How to Make a Facebook Landing Page

hey everybody this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog today i’m going to show you how to make a facebook landing page now what is a facebook landing page well it’s exactly what it sounds like it’s a page on your business or fan page that first time visitors will see or land on first now why is this good why would you want a Facebook landing page well it’s because by default people will go to your wall and you can see my wall on the screen right now it doesn’t really do a fantastic job of giving newcomers an idea of what your page is about or what you’re about on a landing page you can put anything you want such as an introduction to who you are or what your business is about you can also put in an opt-in area for a newsletter and you can even put in calls to action to actually become a fan which is really important so today I’m going to walk you through that process now the first step is to obviously create your Facebook fan page if you haven’t done this already that’s okay I have a video about exactly how to do this but I’m not going to go through that process here if you’re looking for that video just go ahead and find me on YouTube the smart passive income is my username and I have a video about how to create a Facebook fan page there the second step is to install a certain application called static fbml again it’s static f as in Frank B M L now the way you do that is you go here to your edit page area and you scroll down to more applications and click right here on this little pencil in the more applications area and click on browse more now in the search apps area you’re going to type in static fbml now fbm l stands for facebook mark up language now we’re all familiar with HTML which is hypertext markup language this is kind of Facebook’s own language but don’t worry you don’t need to learn a new language you can put HTML in there too so what you do is you click on it and then click on add to my page right underneath the symbol now here you’re gonna want to select the page that you want to put place it on something to place it on the smart passive income with Pat Flynn Facebook fan page alright and it should be there so I’m gonna go back to my page now now you’re gonna notice that nothing really has changed now what you’re gonna want to do is go back to this edit page area find the FB ml application which is right here for me and click again on the little pencil and then click on edit now it’s going to ask you for a box title and the FB ml code now your box title is gonna be the name of the tab that’s gonna show up on your Facebook fan page if it’s up at the top so you’re gonna put it welcome or you know whatever you want it to be I like to put welcome and then in the FB ml area that’s where you’re gonna put in your HTML code or if you know FB ml you can put in fbml too but you can just put in HTML and I have mine here now you’re gonna want somebody to you’re gonna want somebody to create this for you if you don’t know how to do it already it’s basically just a blank HTML page just like from any website it’s about seven hundred and sixty pixels wide you can make it as tall as you want you could put whatever you want on it using tables or you can even put flash on it or you know whatever you want an opt-in box through Aweber or or whatever but right now I just have basic HTML text and pictures and stuff like that and I’ll show you what it looks like in a second but yeah I’m not gonna go I’m not gonna really get into CSS and HTML and stuff like that so I’m gonna click Save Changes and it’s saved so I’m gonna go back to my website alright so for me you’ll notice I have a bunch of tabs here so you won’t be able to see the tab II just created on my page you might very well be able to see it on yours but if not you can click on these double arrow icons right here to go ahead and click over to it and here is here’s mine now it has a really clear call to action right away click the become a fan button above which is usually right here on the right-hand side of your name or the name of your fan page you can’t see it here because this is my fan page and I also have an explanation about kind of who I am what I do and why would you want to become a fan and there’s also a link at the bottom to go to my website so that’s basically how you create the landing page now there’s two ways to get people to see that landing page right away the first way is to go back to your edit page area scroll down to your fbml application again click on that little pencil icon and click on link to this tab now this is a specific URL that you have now that will link people directly to that landing page so if you have a URL shortener like bitly or bud URL com you can place that in there and tweet that out or put it on your website and that’ll bring people directly to your landing page right away now a better way to do it so that everybody who is new to your landing page or to your Facebook page lands on that landing page is to go back to your wall and underneath where you would leave your status click on the options area right there underneath the share and then click on settings now you’re gonna notice the second kind of menu item down is default landing page for everyone else now this means everyone else meaning people who are not already your fans because you don’t really want your fan people who are already your fans to be instructed to click on you know to become a fan button or opt-in if they already have if you have an opt-in air either so scroll down to whatever you named your landing page and that’s it so now everyone who is new that comes to my fan page will see that page first which is awesome and it’s exactly what you want to do so that’s it if you guys have any questions just feel free to leave a comment and I’ll respond as soon as I can and you know if you want to check out my Facebook fan page you can check it out at slash smart passive income and lastly if you realize these videos I’m going to be doing a lot more helpful videos just like this one so please subscribe to the YouTube channel and I’d be very happy if you do that so thank you guys so much I appreciate it again if you have any questions just let me know and have a good day thanks