How to Create a Facebook Landing Page (HTML / iFrame Edition)

hey everybody what’s up this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog that is me right there you can find me at smart passive income calm thanks for joining me today I just wanted to shoot this quick video for you to show you how to install the static HTML iframes tab application again that’s the static static HTML iframe tab now the reason why this is important is because starting March 11 2011 Facebook is actually getting rid of all FB ml type stuff you know another change that they’re doing that’s fine they’re getting rid of more things and changing things they’re getting rid of all FB ml so if you are trying to create a landing page after March 11th you know you can’t go the route that we did before which is use the static fbml application now we have to go with this one the static HTML iframes tab which is which is pretty cool and actually you know don’t worry if you already have a landing page that you made with FB ml those aren’t going away you’re not affected at all it just affects those who are trying to create landing pages and do you know create other tabs with FB ml you can’t do that anymore so starting March 11th you have to go this route in order to create new tabs and create a landing page that’s just what our goal is today so I’m going to show you how to do that right now if you already have a landing page you might consider you know starting over and doing this because there’s some cool things involved that I’m going to show you so basically I want to show you that and what’s nice is it’s HTML and you know we more people know HTML than FB email so you’re gonna have a bit easier chance to make your landing page look really nice add things like opt-in forms videos much easier than before which is the good thing now just for the purposes of this example when I show you the landing pages that you create I’m just gonna pop a picture up there and I’ll show you what those pictures look like now because I don’t want to get into the code or script or anything like that right now but if you head on over to /f b FB that’s terrible f b / FB that’ll that’ll be the blog post that’ll kind of in this video that will also have links to scripts and an HTML and the like button that you can use all there for you / FB that will redirect you to this blog post so these are the two images that I’m gonna embed you know and actually what’s cool is you’ll notice that there’s two one for fans and one for non fans now that’s awesome because you know the landing page typically is for the people who are non fans in and our goal with the landing page here is to get them to click the like button to become a fan you know it’s basically a squeeze page but now we have the opportunity to really easily create one that is for fans as well so people who become non fans will be able to see this one there’s some cool things you can do I’m sure you could think of things already I’ll go over those things in a second but just you know the width of these images are 520 pixels and the height could be whatever you want but but it’s a fixed width in facebook of 520 this particular image is 500 tall 500 pixels it could be however tall you want but this is just for the purposes of the exam of this example so I’ve already uploaded or kind of put those images onto a server and they’re ready to go so if you don’t have your own website where you could upload those pictures you can put them on to places like I’ve heard of people putting them in places like a Flickr and an photo bucket or Dropbox other places like that so if you don’t have a website that’s what you could do but I recommend if you do have a website obviously putting it on your website and in a folder somewhere making sure you you can recall where that is coming from because we’re going to need that in a second so the first thing you need to do is obviously create a Facebook page if you haven’t you know go ahead and do that you click on the button on the screen right now that’ll take you to the video about how to create a Facebook page now if you already have one this is what you have to do to install the static HTML iframes tab click on edit page here from your wall on your page and then click on apps here on the left hand side this it’s the fourth from the bottom and you’re gonna scroll all the way to the bottom and click on browse more applications right there now we’re gonna search for this application and to properly search for this make it easier for you just simply type in static HTML not FB ml HTML and iframe static HTML iframe an iframe singular not plural you’re gonna get different results with plural and this is the one we want right here this is done by a guy named jason pad Ravech i’m totally butchering this name I’m sorry Jason pad Borak gosh I’m sorry and he emailed me he’s an SPI readers and he told me about this and what it does and it’s awesome just in time for this change I’m sure there are other ones out there but this one I’ve worked I’ve done tests on it and it’s really good so the way you can remember this is it’s the star so click on that opens up the application and to install this on your page you’re gonna have to click on add to my page here on the left hand side really easy to install so add to my page you’re gonna select add to page to this particular page that you have as you can see I have multiple pages and then close and then I’m gonna head back to my page at and side so I’m gonna click on that and now I’m going to edit now you’re gonna see the image is already in there because I’ve gone through this process before but these these are the this is code and again you can go to /fb to get all this code to show an image or to show other things okay and this is HTML now so it’s it’s it’s code that we know or we we can hire someone that knows HTML really easily so this one up here actually it’s important to know that this box up here this field up here is for the non-fans and this one down here which is optional is for the fans only so as you can see i have code in there to show the image for non fans up here and the fans down here so to kind of save in preview what it’s going to look like I’m gonna click Save and view tab and what’s nice as I can now view my tab as a non-fan and view my tab as a fan so I’m gonna view tab as a non-fan show you what that looks like and there you go so so obviously wouldn’t look like this you’d have some type of HTML or better-looking image something that that is not this but so what kind of elements would you want to have on the non fan particular you know landing page again this is the page that people go to that are not fans and you want them to click on that like button again this is pretty much a squeeze page so the first thing you could do is you can add some copy up here that says something like click the like button above very clear call-to-action and usually the like button will be just to the right of the name of your page so that’s the first thing you could do the second thing to do is you can add some basic copy like who you are or what your business is about you know benefits about why they should become a fan or click that like button maybe you have some type of offer you know click the like button to get access to a free ebook or something like that our free seven-day eCourse free download another thing you want to add or another thing you can add is like a picture you know people connect with faces and people so this would be great memorable first impression if your picture was on there you don’t have to include all these elements to the I’m just throwing things off the top of my head a video obviously you can put a video in there and again this is HTML so it’ll be a lot easier to do than with fbml maybe I don’t know that you can put it all types of things on there make it look really nice again drive people to click that like button up there so now I’m going to show you what it looks like on the fanpage or when people become fans or what they see on this particular tab so to go back you have to click down here click back on the Welcome it takes you back to the editing area click Save and view tab and now I’m going to View tab as a fan so now I’m viewing the fan side of things so this is what people will see when they come to the page and if they click on that non fan page they click the like button this is what they’re gonna see now so what would you want to include on this particular page you want to include you conclude any number of things just simply like a thank you or you know if you have an offer you know you give them that offer make sure you fulfill those offers maybe a second video or another video here that says thank you or maybe it has a call to action to go purchase a product or something another thing to use an opt-in form to you know sign up for an email list here to get whatever it is that you’re offering you know links links to your website more pictures or images maybe your photographers more in your portfolio here links to Twitter you know an RSS feed there’s any number of things anything you could do in HTML you could do here so that’s what I recommend doing that that’s pretty cool now one other thing I’d like to show you before we end is that you can actually go back to this application and you can add more tabs so you can you can actually have you know more than one of these you can actually have up to three I think and you can have them do different things and if non-fancy them you know it’ll say one thing and if Fancy’s them it’ll it’ll be another thing so maybe it’s a free video something or maybe a free webinar or something again just other things that you could do to get people to become fans other things you could do to interact with them now before I go I want to make sure that you know how to make this particular welcome tab the landing page because right now we have this this tab but it’s not exactly the landing page just yet there’s one more step we have to do and so we’re gonna actually go back to our wall click on edit page here and now we’re gonna click on manage permissions now this is where we can set the default landing tab now we want to set it to the welcome now this welcome with the exclamation point I know is the old one the static fbml application the one we just installed which is going to be here at the bottom is right there so now I know that that’s my default landing tab I’m going to save the changes and there you go so now every time someone comes to my Facebook page for the first time they’re gonna see that non fan page and then it’s gonna have copy to help them click the like button and then they’re gonna see the fan one and really cool things can happen so I hope that all makes sense again 520 pixels wide you can have a non-fan one and a fan one the name of that application once again static HTML iframe tab and that’s it so hopefully that helps you guys thank you so much if you want to check out my Facebook page for the first time you can go to slash smart passive income or you can actually take go to the shortcut which is Pat on see what it looks like I probably will keep updating it and changing it and try to optimize it so again go to /fb if you want to go to the page where this blog post where this video is embedded to get more downloads and scripts that you can get to place on your site I’ll continually add to it so if you’re watching this you know the day after I posted this I might not have many things on there right now but I will continually add to it to hopefully help you out so thank you guys so much I really appreciate it I would love it if you become a fan that’s my call to action right there head on over click the like button I appreciate it and good luck to you and I wish you all the best thanks bye oh one last thing I wanted to share with you really quick is if you wanted to change the name from welcome to something else so it shows up differently on your on your wall you can go to apps here after you go to the Edit Page area scroll down to this FPL iframes tab and click on edit settings and there you could change the name to whatever you want it to be whether it’s free webinar it’s up to you but I just want to share it with you I totally forgot to put it in there so thank you guys take care have a good one