How To Simplify Your Love Life

so as a social experiment I try some of the techniques from your book at my last job and it worked out great to follow suit how can i Tim Ferriss my love life and and and yes I just used your name as a verb I’m sorry how can you Tim first you love like what was the second part and yes I used your name as a verb oh okay damn that means I can’t trademark my name with that ketchup I turn into the Kleenex of love life automation how can you Tim Ferriss your love life well for those of you who are not aware I’ll share a very brief story so when the book was about to launch there are a few things I did I planned a number of stunts of sorts and I also withheld a number of blog posts for two years all right so there was a post called geek to freak how I gained 34 pounds of muscle and 30 days or something like that which went everywhere and one of the one of the critiques was well faith this happened two years ago what took you so long said well what was the benefit of mister what was the benefit to me of throwing it up two years ago now I have a book launch makes perfect sense now more wired so that’s why but one of the other things I did is I was like man how can I get into at least a local paper I had no resources related to medium PR guys none like I was really very guerilla in the beginning stages so it’s like how can I get into the San Jose Mercury News of the San Francisco Chronicle so then sites like FARC could potentially pick something up and probably the highest traffic site that most people perhaps not heard of here really really great site how can they get off art or whatever dig that was another reason I did the key to free thing and I figured out that if I if I took the outsourcing and just outsource my my love life for a period of time that could be interesting so what I did was I was living in San Jose nicknamed van Jose for good reasons and at the time and what I did is I went to Elance and I posted a project which was setting dates for me coffee dates in an online calendar and recruited half a dozen teams from around the world India Philippines a team of Americans in Jamaica working for like $4 an hour which I thought was very unusual I Ukrainians what have you and they all had the spec sheet they had and they it was very professionally done and I had this is tremendously offensive to some people please try to have a sense of humor and then I had links to like I this girl I find attractive this girl no not so much and it was it was very specific like these are good interests like you know tattoos and heroin not really my thing maybe and really made a detail as if I was that you know sending out up a project for you know request for a proposal and signed up all these these teams and they competed so there were performance bonuses and there was for the number of of dates they could set for me initially it was going to be all over the map like I’m available on Thursday from the state to this day this time for the stuff Monday from this time to this time I was like man that’s going to be a nightmare for 20 minute coffee dates that’s going to be a disaster really interruptive so I was like well why don’t I try to batch my dates like I’ve batch my email so I had all of the dates set for one weekend and not only that but I was like how far can i push this obviously I’m not recommending that everybody do this but like how far can I really push the cells like okay well let’s say I’m particularly uninspired to put forth lot effort let me have all the dates all the coffee dates at three coffee shops on my downtown street which was five minutes walking this was like 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 and they they ended up they ended up booking more than 20 coffee dates in two days and it was confusing it was really confusing and then ah boy I mean there was some there were some glitches there were some bugs one of the so for example I gave them a discretionary budget of something like $50 each to – beep beep when I said be creative this is terrible wording it’s like be creative if there’s another site or profile that I’m not currently using because I delegated a profile to each person or each team rather so it’s like all right match goes to this team this goes to this team Yahoo Personals let’s say and then plenty of fish whatever and then some teams would get to because I was like art you have to take the the weighted average like matches a huge advantage so I’ll give them two or three profiles and I give them this discretionary budget and they had rules of things they couldn’t do but I’ll the Filipino team really ignored this and what I found funny was first I said there they were Canadian and they using French names and stuff and they’re like sorry we’ve got to you a little late the bridge in Manila was down I was like what warning sign number one and then warning sign number two was they forgot to put a date in the calendar and this poor girl she shows up and I had my head my headset on there’s nothing scheduled I was just blissing music and she’s like hey Tim and she started like throwing out all these inside jokes and I was like ah ha ha ha yeah and the team had been impersonating me they hadn’t been there their instructions were very clear they’re supposed to be like dear Beth you know path this is like venkatesh you know neuro cool writing on behalf of mr. Timothy Ferriss or whatever so like part of the litmus test was like do these girls have a sense of humor it’s like you have to – when you get something like that but what they what they had done is Happy’s elaborate they’ve done all this research I mean done these elaborate like I am conversations and all these inside jokes and she’s like you’re forgotten all about her you know conversation about this I’m like oh that was the only real glitch but ended up ended up with a at the time a long-term girlfriend out of it and that is something I had not been able to do as depressing as it is to admit and like six months of going out to bars and clubs and parties and so forth so can it work yeah if you wanted to to nurse your little butt caveat emptor watch watch the French Filipinos butt that would be that would be one approach