How To Make Passive Income Online

hey guys this is Stephanie from today’s video is all about how to make a passive income online and this is something that you know I get emails every day from people about and I think I mentioned in one of my videos that make a passive income online and then before you know what everyone’s asking me questions asking me how I did it and actually have a few clients now where I coach like life coaching and actually help them set up their own passive income streams on the internet and so this is something I’m really passionate about and I thought it’s definitely something that is worth a video blog and sharing it with you guys and in this video and accomplish a few things I’m the one I want to kind of you know tell you guys and share through my store to go how I got into passive income what it’s done for me that kind of lifestyle the freedom it can actually provide and you know essentially why you should be at the end of this video pursuing some sort of stream of passive income and if you’re not you’re absolutely insane and I’m gonna explain why to you but then I’m gonna kind of switch gears a little bit I’m gonna get behind the computer and share with you guys a screen capture of my computer and share with you guys the different types of passive income businesses that exist out there the different business models and there’s really so many of them there’s there’s so many different ways to make passive income online but I want to share with you guys for them so four specific ones that I personally use myself and have become quite good at and I feel pretty confident to be able to share with you guys so I’m gonna show you guys different examples of that so you can actually see it for yourself and then also this video is gonna be accompanied by a blog post and so you want to make sure you go to project like mastery calm or just wherever you’re watching this video right now there’s a probably a link somewhere here and you want to click that link go and check out the blog post because it’s going to supplement this video in so many ways and I’m gonna share different resources different tools different ways you can actually get set up and get started in a lot of these things different training programs and whatnot that I personally use myself and so I’m gonna share all that with you guys and essentially sell you guys on making passive income which is something like I said that everyone needs to be doing because that the challenge that I face I could kind of go into my story with you guys a little bit is I started maybe about six years ago and I was running a coaching business and it was an area that I was really passionate about I went to certain challenges I overcame them and I wanted to share and provide solutions and answers for people and help them with the exact challenge and problem that I faced in my life which was being very shy and introverted and so I started putting on seminars and workshops and I started doing coaching for people and actually helping them and I loved it you know I was very passionate about it but the problem was is that my income was it was this in exchange for the time that I was investing so as essentially trading my time for money and that’s really a bad deal because you know every month what would happen is I’d spent a certain hundred hours and then in exchange for that I’d make a certain amount of money and then repeat month after month after month and that’s how most people live their lives also known as the rat race because your income really isn’t isn’t really improving unless you’re you make me turn improving a little bit here and there but it’s not scaling up to really big level because it’s still requiring your time or essentially a slave to that business just like how a lot of people they’re still slaved for their job or their boss they’re helping someone else build their dream and they don’t really have Vinum for themselves and their job is just essentially a way of security for them and that’s essentially how I was living and I read this book is called a 4-hour workweek by a guy named Timothy Ferriss and you know that’s definitely worth writing down actually have a blog post that has a review of this book that is worth checking out on my blog and this book was all about how to escape the 9 to 5 how to build passive income and build a type of lifestyle where you can only work four hours a week and travel the world and do what you love and I was really you know I was really into that at the time and I was really excited about it so I’ve written this book and I looked at a lot of different things about this and essentially it was a way for me know now that I’ve built it is a way to have that freedom I’d be able to leverage myself in a way where I don’t have to extrange my time for money but I’m actually I can go and do whatever I want I’m still making money it doesn’t stop and that’s really what passive income is so we’re to leverage yourself and building an automated automatic business that runs on out of autopilot you don’t need to be there to run it and it’s still providing you income and financial freedom the definition of Finance freedom is when your passive income exceeds her expenses and that’s something I’ve been very unfortunate and privileged to experience at a young age and another great resource on that as well is Robert Kiyosaki he talks a lot about that if you’ve read his book I’m sure you’ve heard of it it’s called Rich Dad Poor Dad and I was all about how you know his Poor Dad would say and go to school and get a job have a nine-to-five have security whereas his Rich Dad were talked about building passive income how to be financially free how to escape the rat race and that’s what this is about you know when people spend time and they you know they take that weekend off you know you watch TV or whatever you’re losing money when that happens you’re losing money whereas somebody that has passive income that you know that doesn’t happen for them they’re still making money as they’re going out as they’re traveling as they’re on vacation because they’ve built a system an automatic autopilot system as making them money while they’re sleeping and that’s what you want that’s the goal of this whole thing and you know that it’s something that will give you an incredible freedom an incredible lifestyle and give you the opportunity to live life fully because I don’t know how many people are out there that actually hate their jobs and if you’re gonna spend a third of your life doing something you want to make sure it’s something you love and something that you’re passionate about it’s something that you enjoy and whether it’s working or not but he’s enjoying life you know you only get one life you want to live it fully and just enjoy yourself as you’re here so passive income we can really give you that freedom to do whatever you want can give you the freedom to travel you know right now I’m making this video to you guys and in Colombia and South America and that would have never been possible if it wasn’t for the lifestyle that I created for myself the businesses and the websites that I created that and I share with you guys in a little bit here so it can really change your life in a lot of different ways and the way that I actually really got into it is I was kind of you know learning about passive income and everything I didn’t really know how to get started I know much about internet marketing or this whole kind of thing but I managed to create a little blog one and I was struggling financially at the time I had a lot of debt a lot of credit card debt and I was looking a way to get out of it and create this little blog on a certain kind of niche topic and I you know wrote some articles on this blog it’s kind of left it there you know it’s left it collecting dust and a few months after that I was at a tea heart Becker seminar called the millionaire mind intensive and by the way an amazing event highly recommended TR members got a book called the secrets of the millionaire mind and sure enough I actually have a video a video review of the seminar on my blog project like master comm so if you’re actually interested in it which he should be go check out that blog post in that video anyway so I went to the seminar and actually TR Becker was at the event and he doesn’t actually come to these events anymore yeah actually has another guy that does a speaking and runs the – the seminars but he was at the event but he was there to promote a certain event and it was actually called the like the internet marketing seminar or like online marketing mastery or something like this or I forget the name but he was there he is promoting the seminar and he was talking about how internet marketing is the way the future that internet marketing is one of the easiest best the fastest the easiest ways to leverage yourself and create that freedom for yourself because it doesn’t require a lot of money you know where a lot of businesses that you might want to start like an offline business requires a lot of capital and all this kind of stuff to actually get started with it whereas you know online marketing you know to create a little website you can actually create like a little WordPress blog for free you can spend ten dollars a month on hosting and you can buy like a little domain name for about ten bucks you know so the risk factor is really really low and it’s a way that you can reach the entire world whereas if you have like a store you know you’re limited to like the little neighborhood and everything rise if you have a website now all of a sudden you can market to everybody in the world 24/7 and nobody actually has to be there to run it you know their little website it’s like a little salesperson that sells your products and everything without you having to do anything and you can you know mark and advertise in so many different ways and essentially just how the Internet is becoming so massive it’s becoming huge or that if you don’t jump on board now you know you’re gonna be left and this is this kind of talking about how much an incredible opportunity this was and especially for passive income which is what he’s all about and when I was kind of sitting there watching him and actually listen to him speak you know he definitely sold me you know I didn’t sign up for a seminar anything but he sold me on the concept of internet marketing and this light bulb just went off in my head and I was like wow you know I have to make this happen this is the answer this is it I’m gonna do this and so many different ideas and as this really excited about it and sure enough what happened was I went back to that little blog that I created a few months before and I looked at it and looked at the stats like the traffic and everything there’s a way to see how many people are visiting the website and I was amazed to see that you know I just lent it they’re collecting dust but all these people are actually going to the website they’re going and check out my blog and I was like wow that’s amazing and so what I decided to do was I created this little page that had basically this describing a certain product that I was gonna sell to them on how to solve their problem because all these people were going to my blog and they’re looking for an answer to a solution so I just had a little page that said you know I’ve quit this little product this book you can buy it for 20 bucks click here and a little by button and I didn’t actually have a product but the Buy button just kind of went to another blank page and I was just doing a little test and I was curious to see how many people are actually clicking that button you know how many people would if I she had a product you know what I actually be making money with it or not and I did that and what happened was there’s no product for people to buy but I was able to see that there was quite a few number of people that had to click the button you know expecting to buy something but it just went to nothing and then if actually had a product I’d be making money from those people and so I realized I’m actually losing money by not actually printing a product in pursuing this and so I was really excited about that I decided to create create the product and go ahead with it I started making a little bit of money and I actually went at the time I went to Southeast Asia to really pursue this internet marketing thing and at the time I was struggling financially I was actually living in my friend’s living room you know making a sacrifice trying to dad credit-card debt so I can pay everything off and I decided most South America because honestly was a lot cheaper to live there than it was in vain humor which is where I live that’s high so here I go to South East Asia and Thailand and everything and my one goal is that I’m gonna make $300 a month passive income from this website okay that was it how’s my goal and that if I could make that three hundred bucks a month I beat you for it because that paid for you know a few different expenses I could actually have my own apartment and everything if I was making the extra three hundred bucks a month so I was really excited about that and sure enough I should reach the goal and things exploded from there and I started making a lot more money with this a lot of passive income without having to do anything give me a lot of freedom to travel and just really live my life and just really enjoy myself at a young age and essentially I just crate started creating more websites like the one I had already created and the amazing thing about it is that once you’ve been through the process once while creating an X up next website is like a hundred times easier and then the one after that and one after that just becomes easier and easier and easier and then really it’s almost scaling it up you know getting more visitors to your website and now I have about seven different websites that I run that have different products and then I sell and I have that they’re very successful and then I also have a bunch of other little kind of websites that are run and um different other ways that I make passive income online which I’m going to share with you guys coming up here so it’s changed my life in so many ways and that’s why I’m so passionate about it and you know I really love my life and I I you know I wouldn’t trade it for anything else but having passed the minke I’m having these businesses learning what I’ve learned has really changed my life giving me a lot and I still do some active income by my definition of active income is really only spending time doing things that you want to do things that you enjoy doing so it’s making that shift from having to do something having to work to only wanting to work and that’s personally for me I mean I don’t have to do any active work at all I can honestly probably retire right now and you know fully be totally fine just based on living off of different websites and everything but I wouldn’t have a lip-sync level of fulfillment and joy and so I actually choose to do some acting work and for me that’s doing some coaching and I still enjoy coaching just because it’s fun it’s great great way to have a relationship with people and help people on a more in-depth kind of level and that’s finally about 10% of my income is just doing you know different coaching and working with people in that way so you know if you’re are gonna do active income work or have a job make sure it’s something that you want to do something that you don’t have to do but you just love it you just want to do it because that’s a passion of yours of something that you enjoy you’re not a slave to a business or a job or somebody else but you’re the one that’s in control you’re the one that’s you know designing the life that you want to live and fulfilling your destiny and helping people and it’s for me just internet marketing it’s been a great way that I could leave so many more people than it ever could have by having my little coaching business and doing seminars and now with my blog project like master and everything has become another thing I’m passionate about and it’s a way that I can lose so many more people than I ever could otherwise so the Internet can really provide a lot of amazing opportunities to people and I definitely hope I definitely hope that by the end of this video you actually do something to pursue some sort of passive income stream and it doesn’t have to be internet marketing excuse me it can be anything there’s so many different ways out there but start to think about how you can create that freedom for yourself how you can live the life and design the life that you want and and and that kind of lifestyle instead of waiting to you know you know spending a 30 year life doing something you hate something that you don’t we enjoy and hoping for one day then you’re gonna retire when there’s 60 or 65 years old for me that’s just a horrible strategy to live life and you know I just for me actually having a job you know I’ve experienced different jobs in the past for me I could never go back you know it’s just too painful for me just because the freedom and the lifestyle the standard that I lived at now is just so much greater than my opinion so I hope you’re sold because the sale isn’t for me it’s for you and if you actually again if you actually pursue this and I should take action in a short period of time I mean like within a year you can totally transform your life as I have just over the last few years I should pursuing this so I hope you guys enjoyed this this little rant of a passive income what is about and like I said this whole blog post is gonna go and work you feel about it but what I want to do now is I’m gonna kind of switch gears I’m gonna get behind the computer and I’m gonna share with you guys four different passive income business models that I personally use and I’m just going to give you example suits so you can actually see what it’s like and see you know what it’s about and everything and if you choose to if this is something you want to pursue then check out the rest of this blog post I’ll have different links and everything to different resources that you can actually use and you can get started right away so thanks for watching guys and let’s get right into the next video hey guys I’m back I’m gonna share with you guys now the different streams of passive income online and there’s essentially four business models I’m gonna share with you guys that I personally use myself and it’s you know very simple straightforward the first one is the information product marketing which is one of the most popular ones you’ve probably already heard of it but right now I’m at and people go to Google or these search engines and they’re looking for information so they might type in how to stop smoking let’s say and you know here they’re you know they’re looking for an answer and you would essentially create a website that would provide an answer to their problem and you’d essentially create a product that would solve their problem and so you might have an ebook or an audio program or a video you know chorus or something like this but you’re selling them information that’s gonna help them with their problem so when they type this in and they see your website they’re gonna click on the website and that websites gonna give them the solution they pay money for it and as a result you make money for solving their problem and they have their problem solved so it’s a win-win and that’s really what this is is solving people’s problems at a profit which is what the definition of business so there’s so many things that people go to Google for you know how to stop smoking how to you know lose weight you know how to make passive income online even right so there’s so many different you know different markets that are available for that but I’m gonna kind of go into Clickbank comm which is a website here where you can be a vendor and you can essentially have your product on this website and they do the payment processing and everything or you can also be an affiliate which is another model I’m gonna talk about it a bit as well but if you go into the marketplace here you can kind of see what products people have created I’m going to show you guys some examples so these are all the different categories you know there’s so many different markets available but let’s go into arts and entertainment and let’s say that you know you you’re really into photography okay and it’s something you’re passionate about you know a lot about and you could maybe create a product or an e-book and help other people with that with you know teaching them on how to do better photography so there’s this product right here trick photography and special effects ebook you know there’s this so many different things you know photography’s secrets and as you can see here there’s this pages and pages that people’s products just related to photography so let’s take a look at this guy’s website right here and by the way you can see right here if you were to be an affiliate and promote this product you get a fifty nine percent commission which is roughly about thirty seven dollars just by promoting it and this person is doing pretty well as you can see by the gravity score so let’s check out this product this little website real quick and I’m not gonna play this video here but it’s basically a sales letter that you know basically looks like this guy’s gonna be promoting some sort of ebook this is the guy right here and it kind of goes into a story and everything and you know tells you why he’s learned a lot about photography he’s got a book here you can see trick photography and special effects it’s got different examples of different effects that he’s done with photography and he’s essentially got a book that’s gonna teach you how to do these crazy effects that he has here okay so he’s basically solving someone’s problem he’s selling them information on how to do something and it’s just kinda he’s got testimonials he’s got a you know money-back guarantee and sure enough right here add to cart’ seventy seven dollars you know so this guy’s making pretty good money selling this book and when you click the Add to Cart here you know if you’re a customer and you’re actually looking for different tricks and everything on photography they’re gonna basically come here and if you want to buy it or whatever if you’re convinced if you’re sold on it you can come here and you can place an order through Clickbank I’m actually in Columbia right now so that’s gonna Canada and you just putting your credit card information or you can pay via PayPal you know eighty one dollars or whatever and you basically buy the book this guy that’s selling it he gets the money directly into his bank account and then you get redirected to a download page which will allow you to download the ebook the actual product that this guy’s selling so this guy doesn’t need to you know he doesn’t need to be there to sell it to you he doesn’t need to ship a product he doesn’t need to spend money printing a product in fact he’s making seventy seven dollars on this product and and guess what it’s not costing him a penny you know you’re just downloading a physical or sort of digital product right to your computer so he doesn’t have any overhead really except essentially this website that he has which costs about you know ten dollars a month on hosting his domain cost him ten dollars a year you know maybe you spend some money on advertising and whatnot and you know maybe he’s invested money in his website and everything like that or the product but essentially he set this whole thing up and it’s just set it and forget it you know he’s making money and he’s making a lot of money off these off this product that he’s selling and I’m sure it’s a really great product but that’s essentially one kind of business model now the other one is being an affiliate for this guy it’s called affiliate marketing an affiliate marketing is essentially you don’t have to you know create the product you have to create the website because that’s all you know that’s one thing a lot of people don’t really know how to do and it’s something that can be overwhelming for a lot of people and if you’re an affiliate you’d essentially just promote this guy’s ebook and for every person that goes through his website and buys it you’re gonna get a fifty nine percent commission on average which is a $37 sale and so that’s a pretty good deal so all you got to do is drive traffic to this guy’s website and guess what you don’t have to create the product you have to deal with the customers you don’t have to deal with all that kind of stuff that this guy does use create a little website that promotes it an example of that would be some sort of review site because whenever somebody is about to buy a product usually people go to the internet they go to Google and they’re they want to you know learn a little bit more about the product before they buy and this isn’t everyone but it’s a very common thing a lot of people deal with so this product trick photography and special effects this type of end trick photography and special effects so let’s say that I wanted to as interested in buying this product and type it in Google and you can see this guy right here has you know this is this is the actual guy’s website right here but look this guy right here created a little website that has a review of the product okay so anybody that is interested in buying the product they’re gonna come and they’re gonna check out maybe this review right here it’s kind of scroll down and see what else there is okay this guy right here created a video let me come back to this in a sec let’s go you got this guy site so this guy has a little review about the product you know he’s got the pros he’s got the cons he’s got customer reviews of it conclusion you know the book or whatever and guess what you click this link and it’s gonna redirect you to this guy is product and this is actually an affiliate surprise so essentially when you click this link it’s tracking that that I clicked in if I purchase that product through this link through this guy’s website he’s gonna get that fifty nine percent commission so pretty his temple and stret straightforward all you had to do is create this little blog that’s blank like look does not even this is home you know and it’s like so easy to create this and check this out he’s got all these other articles here that are probably promoting different products to you know their own digital photography now review it’s got different reviews and he makes the commission from that so it’s a very easy simple way to make money is is promoting other people’s products and you get a commission for it and so let’s kind of go back here for a second again so there’s also this person right here that looks like he’s promoting his website right here in the description so we just kind of go here I’m gonna play this video but I’m gonna click this you know he’s got 840 views but click this and I guarantee this is a website that’s promoting that product now sure enough it’s actually an affiliate link so this link right here is actually redirected and it’s actually cloaked but it’s going to this guy’s page but this guy that created a video is making money for it so all you’d essentially have to do is create a little blog like this guy here that has a review of the product or you can create a little video like this person right here and you know put it up in YouTube and stuff and when people are searching for from trick photography you know your videos gonna come up and anyone that clicks this links and buys the product you’re gonna make a commission from so it’s a really really easy simple way to make money and that’s essentially the whole affiliate marketing world is finding different products out there that are successful and you can go to clickbank com there’s a million different products in a million different markets you could create these little review sites of the products get them ranked in the search engines which is something that you can it’s pretty easy to learn but you can get a ranked in Google and everything and you know you can just create a little one-page review website and make money from that or you can make a little video as well which is you know even easier in my opinion like look at this guy right here this is an affiliate link you can see it’s a cloak to link but it says free download you download so that’s got a good headline guess what click this link and I guarantee it’s going right back to that person sales letter and you can see this guy’s affiliate link is right here and that’s the tracking code so pretty simple pretty straightforward it’s a really really easy great way to get started with internet marketing and you know that’s it’s one of my favorite methods as well I I kind of do both as the ones the ones that I just mention of it the two main ones that I do but I’m gonna get into now another method which is Amazon review sites okay so essentially you’re using Amazon com now you go to and people go here obviously to buy different products and like I said before people are generally they’ll go to Google and they’ll want to know some information about the product they want to know some reviews about it they’ll be search it especially when they’re making a big investment online and so if you just kind of go here and we go to this checkout electronics and TV and video and this clicked most popular TVs and let’s tape this TV for example okay so I’m just gonna kind of copy this go back to Google type it in so this crazy the Samsung UN 46 whatever it is and I’m a tech and review okay so you can see this you know there’s a review site here Amazon and then there’s that and here we go this this person right here he created a little would you page a little lens and he’s got a review and best price thing here so let’s check this guy’s this guy real quick so he basically he’s optimized a little website that has this keyword in it and when people type this in they’re gonna check out his little page here and as you can see right here is a little link click here to see today it’s discount price got some information about it is a review they took different testimonials that are on and click here to check out today’s discount and you go here and here’s the TV now this TV is selling for how much about eight hundred dollars so if you sell this TV and Amazon gives you a little link so you can promote any product on Amazon and you can be an affiliate for it and so if you basically this person right here he has a special link here that’s gonna track it and if you buy this TV through his link you’re gonna get a commission off of this TV which is seven hundred and eighty dollars and so you can imagine that’s probably a pretty good commission for anyone that buys this TV so that’s another example too and really does just as you can imagine there’s a million products on there’s you know I like you know obviously if we’re gonna do you want to do more big end products more expensive products just because we’re gonna get a higher Commission whereas if you’re selling like you know smaller products you’re not gonna be profit as much but in just another example of that is my blog you know I have a book I have some book reviews and product reviews on my blog and one of them is the book the power of now so if you want it interest in this book you go to the power of now review and sure enough I’m right here down on this page on the first page of Google Eckhart Tolle the power of now review project life mastery and you click here and I actually make quite a few sales just through this one little page right here on my blog but this is actually just a book review of the book that I read night I kind of shared it with people and it’s a pretty good quality review it’s got some information about it and then this right here at the end you know if you want to check out this book you can purchase it from Amazon Amazon here and some people they read this review they click here go to they can buy the book I get a commission for it you know it’s it’s not a lot with books and stuff like that but you know it’s still money if you’re getting a lot of traffic and a lot of volume then it can be pretty pop pretty profitable for you but that’s just another simple straightforward way that you can actually do it and it’s really really easy so that’s another way and the last kind of way I want to get into is Kindle e-books Kindle books and we will share one more give you guys a little bonus but let’s say you go to and I’m sure you know about Kindle it’s pretty popular it’s a way to read e-books and everything and you go to the Kindle Store okay now this is essentially you know people go to Kindle and then they’re interested you know they’re looking for different books and different products on different things and so let’s say someone you know one top we got pretty hot recently was Steve Jobs because you know you passed away and a lot of people were you know doing research about him and he is kind of trending so if you type in Steve Jobs and Kindle you’re gonna see all these different books that you can get on your Kindle now one great way to make money is what this guy here this guy and a few others are doing which is they essentially created a little Kindle book about Steve Jobs and so this person created a book maybe this is a bad example with this one right here the presentation secrets of Steve Jobs how to be insanely great in front of any audience the simple guide to Steve Jobs right $0.99 and so these people have taken an opportunity which is Steve Jobs something that was trending and they basically created a little Kindle book about it and so you can see you know right here and let’s take this guy right here this is something that anybody can do on any topic that you know a lot of and so if you know a lot of us Steve Jobs or really anything you know you come here and this is a little book that someone put together you know I has it you know a few pages they got some reviews on it and everything but anyone can create a little ebook and put it up on Kindle and literally a day you know and you can get a little graphic like this design on which is something I’ll have in this blog post as well but you can come along and just kind of find different topics that people are searching for you can create a little ebook without having to create a website you know Amazon does all the selling for you and anybody that goes and buys this new book or whatever on their Kindle you’re gonna get you’re gonna make money from and you know there’s certain secrets on the Sherriff you guys real quick on this and I’ll kind of recommend a certain program if you actually want to go down this road but what I like to do is when I create a Kindle book you know I I million spend some time making sure it’s the right market but what I’ll do is I’ll kind of make you know if I was making a Steve Jobs book I would make a little report that’s maybe about ten pages no I wouldn’t really spend too much time making a really great product yet because that’s one mistake a lot of people make is they think we have this great idea or this great product and I spend months or years editing that product trying to make it perfect and they release that product and they find out that it doesn’t sell and that’s a really really bad approach to doing things so what I like to do is I like to maybe create a really simple ten page report I’ll put it up on Kindle I’ll get the graphic designed for about five dollars in Fiverr and I’ll sell it for $0.99 okay exactly as this guy is doing right here $0.99 and then I’ll see if it actually sells okay or all you’ve been giving away for free and I’ll see if people are actually buying it don’t and if it people are buying it well then and only then do I actually invest time and money into making a really compelling quality book okay I don’t do it the other way around I don’t spend all this time creating a good book putting it up on Kindle and then you know finding out that nobody wants it so I make the price really cheap put it up on Kindle see if anybody buys it if somebody does they don’t make a really awesome book and I’ll you know maybe sell it for $5 or $10 or whatever it is here but that’s a really great easy easy easy way to make money and all you gotta do is just think about something that you’re good at something that you know cuz a lot of people you know they think they don’t have any ideas and the truth is there are certain things that you’ve been through in your life that you’re able to overcome maybe you lost some weight you can put out a little book on how to lose weight or maybe you know you overcame a certain problem or challenge maybe it’s like an eating disorder or maybe you know you discovered a way to make money or you I don’t know whatever it might be you learned how to stop smoking you can you can actually make a product out of that put it up on Kindle and people actually buy and you’ll make money and Kindle in my opinion is that easiest fastest way to actually make money like I could actually sit here all day and just kind of create ten little Kindle books put them up online and then within a week I’ll know whether or not which ones are actually making money or not and then I connection mate then I’ll just make them better and just have five or ten different products off just like that so really really easy way to make money anybody can do this this you know doesn’t bar any knowledge of how to build a website how to do you know search engine stuff or anything like this and a little good strategy to is you can actually give away your book for free and ask people in the book you know if you like the book write some reviews and then all of a sudden you’ll get a lot of reviews for your Kindle book this guy here has got 90 different reviews that are all really quality reviews and you know the more reviews that you have the more people that like your book here the more likely you are to show up when people type in Steve Jobs on Amazon or Kindle so really really amazing great way but I want to kind of share one last kind of method for you as well which is the whole advertising google adsense model and let’s see if I can quickly find an example of this on Google but it’s essentially creating a little blog that has quality information on it you know maybe you’re really passionate about I don’t know how to how to tie a tie let’s say okay and check this out okay they’re really passionate about how to tie a tie and see if this guy has any advertiser know this guy’s actually selling different ties I mean you just find an example for you guys first nice people aren’t making money on their websites looks like okay this is a really simple example but you can see right here they have some advertising on this site and so basically with Google you can actually put advertising and anytime somebody clicks this banner or whatever that person is actually making money based on that advertising that you have on your website or your blog and so you can create a little blog on WordPress WordPress com I’ll have that in the blog post but you could start running you know different pages of content and everything on that blog put in some different advertising and then once that blog or websites getting traffic people gonna click those little ads there and you’re gonna make money every time somebody does and so it’s really you know I just want to make this video is gonna introduce you to some different ways to make a passive income online there’s really so many that I could go into but I share with you four kind of five different strategies that you can do on how to make money online and even just one last one just kind of going back to that example both the photography one is you can create these little videos right here now going back to that the samsung whatever let’s just take you can create a little video like these people right here like this guy right here iphone 5 vs samsung galaxy and it has a review you click on this video and this person made a little review and sure enough this right here they have different links where you can actually buy the products and this guy gets a commission from it I actually directs you to another page where he has a review of the product and let’s just see here what this guy has okay the audience’s this guy’s actually promoting different contests it looks like he probably makes money for every person that signs up the contest began another way to make money online he’s got some advertising he looks like yeah well either way this guy’s doing some to make money online anyways that’s basically it guys um you know I I I really hope that you guys pursue something like this because it’s really simple it’s easy you know I’ve actually helped a lot of people actually set up their own businesses whether it’s my sister who’s a stay-at-home mom you know she’s staying at home all day and she’s doesn’t really know anything about this but I actually helped her and she set up her own kind of little website promoting someone else’s product as an affiliate you know there’s just so many easy ways to make money online that can give you that freedom that you really want so that you can live the life that you want and I want to just kind of share with you different alternatives and I will say that there’s really no easy quick fixed way to make money you know that doesn’t really exist anyone that’s trying to sell that to you is lying making money online just like with anything else requires time hardwork discipline sacrifice all the exact same things that requires to make money and anything else and if you’re committed enough you can really make this happen and one thing that I see from a lot of people is you know maybe they’ll get into something like this they’ll dabble with it well they’ll get into it for a week or a month and they’re not seeing any results and so they just give up and so if you have the mentality of really learning the process and and learning about this and actually going through the process and being patient with it as well then you can be really successful at this and truthfully it really isn’t that hard because once you start making some money online it becomes that much easier it’s just you know you just scale up the whole process you’re gonna faster and it gets the point where you just press a button and you make money it’s really that easy so hope you guys enjoyed this video thanks for watching check out the blog the blog posts below that’s just gonna have more information all the different resources about how to make passive income online other than that thanks for watching guys if there’s any questions leave a comment send me an email thanks for watching talk to you soon bye