How to Overcome Fear and Insecurity – Grant Rant #123

let’s face it everybody’s got two cents and everybody’s got two minutes so here’s my two cents in under two minutes hey Grant Cardone here new york times bestselling arthur i was recently speaking at Google and at the end of this presentation I was doing a 10x presentation to their sales department in New York and at the end of the presentation a gentleman in the room during the Q&A asked me a very interesting question he said do you seem like a very confident self-assured person how do you have this kind of confidence and it really hit me like I hadn’t been asked that question in a long time and it reminded me that you know I was presenting in a way that appeared confident and self-assured and that the person asking the question actually doesn’t know whether I’m confident and self-assured you don’t know see it was his perception of me not the reality so I basically wrote this article about 5 tips to handle insecurities and I want to share them with you right now the number one thing you need to know about fear doubt and insecurity is this most important thing everyone has them everyone experiences them it’s not like oh my gosh I am so I’m so vulnerable and so weak and so I’m so insecure dude everybody has it I don’t care they’re three or four or five people maybe over the entire history of the world that haven’t experienced fear insecurity and doubt the rest of us are normal okay I have it all the time I have fear insecurity and doubt constantly and I’m going to tell you how exactly how I’m going to handle those in the next four steps the first thing I want you to know is this it’s common everybody experienced it nobody’s beyond it it doesn’t make you bad or weak okay you don’t need medication for it okay it’s normal number two fill your calendar up my trick I play with myself not to deal with fear is I fill my calendar I pack it so tight I’m literally starving fear because fear needs time if you Jam your calendar no white space on a calendar you’ll starve fear fear lives on time okay number three you want to use the fear look whatever I’m scared of doing I do it as quickly as possible okay I actually look for things each day that I’m scared to do the things that I don’t want to do the most the call that I don’t want to make the visit I don’t want to do the letter I don’t want to send out the email out of those things are the first things on my list I literally use fear like a trampoline I want to jump into it jump into it and hope I get some bounce out of it fourth thing I want you do is start going beyond your comfort zones you got to get outside your comfort zone ninety percent of people want to be comfortable I want to feel good I want to do what feel good that’s how we end up with you know big Slurpee drinks with too much sugar in them and you shoot drugs in your arm you smoke weed you go out with a girl or a god that you know they’re no good for you but you’ll want to feel so good successful people don’t want to feel good they want to feel great successful people don’t want to be comfortable they want luxury you see the difference do what you’re uncomfortable doing the way to get luxury is to be uncomfortable not to see comfort get off the lay-z-boy a lazy boy is for comfort okay you got to get into activity do the things you’re uncomfortable with go places where you’re uncomfortable visit people you don’t know yet get out of your comfort zones the last thing I want you to do number five is I want you to multiply times ten I talked about it in the 10x rule everything you think you need to do multiply times ten okay you dream this hat multiply times ten and raise it way up 10x everything okay do it as fast as you possibly can know that fear and doubt are normal they’re normal ten extra activities to where you’re like Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing when everybody else quit you’re still Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing and you’re still taking action when the next two guys drop up you’re still hitting it okay the first two guys did 20 things you do 200 last man standing it’s a rule in the marketplace last-man-standing think in terms of actions not action there is no one action that you can do that is so unbelievable that it would make a difference you can’t tell me one action hit one home run nobody will pay attention to you hit a hundred home runs and the world will pay attention there’s my five steps for self doubt and insecurity use them [Music]