How To Do Basic Pen Tricks

so what does Tim Farriss do at 2:00 in the morning besides drink Portuguese white wine and watch The Bourne Identity for the 157th time he does pendrick’s which is what he does all the time as his own fidget so enough is talking in third person let’s check out some pendrick’s so we’re going to do these roughly in order difficulty but they may be slightly out of order all right so this is called the helicopter pretty obvious I’m just going to give you a little showcase of things to come first so you can get a pretty good idea of what’s possible just by looking at that so helicopter is so named because of the the motion just like that I recommend you use a Bic because it’s it’s relatively well balanced and the right diameter like it’s what we’re doing here is pushing this down so that the thumb the middle finger is at the very center of the pen in the back and the thumb is about 1m width away from the center on top all right the top of the thumb meaning the part that’s parallel to the ground there is going to be parallel to the ground and here I’m pushing the pen into you both my index and middle finger and then I’m essentially snapping these two and it spins across the back of my thumb like so and you can do that all day long and that’s probably the most common that you’ll see in Japan and Taiwan and the really good kids will do a one-way and knock it back the other way I can’t do that all right so the drummer is so named because you’ll see guys like Tommy Lee do that all right now if you look at it from that angle it looks like it’s going up and down and it looks very cool if you look at it from the front it’s actually just that type of motion so really what I’m doing is moving the top two fingers back and forth as this spins right in front of the first knuckle like so and the way you that spin started as I’m pulling down with my index finger so the middle finger is basically braced pushing down with the top finger and then I’m catching the back of the pen in this little web and then as soon as I pull this back it gets that initial spin and then you keep it going with these two fingers looks pretty cool all right then we have suppose what I would call the the pincher and the reason I’m going to call that none of these things have names as far as I know looks like that and the reason I call it the pincher it’s very hard to see what this motion is this is actually the first one I learned but one of the hardest is it’s the same motion that I’m using to get that tommylee spin started but it’s in between my middle of my ring finger and as it caught as it flips through I’m going to catch it in between my index and my ring finger so it looks like that and then it swings behind and I catch it back in this position so it looks like this like that very slowly okay so it looks like faster that makes sense okay and you can either push down here or you can do it on the thumb itself and that’s what it looks like and when you get better at it you can do it from different positions you can start here for example up like that and then go up or you can even it’s a little hard to do so looking through the camera so I just jumped I just skipped these two fingers and went from here to here all right so you can get tricky with it all right the the wheel was what I’ll call this one here it’s one of the one of the easier ones okay and then you can mix it all together really all you’re doing is I’m pushing off of the the thumb here between these two fingers and it’s pulling it’s doing a straight circle through like that and you end up in this somewhat awkward position then you can segue into a different move so it looks like that I’ll just call that the wheel that’s probably the easiest you’ll see that I’m just pushing it down and then this very familiar pushing with the middle finger pretty similar to how we start the last move but instead of going in a circle like that we’re going in a we’re pushing down on the top of the thumbs it’s further extended on the fingertips coming straight back like a wheel alright and then the last one that we’ll have is what I’ll call the flip and pretty self-explanatory looks like that though well now that sound you just heard you will hear thousands and thousands of times oh alright well so much for ending with a flourish but it it looks like that and the better you get you can actually keep your hand flat on a table and flip it and catch it without moving your hand at all like that all right so that’ll be the flip the way you do that again the same motion but you’re going to be flicking out with your with your ring finger to get the extension so it goes away from your hand it’s going to rotate fully and it’s going to land right here in the writing position like that alright and then you put it all together you can do all sorts of fancy stuff so I could do a wheel – the pincer – helicopter you shoulda tommylee and so forth and so on you just will get to the point where you’ll do this while reading a newspaper and it’ll drive everybody absolutely apeshit so have fun if you don’t have OCD already this will give it to you signing off