How to make money fast

hey what’s up my name is jay brown and that’s me right there you see in this photo holding those hundred dollar bills now I’m not showing you this to brag or boast anything I just want to tell you a little bit about me my story and where I came from now i’m not a professional speaker in any kind of way I didn’t write a script for this video so if I mess up please just bear with me and listen to my story now I dropped out of high school in 11th grade the reason why I dropped out of high school is because I always wanted to be something i always want to be successful even though i had to drop out of high school and go get a full-time job i still had that entrepreneur mindset because i always believed that the school system is set up you know for you to go to school graduate and go get a job that’s basically what it is like I said even though I went got a job I still had that entrepreneur mindset so I was working a full-time job and at the same time I got into music and I was trying to make my music career you know take off I mean I worked hard every day busting my ass some days I didn’t even get sleep I mean I him i remember when i went two days without getting in and sleep just to be something i was out doing shows selling CDs on my trunk you name it I did it to try to make my name get big and you know just be successful but the more I got to looking into the music industry I started realizing that it was something that I didn’t want to do because a lot of y’all just don’t know you know the music industry is is crazy I mean ninety percent of artists are broke you watch the u.s. to all music videos and you see these platinum chains diamond rings and big mansions and stuff and you probably think they got a lot of money but in reality they’re broke because these record companies are shitting them out of their money and it was just something I didn’t want to be a part of but the reason why you know i made this video is not to tell you about you know my music life i just want to tell you about how i started working from home i remember one day I was online I think I was probably you know looking for ways to promote my music and I came across these videos of people you know making money from selling affiliate programs MLM programs and stuff like that making a six seven figure income sitting at their computer and hair under we’re making that kind of money so that caught my attention so I started digging in to look further researching it because I thought to myself I was like man now did something I want to do you know so i got the digging into it now i want to tell you when at first when i first got into it I didn’t have any success I mean for two years I didn’t have any success for two whole years I didn’t make not a dime online and yes I’ve been scammed but I think most of it was me not staying focused and right when I got ready to quit and give up I came across this video of this guy named Bobby Washington this guy named Bobby watching Bobby if he was in this video man I won’t appreciate you you saved my life literally but anyway i watch this video of this guy showing proof of the money he made in this program but that ain’t really what got my attention what got my attention was this guy had his phone number on the screen his dog Rick phone number and nobody was doing that so I called this guy up I was like I remember like it was yesterday this what this guy said to me well first I asked him I said hey man how are you able to make all this money what’s the secret and you know what he told me this is what he say he said bro there ain’t a secret all I do is work hard every day on my business 12 to 16 hours a day and that’s how I’m able to make money he said I don’t believe with these gurus out here are telling you don’t believe that there’s some magical a button or something you know don’t believe that this stuff is easy bro you have to work and that’s what it was my mind was just so wrapped around you know this stuff being you know easy and stuff so I didn’t believe that you know you had to put in work I’m not afraid of work but somebody I just needed somebody to tell me what was the secret and that wasn’t you know that wasn’t a secret that was just something that applies to anything in life if you want it work hard go out there and you’ll get it so Bobby thank you bro because ever since I’ve been focused and working hard I’ve been making money and you probably struggling right now I don’t know what’s your background if you’re watching this video you’re probably struggling you’re probably doing the same old shit I did join an opportunity after opportunity and not having any success you’re probably struggling because you’re not staying laser focus get into an opportunity dedicate yourself now I don’t when I say work hard I’m not me i’m not meaning you know you’re working hard like a nine-to-five job what i mean is you can literally work to 23 24 hours a day but do it consistently every day work on your business and I promise you you will make money and that’s all I god I’m not going to make this video super long if you’re not in the opportunity you want to check out mine you can go to profit with Jay com that’s the website right there on the screen and sit in peace and blessings