How to Start a Podcast – Video 1: Equipment and Software

hey what’s up everybody it’s pat flynn from smart passive income and this is the first of a series of videos that I’m shooting to help you get your podcasts up and running because a podcast has been one of the most beneficial things I’ve ever done for my brand and also for me personally so I’m hoping this video series is going to help you get yours up running much faster than I did in this first video I’m going to be going over some equipment options like microphones and things like that and also some software you can use to help record your voice because you’re going to need the stuff before you even record your first word so let’s get right to it sound quality is extremely important when it comes to your podcast bad sound quality can mean the difference between people listening to your show or just totally skipping right over it and sound quality starts with your microphone and I’ve gone through my fair share of mics here’s a quick comparison of each so here’s a Logitech USB headset one that you would use for Skype calls and gaming and things like that and it runs about 30 bucks on Amazon if you have like hardly any budget this is what I would start with but as you can hear it sounds very hollow it’s it’s not going to give you the quality that you want in a serious podcast okay so now you’re looking at the blue snowflake a nice little compact USB mic one’s about 46 bucks on Amazon it really fits in your pocket and it sounds really decent for the price and this is a great starter mic but again it picks up a lot of echo a lot of room noise and I think about upgrading to a more professional mic if you’re serious okay so now you’re looking at the samson c01u USB studio condenser microphones one of the more popular USB mics that’s out there and it runs about 70 to 75 bucks on Amazon right now so you could tell it sounds a little bit deeper a little bit nicer a little bit more pleasing to the ear it was one of my first professional microphones okay so now you’re listening to the audio-technica ATR 2100 USB microphone and I I really have to credit father Rodrick from father Roger comm for this beautiful find because we both use high opr 40s which I’ll show you in a second and this one comes to a close second as far as sound quality is concerned and this one runs about 200 dollars cheaper this one this one’s about 40 to 50 bucks on Amazon and it sounds really really good I mean just listen to it and it’s interesting because there’s two ways to plug it in through USB and an XLR connection you’re listening to USB right now and now you’re listening to the XLR connection which runs a cable from the mic to a mixer a mixer board and then that mixer board runs a cable to your computer which is how you record it in the software that you’re using again a great studio quality microphone for 40 to 50 bucks amazing alright and finally you’re looking at and listening to the heil PR 40 this is a top-of-the-line podcasting microphone it’s the mic that I use in my show the mic that cliff ravenscraft from podcast Answer Man uses and so many other podcasters use this why because it just sounds amazing it plugs into a mixer next to your computer and that mixer like the ATR plugs into your computer as well and you have control over so many things like the bass and the treble everything you just you can get it to sound perfect I mean I swear I sound so much better on the microphone than I do in real life because of this mic and it’s nice because it just gets rid of all the background noise it only picks up right what’s in front of it and it is a little bit expensive it runs about 300 bucks on Amazon and like I said you also need a mixer to go along with it but if you are serious about podcasting you know you’re going to be doing a show for quite a long time and you want to start with the best sound quality this is the mic for you the heil PR 40 okay so in addition to the actual microphone there’s the microphone accessories you’re going to want to pick up for example a pop filter those are those foam things you put on top of the mic or a screen that you put in front of it like you see in recording studios you’re also going to need some sort of stand to hold the mic and position it where you need it to be and also a shock mount which mounts to your microphone so that vibrations on your desk or wherever they don’t affect your sound quality at all okay so here’s a quick overview of my is particularly high opr 40 microphone and the behringer xenyx one zero zero two mixer which you can see a close-up right there that’s what the mic connects to and there’s a cord that connects from that to my Mac computer to record everything I need to record here’s a close-up view of the high OH with little mic flag for some branding purposes it’s good for video and stuff like that and then a high alarm which is made specifically to hold the higher PR of 40 and again connects my desk and there you go alright one last thing when it comes to podcasting equipment I encourage you to go to podcast Answer Man comm slash equipment and check out some of the stuff that cliff ravenscraft has to offer over at podcast Answer Man comm you know cliff is directly responsible for the success of my podcast I owe him a ton and this is a small little thing I could do to pay him back you know I owe him so much and he offers a lot of podcasting equipment packages he doesn’t sell those things individually but in he inclusive in packages to get you up and running right away and you know there’s a few different packages you could choose from you just go ahead and go to podcast Answer Man comm slash equipment check them out there he he also shares some other equipment to take your podcast to the next level and there’s one piece of equipment that he uses that I want to talk about which I don’t use but a lot of other podcasters use and it’s actually a really smart thing to do he records his podcast episodes into a digital audio recorder like the one you see here which is the rolling are – 0 5 and that’s like I said a really smart thing to do because when you do that you decrease the risk of something crashing or messing up when you record you know when you record directly into software like Raj ban or audacity which I’m going to show you in a second you know sometimes things crash and you can lose the hard work that you put in luckily i’ve never had that issue and you know i’m taking a shortcut but you know if you were truly serious about this you know and you just want to make sure you cover all bases check out podcast Answer Man comm slash equipment check out what he has to say about a digital audio recorder and he has some tutorials on that as well to help you out so now let’s talk about some software now since I work on a Mac computer I’m going to talk about the Mac software that I use first then I’m going to talk about the PC window stuff in just a second now you’re actually looking at GarageBand which I use to record edit and also export as an mp3 file all of my episodes and it’s great so user friendly really easy to use just drag and drop I can easily slice and dice and move things around it’s fantastic I use it for everything when it comes to my podcasts now if you’re on a PC or you just don’t mesh well with GarageBand you’ve used it and you don’t like it you can try audacity you can get that at it’s absolutely free it’s free software you can use to edit record and do all types of things import you know your jingles and your intros and your outros and also interviews which I’ll talk about how to do in a second totally free it’s great to use you know test it out if you want again that’s if GarageBand doesn’t work for you you’re on a Mac or if you’re on a PC free you can’t go wrong with that now one thing I love to do as a podcaster and I know a lot of other podcasters love to do is is we like to bring guests on a show you know it’s a great way to add some new flavor to the content that you have and also to introduce someone new and cool to your audience so there’s no better way to bring a guest on to your podcast than to record a Skype conversation now unfortunately Skype doesn’t have its own built-in recording software so you have to get that from a third party somewhere and if you’re on a Mac this is the place to get it ECAM with two M’s dot-com and there you can get call recorder for subscribe you can download a free demo if you want or you can buy it for 1995 really cheap for what what it is if you’re gonna have a lot of guests on your show it works really easily so let me just give you a quick demonstration you know hypothetical demonstration say I’m on a conversation here with Corbett Barr were doing an interview or something you know I’m not going to disturb him it says do not disturb so I’m not going to do that right now but you know if we were having conversation I could record it I can just pull up my call recorder window here press the record button boom it would be recording it could push stop at any time it would actually take that conversation and turn it into a dot MOV file dot movie file the reason for that is because you can also record Skype conversations with your video you know if you if you have a video conference you can record that as well now if you’re doing an audio you could actually pull up this convert to mp3 software that comes with call recorder for skype you can drag that movie file onto here it’ll turn it into an mp3 which you can then drag and drop into GarageBand or import into audacity it’s super easy to use what I also love about this software is also comes with this thing called split size of conversation so I can take that MOV file put it in here and then will give me two files one of Corvette Corvettes a side of the conversation and one of mine so in case one of our levels is off we can adjust it without having to worry about messing up the other one so now that that’s fantastic now if you are on a PC unfortunately a call recorder for skype is just for mac only if you’re on a PC or Windows you want to get pamela for skype so just go to pamela dot is and you’ll see those products there pamela for skype is about 30 bucks I believe thirty four ninety five I think and again it works similar it to call recorder for skype for Mac so that’s it and that’s the software that I use to edit record and export you know and just build my show you know that’s that’s how I produce my show earlier you saw some of the different microphone options my whole you know library of microphones and you can choose the one that’s best for you based on your budget and yeah that’s it so I’ll see you in video number two or I’ve actually be talking about recording your first episode and editing it so I’ll see you there