How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview

grant cardone here New York Times best-selling Arthur I want to talk to you about unemployment I’m going to show you how to get a job these 12 tips will guarantee you a job and they’ll guarantee the job you want and literally get you the job you want in 36 hours tip number 10 you’re not going in to do an interview you’re going in to sell yourself you’re going in to present yourself as a valuable extraordinary product that no matter what they offer you in money you’re worth a hundred times that this is all about selling okay you want a job this is about selling yourself now I’m going to tell you right now when I go into an interview to get a job I don’t come out without a clothes they’ll either hire me on the spot or they’ll regret not hiring me you might not hire me but I promise you you will regret not hiring me and are you’ll say dude who was that cat who was that guy that just came in here you want to control that interview and make it a sales presentation tell them you’re extraordinary telling you’re great tell them you can make a difference yep oversell yourself if you have to don’t undersell yourself over commit over commit over a promise sell if you don’t know how to sell get my book seller be sold the book is sick fundamentals of how to sell anything yourself a product a brand to market yourself to correctly promote yourself because here’s the truth if you’re worried about over selling yourself the problem is you’re not sold on you so the first thing we have to do before you go to this interview where you’re going to sell yourself is we’re going to get you sold on you what makes you different what makes you unique what makes you extraordinary what makes you worth more than the highest amount of money they could ever offer you this is an opportunity right now you’re out of work this is an opportunity to get finally to finally get the job you want to it this is a fresh new start you need to go in there and bang this thing knock this thing out of the park by selling yourself not just doing an interview good luck