How to Create a BRANDED Facebook Page (With Matching Profile and Banner Images)

hey everybody what’s up this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog and welcome to my facebook page today i want to spend a little less than 10 minutes with you to share how to create a branded facebook page so you know facebook is awesome for expanding your brand for connecting with your customers or your readers or subscribers however facebook doesn’t really give us much room to work with as far as customization and design is concerned so we really have to maximize and utilize those little tiny spots that they do give us to customize really what i’m talking about is our profile image here on the left hand side as well as those five little images here at the top so i’m going to share with you how to do that really quickly today now if you are a Photoshop user you’re actually in luck because i created a PSD file for you that’ll make it super easy to upload these files in the perfect size and i’ll get to that in a second so if you are not a photoshop user i just want to go over the dimensions of these images really quickly for you so this profile image on the left hand side that’s actually 483 pixels tall by 180 pixels wide and these five images here at the top they’re all the same size they’re going to be 68 pixels tall by 97 pixels wide now i’m actually going to create these images for a brand new facebook page that i just created for one of my niche sites at security guard training HQ com this is a brand new facebook page it just created for it as you can see just has a really tiny little profile image here which I’m going to update and it doesn’t even have those five images up here at the top so I’m gonna update that as well all right so you photoshop users out there who want to download that PSD file that’s going to help you slice and dice your images and make them the perfect size when you’re uploading to facebook go ahead and go to smart passive income com / facebook branding and that’ll take you to the blog post my blog that has this video embedded underneath this video on my blog there’s going to be a big bold link to download the PSD file its going to help you and i’ll show you what that PSD file looks like right now alright so this is what the PSD file looks like when you open it it basically resembles your facebook page except it has a few missing parts obviously it has the missing part for the profile and the five images at the top so what we’re going to do is we’re going to design this page exactly how we want it to look when we save it there’s a special way to save it so that it slices each of these six parts into separate images separate files so that we can have them ready for uploading on to Facebook super fast super easy now a couple things here to understand before you do this whenever you draw on the screen or paste other images on here make sure they’re in a layer underneath the slice and dice layer here in the menu you can have as many layers as you want to create the images that you’d like but just make sure that this is always the top layer the slice and dice layer is always at the top and secondly realize that these are these five images here one two three four five whenever you reload the page they randomized so if you had some word order here like my name is pat flynn the next time you reload the page it’s going to be like pat flynn my is the or whatever it’s going to be randomized every time so there’s this is just specific for facebook pages don’t ask me why facebook doesn’t just have it in a specific order but it’s always randomized so just keep that in mind and what you want to do is try to set it up in a way so that it kind of makes sense no matter what order it’s in so i’m going to show you how i’m going to set mine up right now again you can set up yours however you wish but the first thing i’m going to do is I’m just going to paste all these things white so I’m going to fill them white as you can see if i were to fill them blue for example it just only fills up the stuff behind the slice and dice layer again because I’m toggled on the image goes here layer so I’m going to switch it back to white I’m going to open up a profile image that I created earlier and just drag it onto here position it to where I want to be I’m going to create a layer on top of all that and switch the color to blue and I’m going to create a line that goes through all these and then I’m going to switch to a white color switch to text and just write some quick text in here that it makes sense for this brand so I’m just going to have some quick words in here and let me just copy these so i can easily rewrite them in a second as you can see the way i’m setting this up it won’t matter what order those five images are in which is important so protect safety what are some other security guard words observe observe so I report and help sure why not so obviously you can make yours as fancy as you want but this will kind of just be mine for now so after you get to this point what you want to do is save the file but you want to save it in a special way you want to go to file and then click on save for web devices and then from here you can kind of see where the slices are going to be taken from so one two three four five six and these little blue boxes and make sure it’s a JPEG that you’re saving to then click on save now this is really important I’m going to create a new folder i’m just going to put security guard training images just to easily organize them because it’s going to create six images don’t worry about the file name those are going to change for you now under here settings change it to default settings always make sure its default settings and always make sure the slices says all user slices it might say all slices or it might say selected slices but again all user slices default settings images only don’t worry about the file name so I’m gonna click on save now when I go to my finder and I open this up you’ll see that it created a folder called images and I’m going to open that as you can see there’s six different images which are the slices of exactly what we created so now we have all these files perfectly ready for us so I’m going to go back to Chrome now to upload these files onto facebook alright so here we are back at our boring old facebook page that we’re going to give a bank over two and four thing we want to do is to really easily upload a new profile image now just go over here to your profile image that you have already hover over it and click on change picture go ahead and go to choose file and find that image it was in that images folder that we just created it’s actually named for you so go to profile pic jpg and open it and then if we go to view pic after it’s done uploading you’ll see that that image is there which is great now the one thing I want to point out is that the thumbnail image that you have by default it kind of just picks a spot within the profile image kind of right there as you can see and that a thumbnail is what’s going to be shown every time you leave a message now you don’t want it to be this random thing you kind of want to choose what that’s going to be so in order to do that go ahead and go to change picture once again underneath there’s a thing that says edit thumbnail click on that and now you can kind of adjust and dragged to where you want it to be so I’m going to show this man’s face right there click on save now if I go back to the wall by clicking view page you’ll see that my image has changed here in the thumbnail and it looks a lot better some people use people’s faces some people use logos just use that technique to find whatever part of your profile image that you’d like to put in your thumbnail so the next part is to change the five images up here now this is really easy we can do this all in one batch just go ahead and click on photo right here and what we’re going to do is we’re going to create an album and then click on select photos in that same folder you’ll see the five images that you created from that photoshop in file click on image one hit shift click on image 5 to save them all and click open and now to going to upload those files I’m just going to create a new album and call it you know you can call it whatever you want but I’m going to call it banner images I’m going to make them high resolution and then click on create album and now at this point you know there’s a couple things it’s going to ask you for description of each of them and if the if if you feel like these deserve a description you can do that you can go ahead and do that some people get pretty ninja with this and they actually put links to certain posts or products or whatever that are relevant to the images that they’ve they’ve put up so for example if I had a new book about how to make the best security guard report out there you know I could put a link in the description for the report image you know people do click on those and they will see the description at that point but it’s up to you so for now though I’m just going to skip this part and then I’m actually going to click on the image or on the link up here to go back to the home page and you’ll see that the banner images are now they’re so now i have a branded facebook page that totally looks so much better than before obviously you can design it however you wish now a couple things to realize here just to reiterate every time I load this page it’s going to turn into a different order so when you’re designing this make sure that you create it so that it can work in whatever order those five images are in and also when you upload new pictures it’ll it’ll it’ll kind of bump one of these out so actually let me see if I can do that for you here i’m going to upload my profile image one more time just to show you what happens i’m just going to share that and now if I reload the page you’ll see that it bumped one of them out actually it’s showing the kind of white space here now in order to just get rid of that just click on this little X here and then the other one will come back so that’s all you have to do so I’m going actually going to remove this post there and there you go that’s your branded page I just wanted to say thank you so much for joining me today and watching this video I hope it was helpful I would love to hear from you if you use this tutorial to create your own branded Facebook page I want to see it the best way to show me is to actually go to pat on facebook com and that will redirect you to my facebook page leave a link with your page there and I would love to just check it out and I might put the best ones up there who have the best creative use of the banner images or whatever into a blog post my blog sometime so you know that may be some traffic coming over to your page from that so again I would love to hear from you and also check me out that pat on facebook com thank you so much hope you love the video I’ll talk to you soon bye