How to Create a Facebook Fan or Business Page

hey everybody how you doing this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog at smart passive income comm I hope you’re doing okay today today I’m gonna show you really quick how to create a Facebook fan page or also known as a facebook business page now a lot of people are getting on these right now because it’s a great way to develop a long term relationship and you know interact with your customers and readers and stuff like that so I just created one the other day have a lot of fans we’ve been having fun on there having a lot of interaction which is great so I’m going to show you how to create a Facebook fan page really quickly today so what you want to do is go to in now at the bottom here you’re going to notice an icon in the little tool bar that’s the ads and pages manager so we want to click on that in the middle healer here you’ll notice this area right here you’re going to want to click on pages the second one over now this takes you to the page where you have a list of all the pages that you’ve already made if you haven’t made any obviously they aren’t going to be in here so in order to create a new one you can click right here on the plus sign create page and this is where you create it now you’re gonna have to organize it into a category there’s a whole bunch of different categories you know based on what kind of business you’re in and stuff like that but if you have a website usually what you can do is go to the middle radio icon here and click on website at the bottom you don’t want to put the name of your website now I’m gonna this is a fake Facebook page I’m just creating just to show you how to do it I’m not gonna publish it but you’ll have to do that manually once you go in and create it yourself so sign the electronic signature and create page great now you’re gonna be taking to a blank page and again this isn’t published yet so what you’re gonna want to do is set it up so that you know it’s ready to be published and for you to get some fans for it so the first thing normally that you want to do is you’re gonna want to upload photo this will be either your blog logo your website logo or even just picture of you so for this hypothetical Facebook fan page for Phil’s fly-fishing website we’re going to put a picture of Phil so you’re gonna want to click on change picture upload a picture and go into your computer and upload a picture this takes just a moment all right so there’s Phil there and if you ever want to change your photo just hover over and click on change picture now if you want to edit your information which is what you’re going to do there’s a few ways you can do this in the info tab right here you’re gonna want to click on edit information right there and this is where you fill out your basic information about your website like when it was founded your website address company overview mission products and stuff like that make sure you put your website address in there because that’s how people are gonna find you now another way to that another way you can add something is by clicking over here and that says write something about Phil’s fly-fishing website now you can put anything here for me I have my website address at and also my twitter address and I think I also have some quote or something that goes along with my business and what I do so in order to edit that just click on it and add whatever you want there and then it it’s gonna be there automatically and whenever when anyone goes to your fan page you’re going to see that right away so that’s why it’s a good spot to put your website address and there’s a lot of other things you can add on your page you can even put opt-in boxes you know your RSS feed other links and stuff like that and I’ll show you how to do that in other videos but this is just video about how to create the page so another way to edit the page and you know edit the restrictions on what fans can do on your page and stuff like that it’s by you know clicking over here on edit page and then you’ll see a whole bunch of settings for all the different applications and stuff like that you can click through there but usually the way that it’s given to you is just fine and if you ever want to view your page and click on here view page to see what it looks like and let’s go ahead and see what it looks like right now and there’s nothing well obviously cuz we haven’t put in the information yet so the the way you actually publish your page and I’ll show you how to do that right now is you can just click on here after you edit stuff this bar up here will show up and it’ll say publish this page so all you do is click that right there or you can access it through here edit this page and right here on the right the right hand side publish this page it’ll tell you if it’s not published yet and obviously you want to publish it and so you could tell your friends and your people through your blog or website to go there and become a fan so that’s basically it that’s how you create a fan page now there’s one really quick tip I want to give you go to oops slash username now let’s go there right now actually so slash username now what this does is it allows you to put a custom URL for the page that you just created so in order to do that you set a username for your pages and you can do this for your name too as you can see I have one already for my name slash Pat Flynn that’s my personal account but I also have one for my page you could do that by setting a user name for your page by clicking on that right there now you have a drop-down of all the different pages that you’ve created you can just click on you know the one that you want change and then you can just take it from there and make a customized URL right now I can’t do it because I haven’t published so you have to you have to publish first but once you do that you know there’ll be a box here where you can type in whatever name you want it to be and it’ll be slash whatever you put in there and you can check the availability if it’s there go ahead and take it alright so that’s it that’s basically how you create a Facebook fan page and don’t forget to publish it after um after you put in all your information and stuff like that or else no one’s gonna become your fan and don’t forget you can go to slash username to make a really nice-looking URL for your Facebook fan page oh there’s one more thing I want to show you really quick you know if you don’t have a Facebook account but you still want to create a page you can still do that which is nice so if you go to that’s just the home page at you can look here under the signup page or under the signup area there’s a create a page for a celebrity band or business so that’ll take you through the same process except you won’t have to use your Facebook account you’ll probably just have to enter your email address and stuff like that so that option is there for you alright so if you guys want to check out my Facebook fan page really quick you can check it out at slash smart passive income and if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me probably the best way would actually be through Twitter so slash Pat Flynn and I love if you could these are two ends here I’d love if you could subscribe to the YouTube channel I’m going to be doing a lot of these types of videos for all different types of programs and things that I use for my online business and stuff so feel free to do that if you’d like and thank you guys again so much for joining me today and don’t forget smart passive income it’s all about more money and less time take care