightful reader questions I’ve got another awesome question today and it comes from Alyssa hey Alyssa how you doing hi all right so listen asked my fiance and I are getting married in August we just bought a house no furniture yet I guess you’re sitting on futons maybe beanbags that’s cool but I am graduating from college in May and have been working and my husband scuse me has been working for a year what can we do to afford all the expenses that we have and save money for our future just looking at numbers doesn’t really mean anything but it’s hard to figure out how much we should save and towards what perfect one say congratulations on getting married marriage is a beautiful thing and I do have the best wife ever yes I know she’s watching this brownie points– hit me up what’s up okay the first thing I want to stress before we talk about what you need to be focusing on is making sure that you have this conversation with your spouse that you’re on the same page with your goals so many couples don’t have these conversations of just making sure you’re on the same page and I cannot stress enough how important that is now you have a lot on your plate you’re getting ready to graduate you just bought your new house you have to furnish it with new furniture there’s gonna be all these unexpected expenses when it comes to being a home owner so make sure that you’re ready for that the first thing that you need to do is making sure that you build up your emergency fund and you’ve probably heard this a thousand times but it is so true Dave Ramsey says to start off at least having a thousand dollars in your emergency fund that’s a good starting point but as a home owner I’m not really sure where you reside but you’re probably need to have a whole lot more because what happens if the water heater goes out you need new landscaping if you need a new garage door all these expenses are gonna come up and I say all this because this is stuff that has happened to us as we’ve bought our first home these are all things that we didn’t plan on now I’ll be first to admit that we probably didn’t have enough in our savings when he we bought our first house but at the time I was employed to Iraq so I had a pretty nice guaranteed income coming in but while I was deployed me and my wife would talk about how much we felt we need to have in our savings account that made us feel comfort and then I’m out it started off at a thousand I think you’ve heard of three thousand eventually this five thousand and it kept growing from there but you just have to have the starting point where you feel most comfortable and as we reach these new minimums in our savings account we try our best not to dip below that and if we do we start to freak out which you should because that’s your safety net you don’t ever wanna dip below that so once you get your savings account in order and this could be having up to three to six months of expenses in liquid cash this is not on a credit card this is not in investments in liquid cash in a savings account at your bank once you get to that point then you can start exploring your investment options that could be the 401k or at your husband’s job or your job whenever you get hired we’re starting a Roth IRA on your own but first get your finances in order to get that savings account built up and then you can start saving for your financial future so list I hope that was helpful to you anyone else that’s in that similar situation if you have a reader question that you want to hit me up you know where to find me either shoot me an email or find me on the blog this is Jeff rose we’ll see you next time take care before we get started the first thing that I want to stress is that you want to make sure that you have on the same pants is your husband those fans it gotta wear on you look tall good nose Levi’s