How to Create a Facebook Landing Page (UPDATED!)

so now we’re going to show you how to create a facebook landing page and the first you know there’s a lot of different ways to do it and I do it the simplest way where there’s the least amount of code possible because they’re there is some kind of coding involved it’s a language called fbml you know if you wanted to get fancy you could add things like your newsletter signup some videos or stuff like that which I will go over in future videos but this is just your most simplest landing page it’s really easy to create and it’s you know it totally works so the first thing that you’re going to need is an image you know your image is the landing page you know the whole jpg image so as you can see he i created a just a quick one here on on photoshop and again I’ll have this PSD file because it has the like button that you could borrow and the correct size the width is 520 pixels the height can be whatever you want it to be but I have it at 5 25 and I’ll show you why in a second but again here you want to put info about you why people should like you what’s your what your business is about and what you can help them if you if they do become a fan if they do like your page so this is the image that I created here and what you need to do with this image is you need to upload it onto a website somewhere if you have a blog or a server that that you own put it on there get the link for it because you’re going to need that link to that image and if you have a wordpress blog i’m going to show you the easiest way to do that if you’re in your dashboard click here on the left hand side to add new underneath media and then select your file mine file name is sample FB landing page jpg and then it’s going to upload it there and what we want to remember or write down is the link that comes along with that so it’s uploaded on there and I can see the file URL here so I’m going to copy that open up my notepad and just paste it there so there you’re going to need that later if you don’t have a website you can upload it to places like imageshack or Flickr or photobucket you just need to upload it somewhere where you can get a link that looks kind of like this link right here with URL and then the image jpg at the very end so after you have that image and and the location of it next we have to actually create our facebook landing page tab and the way to do that is we go back to our edit page underneath our profile picture and then click on apps it’s the fourth from the bottom right there now here actually we’re going to be looking for this specific application right here static fbml again that’s static fbml that’s what we want it may or may not show up here for you under apps you may like if it doesn’t go to browse more applications search for it again that’s sta TI SI space FB ml enter you’ll see here click on the icon or the name and then click on add to my page that’s we want it to do if you already had it in the apps you may like you’ll see this button their apps to my page that’s what we want to click and then it’s going to ask you which page one add it on if you have more than one so i’m gonna click on it there and this is pat sample page so I’m going to add it to that page close now I’m going to go back to my page just like the way till G under account and manage pages go to page and you’ll see at the top it created this tab here called fbml one now if I click on it it there’s nothing that it’s a blank page that’s what we’re going to work on right now how to fill that page with that image so that becomes our landing page so again I’m going to go back to I’m going to go back to edit page now I’m going to go back to apps once again and I’m going to scroll down to static fbml or FB MLF BML if that’s what it says and I’m going to click on go to app right here go to app not edit settings go to app now this is where you want to put the code in that will read where your images so that when people land on this page they see that image again which is where you introduce yourself to people now i’m going to name the box title welcome and for the code this is a part that kind of messed a lot of people up and i will have this code on my blog for people to copy but it’s really simple it’s it’s your basic image code so it’s actually kind of the less than symbol symbol IMG space SRC equals quotations and then i’m going to copy that link and then i’m going to put another quotation to close it and then the greater than symbol and that’s it so it’s going to read this image and put it on the screen exactly where we uploaded it so i’m going to save changes now hopefully i’m going to click up here to go back to my page when i click on welcome you’ll see that page pop up and there it is now the cool thing that i like just learn how to do was to kind of connect these two images together I don’t know if you you see that but it kind of they kind of go along together here is you can see this is kind of a continuous kind of circle here and that’s something you can experiment with you know this is the first time I did this was with actually this example so I’m going to be adding some elements like that you know maybe some cool things going across here like that or I don’t know just you can mess around with it but as you can see this is the page that people see first when they come to my facebook page and it tells them please click like at the top now that’s a very clear call to action that you want to have and then also information underneath and again this image here is a 5 20 x 5 25 image and the reason why it’s 525 is because it kind of cuts off at the same area as this image here so yeah that’s how you create that landing page now how do you make it so that people see that page first now there’s a couple things you need to know here first uh it might not be possible for everyone I you know a lot of people who have came to me said Pat I don’t have the ability to do this the way you told me to do it and some people don’t it might depend on when you became a Facebook member I don’t know but even if you’re not there is a way to get people to land on their first i’m going to show you so first i’m going to show you the regular way underneath your profile picture go to edit page once again and then go to manage permissions it’s the very top one here and then what you want to do is you want to change your default landing tab that’s what you need to select that’s what people will see first if you leave it on wall people will go to your wall first change that to welcome and then or whatever you name to that landing that page that we just did and then click on Save Changes now every time someone comes to this page first they’re going to go to my Welcome page now if you don’t have this option and I think some people don’t I mean they’re telling me they don’t you can still bring people to that page first and this is how you do it head on over back to the FB ml application by going the apps so we’re going to scroll down and then click instead of clicking on go to app like we did to edit it you’re going to click on link to this tab right here so let’s click on that now this is the link that will always bring people to your welcome page no matter what always bring people to your landing page so copy that you can put it in a wordpress plugin for example like pretty link so that you can have a really nice URL instead of this crazy one with all the numbers and stuff that makes it really easy to get people to go on your page first you can even buy your own you know domain name for it like i have pat on pat on facebook and that always brings people to my landing page so it you can buy your own domain name you know Joe on facebook and then you know that will be your redirect URL and then whenever you say Joe on Facebook or whatever you link to Joe on Facebook it will take people to your landing page now the last thing I want to tell you is if you don’t have 25 fans you won’t be able to to get a custom kind of URL because right now you’re your page is like slash ID 1720 2311 all of us you know all these crazy numbers in order to get a nice-looking URL you have to go to slash user name and when you go there you have the ability to rename the page for example a path sample page now it says path sample page is not eligible for a username at this time in the future path sample page will be able to set a username and I know that that can happen when you have 25 fans or more excuse me 25 fans so once you get 25 fans this will change and you will be able to check an add your own name to it so mine for example is slash smart passive income and that takes them to my page there and then my welcome page is actually right there the you know if you weren’t a fan already this is what you would see and I kind of have them connecting because I have an arrow pointing to all these things about what I am but i think i’m going to go a little bit you know i’m going to go one step further and kind of make the design similar to just like I did on the other one here let’s see click on this welcome tab there you go see how the design kind of goes together so that’s it that’s route that’s how you can create a facebook page and then create a facebook landing page so for all of that information you know all in one spot and also the PSD files and everything no head on over to this website so you can get all those things again that’s smart passive income that’s my / facebook that will redirect you to the post where i talk about this and have all those files the image screen file for your landing page the PSD files to the 200 x 600 image and also the this image here so you can have that like button so yeah that’s it thank you guys so much i really appreciate it head on over to the blog and i’ll talk to you guys soon in another video hopefully about facebook and doing some more incredible things with it so thank you talk to you guys later and have a good one fight you