How To Set A World Record

I’m all warmed up take a little exercise I got my tango shoes on we are here to set a tango record where is Wilmer Wilmer I had a dream about this once okay so do you think you can dance they do they hope you set a new Guinness Book of World Records for the most tango spins in one minute so please welcome Ferris and elysium monkey okay let me ask you a question now sorry where are your sleeves huh you’re such a good tango dancer where’s your sleeves seriously I left him in the back room I forgot how do you get a detangle well I was a complete workaholic in 1994 and I just left the country with a backpack on a one-way trip to Europe for four weeks is supposed to recharge my batteries I was on for 15 months in Argentina we her took class just for no real good reason and there were 10 women in the class and two guys and you like those odds I like the odds I like the ratio and signed up and here we are that’s incredible and did you meet there is that me there she was actually one of my teachers and I became a complete fanatic about tango and started doing it four to eight hours a day and we decided to compete and the rest is history okay well you are gonna teach us how to do a proper tango spin so can you show us so tango what defines a tango is the embrace so you were talking about sexy spins yes start right here it’s just the chest chest a chest I’ll put what would should be my chest against and the first thing the woman is going to do is she’s going to pivot back and back step with in this case her left foot no left foot and the man is going to follow with his foot extended here he’s basically tracing her rear foot and then comes around you bashed up Kelly you’re going to take a sidestep it looks like this so once part looks like this back back back side back side of the right top no back at the left take a sidestep at the right eye then you’re gonna slip forward with the left foot around him forward you’re gonna pivot on your left foot okay you’re facing him again Wilber there’s a part with this is what it looks like like that so that’s what the spin looks like and then I turn we want to give to the point here which is you two setting a new world record [Applause] and the time to beat is 27 spins in 60 seconds okay Stuart when you’re ready you give them the go-ahead okay Timothy are you ready ready okay three two one go [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Stuart what’s the word do we have a new record we we certainly do the Guinness record boy [Applause] seven is now 37 congratulations [Applause] you