How to "Winter" like Old Money | Tim Ferriss

the folks this is Tim Ferriss on about 30 minutes of sleep but I’m feeling good and the reason is by 90 degrees outside and that’s because I bought a ticket Friday afternoon to fly out Saturday afternoon to land here in witness itis this is my apartment got this last-minute considered as full sound system telephone which is all prepaid very nice living room plenty of windows everything you could possibly want digital television with full cable and then you can see I picked up a few of the necessities picked up a very nice bottle of Malbec and a very nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon both of which cost less than three dollars then I have the water going for as you would expect the yeah but my thing this is what it looks like you can see you wouldn’t want to get caught with a loose bag of that in customs and there’s kudos day month uh which is my default favorite unflavored woman fondle which means I had small sticks and then this is a new brand I’m trying it was recommended and it has a mint flavor in it and then this is what the the Mott day looks like at the bon beitia the strong so speak and then this is what it would look like as an actual gourd but that is mildew in it and I’m gonna use my head so continuing the tour we have some artwork a very nice bathroom you see two sinks nice shower the day and then the master bedroom which is a king sized bed and then replete with full broadband access to opening windows did this all last minute and this will end up costing me because I paid a bit extra to have people smooth out all the headache for me about 225 to 250 week in total for everything and I’m off to Punta del Este but first I have to go to an all-you-can-eat padishah grill with six friends of mine and out out the door so I’ll talk to you soon and ladies enjoy this hair in this video because tomorrow it’s coming off it’s 90 degrees here hey guys