hey guys Stefan here with another video blog this time I’ve got a message from someone on Facebook that I’m respond to and it’s on the topic of how do you start a business you know a side business when you have a nine-to-five job and you have all these other commitments in your life that are that are distracting you and holding you back from really going after it so let me read to you the message first and then I’ll get into the answer it says hey Stefan have been following a lot of your material on YouTube after looking for reviews for the unleash the power within seminar coming up in Chicago and I think it’s really great stuff you got on your channel anyways I’m pursuing a very similar path in health wellness coaching or work a nine-to-five job as an automotive technician and I’m planning on shifting my life’s work to working with people rather than vehicles what advice do you have for someone who has trouble pressing the start button and initiating their side business I feel I’m stuck in a tough spot of not having the free undistracted time to make good plan and execute it do the work family social etc I only have little chunks of time once in a while and they have to stop and all that momentum is gone it’s this time it’s this stop-start thing that’s holding me back any advice thanks in advance and keep doing what you’re doing it’s great to see others with passion and dedication fulfilling their dreams makes it all more real for me and it’s from bezel so great question and I can relate to this because when I started my internet businesses I had a full time job I had a nine-to-five you know a lot of the clients that I work with I coached people on how to make passive income online how to set up online businesses virtually all of them they have a nine-to-five they have some sort of job that is their source of security and you know for me what I did uh you know I I made a big sacrifice I made a big risk when I started my very first business back when I was twenty-one years old had a nine-to-five job and I seemed up a bit of money and I just had this belief this optimism this faith that I could just I can make anything happen and I’d never run never run a business before they know anything about business oh really what it would take to succeed in that but I just believed that I could and so what I ended up doing was I just quit my job cold turkey and just went for it I just uh you know went for learning everything I could about business and and just doing whatever I could basically to support myself and build this business and it turned out being a lot harder than I thought and that pretty much goes for any business out there it’s a hundred times harder than you actually think it’s going to be but of course if you knew what it would take to you know what you’d have to go through in order to be successful in that business then you probably wouldn’t even start and so having that optimism that faith is a good thing because it gets you to take that risk to really go for it and pursue it whereas if you didn’t believe if you knew what you had to go through you just won’t take any action so that’s what I did I don’t recommend as the best approach because I struggled very very heavily for quite a few years for that it actually ended up working out for me and I’m grateful for it but you know there’s a lot more intelligent way that I would go about it and especially if you have you know a family and you have high expenses and you have a lot more stuff at stake you’re not really you can’t really take that kind of risk to start a business because you have to look after your family and everything else first as a number-one priority so my answer to you though for anyone out there that wants to start a side business maybe you want to you know do an internet business like I do and you know I’ve been i like internet businesses because it gives you an opportunity from toe to work from home and it doesn’t have to require too much time or too much capital start for any sort of business that you want to pursue even if you want to go to school and pursue another education or get another job you have to understand that in order for you to go after any goal or dream you’re going to have to make some sort of sacrifice and that’s a word that a lot of people don’t like to hear sacrifice you’re going to have to give something up in order to get what you want success has a price and really the question is are you willing to pay it what you pay the price for success if I said to you in order for you to start this business and succeed at this business the price you have to pay is you’re going to have to give up your social life you’re gonna have to give up time with your family you’re going to have to give up a lot of things in your life you’re going to have to give up you know eating out and just watching TV and just relaxing and and doing some of these fun things that you’ve been doing some of these indulgences these sources of pleasure for you if I said to you you have to give that up and you’re going to have to work your ass off till 11 o’clock at night you’re gonna have to come home from your job work from 6 o’clock you know if you get off at 5 work from 6 to 11 o’clock at night pursuing this business and building it working on it you’re going to have to give up your weekends Saturday and Sunday Friday Saturday night you’re going to be working on this business and I said to you that’s what it’s going to take for you to achieve this goal and make this dream happen for you this business are you willing to do it will you pay that price good example is you know when I first started my my internet business a few years ago I was struggling I was living my friend’s living room and on his futon and I was at a point where I was going to do whatever it took to succeed I knew internet marketing was my ticket I didn’t know much about internet marketing but I was committed to learn everything that I could about it because I thought that having an online business would be the best kind of business you could also ultimately have because you could travel you’d be mobile you can have passive income you’re making money while you’re sleeping it’s very inexpensive to start internet business you’re on the same playing field as basically every other business out there and there’s just so many opportunities with the Internet to make money so I decided that that was the way that I was going to go to build a business and really succeed and I was struggling and I had to make a lot of sacrifices to get there and I ended up you know one of the sacrifices my friends living room and the futon does embarrassing for me you know especially when you’re you know I was dating girls and you bring a girl back to your friend’s living room in the futon you put up a little curtain just so they can have some privacy and you know you have to live in that environment and condition it doesn’t really do a lot for your confidence and your self esteem for yourself you know I had a lot of credit card debt ins I had to make a sacrifice to get myself out of that situation and I just couldn’t afford to live and have my own place that was a sacrifice that I made and I I did it and I had to give up a lot in order to build my business and get to where I wanted to go I ended up going to Southeast Asia to Thailand because to be honest it was actually cheaper to live there than it was here in Vancouver I mean who was a very expensive city if anyone’s ever been been here some of the most expensive cities in the world and you know I I knew that I could go and live in Thailand for less than a thousand dollars a month and I would have no distractions and I could just focus on my internet business and I remember I was in Beijing I was in the airport and I was running down my goals and my goal was I was gonna make $300 passive income from this online business and I was not going to come back home until have achieved this goal I was so committed to it and when I was in Thailand I was staying in hostels sharing a dorm room with 12 other people I remember many nights you know everyone that sees these hostels they’re not there to work they’re there having fun drinking partying and here I was staying in these hostels I was on a bunk bed and it would be you know midnight or 1 o’clock in the morning and I would be in my room Friday Saturday night in this hostel sitting on my bunk bed with my laptop open building this online business well everyone else around me is drunk or hungover or partying or going out and I’d see that and it really makes me angry it actually motivated me more because I didn’t want to be you know I wanted to be having fun I wanted to be enjoying myself you know whenever I’d go and see these nice hotels and stuff like that and ask how my or just book my you know my accommodations online it would create pain for me knowing the fat that this is something that I want but I can’t have it you know I don’t want to live my life that way I don’t want to live my life in a way that I’m limited in what I can experience in this world you know life is too short I want to be able to experience as much as I possibly can while I’m here I think that’s really important element of life to be able to live life fully and be able to enjoy everything that life has to offer and I was really driven by that I just knew I had to make sacrifices I had to do whatever it took and so while everyone else is enjoying themselves I was working you know it I was building my business I wasn’t there to have fun I wasn’t there to party I wasn’t there to do all that kind of stuff I was there to build my business and move in the direction that I wanted to go in my life and in my business you know I remember in Thailand there’s Christmas Day and you know I didn’t have my family there anything and so I just worked in how I worked all Christmas Day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I was just you know in my in my hostel or probably at a restaurant or a cafe and I was just working my ass off you know and that was just one of the sacrifices that I made to get to where I wanted to go so I’m painting a very extreme example for you but I’m hopefully illustrating what it takes and what you have to give up in order for you to achieve this business the school that you want to create in your life you said here that you’re getting distracted by family and social life you’re going to have to give something up you’re going to have to give up your social life if you want to build this business if you want to make that transition it’s not going to be forever but it’s going to be temporary you know it’s okay to get out of balance in your life nothing is ever completely balanced it’s like a teeter totter you know if it’s just like it just can’t be totally balance that you either has to go this way or that way so you’re going to get off balance and it’s it’s okay to do that because there might be a project you’re working on or really important goal moving your health or your fitness or whatever it is it’s okay to get off balance as long as you go back to being balanced as long as you go back to being centered and you get back on track with that it’s totally okay I when I did a fitness competition I had to make sacrifices I couldn’t go out I couldn’t drink I’d go to a restaurant with my friends and I couldn’t eat anything because I had a coach and I had a specific diet had to follow and I couldn’t do it I had to follow and eat the exact same things every single day I could work my workout at the gym like a madman and I had to go through that process and that sacrifice that was a price for success and I was willing to pay it and did I always enjoy that no you know I wanted to eat out I wanted to do these other things I wanted to go drinking with my friends on the weekends and stuff like that but I just couldn’t and I was okay with that because I knew that I had a higher standard than other people and I was willing to do what it took in order to achieve my goal and have a better life for myself and so my answer to your question is is you’re going to have to make a sacrifice and you’re going to have to accept the fact that you’re going to make this sacrifice for a period of time in order for you to build this business now you say you have a nine-to-five you have a hard time you know getting yourself momentum and everything you really gotta set a schedule for yourself you’re gonna have to pick the days out of the week that you’re going to focus on this business whether it’s Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday whatever it is those are the days whatever days you decide those got to be the days that you focus on the business you’re not going out with your friends your friends hey what are you doing let’s go for dinner your girlfriend says let’s go do this you got to say no I’m working I’m building this business I’m doing this and you’ve got to be proactive instead of reactive and you really guys just take control and discipline yourself to really go after it so really that’s what it takes and that’s exactly what you have to do there’s no complicated answer to it you’re gonna have to make sacrifices you’re going to have to buckle down you’re gonna have to step up you’re gonna have to do whatever it takes to succeed at this business if you want to be successful at it you’re gonna have to make the sacrifice for a period of time but guess what you know you’re from now two years five years from now you’re going to have a incredible life you’re going to be living your purpose your mission you know what you want to do you’re gonna be able to quit that job you’re going to have freedom you can travel you can do a lot of the things that you really enjoy or want to do in your life you know I’m really blessed to live a life now that very few people have an opportunity to live you know I became financially free when I was around twenty four years old and I didn’t have to work or anything I basically kind of went on a mini retirement for for quite a while and before I started project life mastery and some of the projects the more passionate about now but you know it’s it’s by making those sacrifices early in my life I get to enjoy the benefits that I have today which are being able to travel or do really cool things or just you know invest in things or whatever it might be I’m able to enjoy that stuff now because of the sacrifices that I made and those people that were partying or socializing whatever they’re in the same position today as they were back then because they weren’t willing to make those sacrifices so it’s a decision that you have to make you have to commit to it and as long as you do you know it definitely won’t be something that you’ll regret and it will definitely get you to where you want to go so hope this answers your question and helps anyone else that is going through a similar thing I can just really just share my experience with it and what I’ve been through and what’s helped me get to where I am today and I’m just really grateful for what I went through so thank you for watching this video I’ll talk to you again soon