How To Dropship Profitably in 2019 (NEW STRATEGY)

hey what’s going on everybody Scott Hills here with you today now before I start this video be sure to subscribe to post notifications on because I answer any and all questions within the first hour of every video release now I know a lot of you guys have been asking me hey there’s a lot of changes going on the dropship and recently now I’m gonna tell you right now this video I’m about to make is gonna not only change your perception on dropshipping but it could possibly change your life so this is the best way to do drop shipping and 2019 by far it’s still the one product format I called this back in 2017 you can look it up it’s documented but it has switched a little bit now normally and one product dropship and what I would say is you know you want to do like a generic themed website so it may be like fast deals or like here today gone tomorrow something like that so that you can fluidly change the product without having to change the name without having to change the Facebook page without having to really change anything so now in 2019 people are starting to catch on okay there I saw this back in 2017 the general store was obviously dying and it was dying quick and people were starting to catch on now the user as itself they’ve never caught on more than it right now like everybody knows what dropshipping is you can look up like the Google Trends I guess and you can see it’s sky rockets like everybody is aware what drop shipping is at this point so now what it is is you got to focus more on one product branding so it used to be the one product general store now it’s one product branding so in my course simplify drop shipping I teach it like you want that general name because my course is geared towards people more in the beginner stage trying to get their feet wet and drop shipping actually get real results back if you have a good amount of money that you’re okay with spending and possibly losing this strategy I’m about to lay out is by far the best again this isn’t for everybody because it does require a lot more time a lot more attention to detail and a lot more money so I’m gonna go I’m just going to go through it right now it’s fairly simple and it makes a lot of sense and it’s gonna make a lot of things in your brain go click now it’s more about brand now it’s more about finding that one product and then branding it as your own so that people recognize that product under your brand name rather than just a generic name so one thing my boy Jacob the guy who wasn’t drop shipping and then all of a sudden is doing two and a half thousand dollars a day Facebook Ads he just randomly shows me that it was crazy what he did was he actually renamed it so he was selling a product people are selling but what he did was he renamed it so that if someone searched that name no result er pop-up because he found out that the issue he was having at the beginning was he would launch this product and then he would record their screen there’s like an app you can do that with record their screen and find out that the research in this product on other websites and men buying from other websites so the way they negate debt is to actually start branding it with a unique name yourself and you’re gonna go with one product branding the only thing on your website should be this one product but it should be heavily branded the domain name and everything should be heavily branded towards that one specific product same with the Facebook page and everything so what that’s gonna do now is not like the one product form at general store was already pretty funnel now this is extra extra funnel the issue with this is you have to do this one by one now I know a lot of people subscribe to the mentality that they should be testing all products in a general store and then when one takes off you can you can take that product and then convert it into a niche one product store I think if you really want to test each product one by one with the branding and everything you have to buy a domain for each product you have to set up a website for each product and you have to set up a pixel for each product now now again this is what’s changing in 2019 it’s good to be on top of these things you got CBO’s in a couple months being the only option to do you have yet you have to do campaign budget optimization in September in my opinion I think that’s a Facebook Ads moneygrab but you got to adapt to whatever they’re doing it’s their platform we’re just playing on it so guys so when you’re looking for these products again I found I found my best products ever just going on Facebook my feet and just clicking on you know random drop shipping sites because then you’re gonna stay in targeted with by all these other dropshippers testing products and I found so many good ones that paid out pretty well just from scrolling through my Facebook feed so if you guys are asking me about product research that’s generally my best option but this is more about the strategy so what you’re going to do is like what I’m doing right now is I’m set I’m launching three different websites three different storefronts three different domains three different Facebook pages with three different campaigns to three different products but they’re all branded so just to give you guys an example say you wanted to do those wrist sunglasses that I’ve talked about before where you slap on that wrist and they’re sunglass and you slap them on I mean I know people have made hundreds of thousands of dollars off of that but it’s a little too late for this one this is just an example so what you would do is call it slapstick glasses calm and then your Facebook page would be called lap state glass so that when they get an ad for those slapstick glasses it looks legit as it’s no one’s really questioning it it’s not like a general name like you know speedy deals or something like that like now things are gonna have to be switching more towards branding so originally you guys know the one product format is generally an avenue to get into branding but now what it is the one product itself is now the branding and this is beneficial for so many reasons so like I said say you guys launched three or four websites each and again this is no money at all that’s $30 each that’s gonna be 120 dollars a month plus ad spend that’s literally less than a thousand dollars you’re testing for big products for and the payouts again could be millions of dollars it’s just a risk you’re at you don’t have to will it take if you really are serious about this so say you launched the three to four and only two got successful so what you would do is you would scale those two and then you take the other two and under that st. you don’t want to keep opening stores you just switch out the domain name you switch out the pixel you switch out all the information in the terms of service the privacy policy and everything and now you try a new product with a new brand link to a new Facebook page and it could be the same pixel really doesn’t matter because you’re not gonna have too much data in it anyway so like I’ve mentioned multiple times in this video you guys can catch the drift here it’s more about branding like drop shipping on the general store and my opinion has been saturated for two years now it’s saturated like a now the one product drop shipping format that I’ve been rocking with and all my students have been rocking with for a couple years is now starting to transition into the branded one product store so now we’re talking more about niche specific one product stores and that could pay off for every just think about the companies that have done this before like way back in the day if you guys were drop shipping back in 2013 2014 you know one of the most successful products was the teeth whitener where you put it in your mouth and then it just cleans your teeth I think it’s called high smile and they made an entire brand off of that one product and they’re making millions of dollars them goes for the fidgets spinner the burrito blanket the black face charcoal mask all these were drop shipping products that someone just branded from the very beginning very get-go they saw the value in branding and then that’s what allowed them to scale that’s what allowed him to get million-dollar deals with Walmart with Target with Walgreens and all this it all starts with branding so what I’m thinking in 2019 is it’s kind of smarter to not only go into branding one for trust one for and one for just a long-term lifespan and if you do this like it’s gonna be so much more easier to actually make a real life long lasting brand because you’re only branding one product so say your product starts to take off it would be so stupid of you to not you know white label all these products and start branding it yourself because this could just be one store making you even if it’s even if it’s making like 50 a hundred thousand a month that’s still pretty good you just got to remember it can scale this to have like ten of those so say you have ten stores making fifty thousand dollars a month now you’re making half a million dollars a month and that equates to you know six million dollars a year and obviously that’s not a little profit but that’s a good starting point for sure now the goal is to obviously be making at least nine figures because in my opinion you shouldn’t even be cocky until you’re making at least nine figures it really doesn’t make sense if you’re making five million dollars a year and you think you’re hot you’re really nothing because people are make Jeff bezels made twenty billion in 20 minutes so tell you at that level I wouldn’t I wouldn’t be cocky with anything at all but overall guys what this whole video is about is branding the one product format is switching just like Facebook Ads it’s switching who adapts the most darwinism who adapts the most will survive so this is what I urge you guys to do start branding one products when you launch them okay start branding it right from the get-go when you launch it if it doesn’t work oh no you lost twelve dollars on Google domains and you lost a couple hours setting everything up move on to the next you know and obviously your facebook ad spend it’s going to increase higher conversion rates it’s gonna start people it’s gonna get people recognize your brand from the get-go and you’re just gonna be overall more prepared for 2019 when more and more people are dropshipping than ever again drop shipping will never go away I’ll only adapt these warehouses that are coming in the format of everything obviously as you guys are seeing that’s where it’s going to have a niche specific store is a lot more difficult than just having a one product brand and one product brand ironically will pay off more than a niche specific store so anyway guys I hope you enjoyed this video that’s just my thoughts I hope you guys got a lot of value from this this is again this is big changing right here but it only makes sense I’m sure a lot of you guys had lightbulbs flick off in your head or products you were thinking about branding like just do it now do it here launch it if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work so thank you guys so much for watching that please hit like helps me out so much on this page helps me grow the videos you guys have been amazing I’m trying to hit 50,000 by the end of next month be sure to comment what you think about this and again if you’re subscribed and turn post notifications on within the first hour of every video you’re gonna get a response within the first hour if you comment within the first hour and guys thank you out so much my life has completely changed in the past year and a half still adapting to it but the adaptability the one who adapt the most win peace Schiphol ghana lesson deja vu forgot again Oh tell me where I’m at someplace I think I want to take you to a loser head I’ll have a heart attack I manned up on a daily newspaper all my other cars and cash