How to Integrate Twitter and YouTube on Your Facebook Page & Timeline

Hey everybody what’s up! This is Pat Flynn from,
and in this video I’m going to show you how in under 3 minutes you can integrate your
You Tube Channel and or your Twitter Account on your Facebook Page Timeline. This is a great way to keep all segments of
your brand connected, and sort of just BE EVERYWHERE. So let’s get right to it. There are a number of different applications
that allow you to do this, but the one that I use, because it’s simple, can be found on
INVOLVER.COM. When you get to, click on applications
at the top and on the next page, you’ll see a number of different apps that you can install
in any of your Facebook pages. You get to pick any two from the top portion
here for free per account and beyond that, or any of the apps below, you have to sign
up and pay. First, let’s install the YouTube application. All you have to do is click on install. It’s going to redirect me to Facebook where
I can then select the page that I want to install YouTube for pages for. I’m going to confirm. Then it’s going to ask you for permission
so if you’re comfortable with that you can allow it to do so. Then finally, all I’m going to do is insert
my username here, smartpassiveincome,and click save changes. Then it says your changes have been saved. It may take a few minutes before you see the
changes on Facebook. And it looks like the app already has my latest
video, which is great. So now let’s install the Twitter application
in the same exact way, So let’s go back to, applications, install Twitter,
choose page, confirm, allow and, like in the other application, I’m just going to insert
my username for Twitter right here. Click on add and then go down to display 10
tweets and then click on save changes. Says your changes have been saved. It may take a few minutes… Let’s return to the Facebook page. So it looks like our Twitter feed isn’t showing
up and that’s typical. It’s going to take four hours because we have
the basic FREE plan. So I’m not going to worry about that for now. After some time it will show there, I promise. So I’m going to go back to the Facebook timeline
home page. What I am going to do is I’m going to expand
the applications here and swap the Twitter and Youtube app with the ones up here so I
can show them and have them display on top. So I’m going to swap Twitter with the Top
Fans page and swap YouTube with this welcome one. What I’m going to do now is edit the thumbnails
for each of these. The thumbnails are 111 pixels wide by 74 pixels
tall and you can customize theme even though they are third party applications, which is
really cool. So for Twitter here, I’m going to open.. click
on this little pencil icon. Click on edit settings. Then click on custom tab settings. That opens up a new page where I can change
that image. I’m going to choose a file. It has to be a JPEG, GIF, or PNG. So i have that up here. I’m going to select Twitter. Open. SO i’m going to close this and click OK. And there it go change right there. And I’m going to do the same thing for YouTube. So I’ll click on the pencil icon, edit settings,
change custom tab image, change, choose file, youtube, open. I’m going to close this. Click okay. And boom, there we go. And I made them connect a little bit. As you can see, the graphic for the Twitter
icon and Youtube icon sort of match up. So there goes my logo, my brand. It has a little message there that says be
everywhere, which is my marketing philosophy. So it kinda goes along there with what I have
to do. So you can custom design that image yourself. Again, 111 wide by 74 pixels tall; that is
the size of the custom applications thumbnail. So there you go. That’s it. That is how you integrate YouTube and Twitter
on your page. Just for one more test. I’m going to click on this YouTube thumbnail
and there we go. It takes us to the YouTube section where I
can play video just like that. So thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed that video. Please share. Please like. Any help to spread the word is very much appreciated
and please subscribe. Thanks!