How to Create a Facebook Page (UPDATED!)

hey everybody what’s up this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog talking to you today about Facebook pages now I have created videos in the past about how to create Facebook pages and how to create Facebook landing pages and those types of things but if you’re all familiar with Facebook which I’m sure you are you know that Facebook likes to change things around so all the procedures and you know the walk through that I did about how to do those things is kind of they’re kind of outdated now and I’ve got a lot of requests to do this video an updated version about how to do these types of things so in the first half I’m going to show you how to create a Facebook page just your basic Facebook page and I’ll show you a couple cool tricks with that and then the second half I’m going to actually walk you through how to create a Facebook landing page and if you don’t know what a landing page is it’s a specific page on your Facebook page that people who have never been there before land on first and this is the perfect opportunity to kind of introduce new people to your brand your business your website whatever and that gives them you kind of gives you more of a chance that they’re going to click on that like button which then enables them to get your status updates or whatever you post on your wall onto their own wall and they’ll be able to see what you’re up to and stuff that’s probably the number one tip I have for those people out there who are looking to increase the number of fans they have create a landing page I’m gonna show you how to do that right now actually first I’m going to walk you through creating a Facebook page and then how to make a landing page for that page so here we are at my Facebook page you can find it at Pat on but the quickest way to start to create your own page is to go to slash pages and then in the upper right hand corner click on this create page button right there now on the right hand side this is what we want to deal with this left hand side is about creating a community page that’s not what we want we want to deal with this part right here an official page so just fill out this information really quick create a page for local business so obviously click that if your local business if you’re a website which probably most of you are or a person behind a website click on this middle one here brand product organization and then click on this menu scroll down all the way to the bottom that’s website and then for your page name name that whatever you want to name your page just make sure you don’t use the word Facebook in it it won’t let you do that so you can’t do Pat’s Facebook page for example so I’m just going to do Pat’s sample page for now and then click on this terms button create the official page it’s going to ask you if you are indeed the person who is representative of this page and there you go you have created your page now it’s going to take you through this little get started thing where you can add an image for your profile invite your friends tell your fans post updates somewhere you know promote it on your website set up for your mobile phone and those types of things and this gets started tab is going to be there until you have a you know respectable amount of fans and you have added all your information and a profile image so don’t worry about getting rid of that that’ll disappear automatically so obviously the first thing you want to do is upload an image now there’s a cool trick with the image here actually let me show you in Photoshop this is my sample image just for this this example now it’s a 200 by 600 image this is the largest image you can have and I recommend going this large because there’s not really that many things you can customize on your Facebook page except your profile picture and the landing page which I’m going to show you how to do so maximize the customization space that you have because that’ll help you stand out from the crowd it’ll be really impressive to to those people who visit your page a lot of big brands are now using this 200 by 600 image again which is the largest size it’s 200 wide 600 tall and you’ll see some grid marks on here on Photoshop and I’ll actually have this PSD file on my face on my blog actually if you go to slash facebook that will redirect you to the post where i have this video PSD files the txt file with the code that is going to go with your landing page and all those things but you know just just to make it easier for you guys but as you can see here there’s actually you know this is the most important part because this part in the middle here it’s kind of off centered a little and it’s kind of more closer to the top this is the part that’s going to show up as your little avatar when you write status updates you know if you put your picture in the middle here you’re going to cut off half of your head and that’s only that’s what’s going to show up on the page and I’ll show you an example that later but just just to show you that this is the area where you want to have your your face or your logo or whatever you want to be next to wherever you leave messages on your page so let’s go back to our page I’m actually going to upload that image 4 megabytes max is a is what you want to do ok where is that image there it is and you’ll see it’s going to put that nice big picture on here there you go you’ll see it here on the left hand side so Pat F face now just to show you I’m going to go to my wall and leave a little status update hi this is Pat obviously I don’t have any fans right now so and you can see there’s my face right there if my face was lower it be only my forehead if it was higher you just see my chest so try to have your you know check out that PSD file and make your face or your logo in that area so the next thing you want to do is edit your page so underneath your profile picture you click on this little button here that says edit page and that’s where you fill in all of your information about your page the name of your page when it was founded address what it’s about company overview description mission awards products email phone website those types of things I’m not going to go through all that right now but that’s kind of the information that’s needed that the public will see once they get to your page and there’s other things here on the left-hand side you can manage permissions which is like you know what users can or can’t add on your page those types of things if you go down to manage admins you can add other people say you had a company with you know five executives and you wanted each of them to be an admin you can add them all here but yeah that’s basically how to create a page and if you ever want to go back to your page and you get lost go on over to account on the right-hand side click on manage pages and then go to the page that you just set up and you’ll dramatically go back to your wall you know I for some reason I just get lost all the time that’s the easiest way to get there you