How to Cope with Feeling Unfocused or Overwhelmed | Tim Ferriss

[Music] [Music] what do I do when I feel unfocused or overwhelmed there are a few things first I have a short checklist am i eating enough all right so it’s very fashionable with intermittent fasting to skip breakfast skip that meal skip another meal for myself I’ve realized unless I am in ketosis unless I’m on a ketogenic diet or fasting or have ketones in my blood which is an alternate fuel to glucose I need to eat and of course you can supplement with exogenous ketones but am i eating enough if I skip breakfast and it’s 1 p.m. and I haven’t had lunch and I’m feeling unfocused or overwhelmed I probably don’t need to sit there and journal on my existential dilemmas I need to eat some macadamia nuts and maybe have some beans or salad or something like that all right it’s a simple simple simple the second would be am i consuming too much caffeine real simple for me if I’m feeling anxious overwhelmed very often if I want to achieve a more zen-like state there are at least two things I can do and one is meditate twice a day which I like to do doesn’t always happen meditate twice a day and do all of these other things related to cultivating peace of mind the second one is stop consuming so much caffeine alright real real real simple then last are a few tactical and strategic questions and being overwhelmed and unfocused I think are quite different things typically sometimes they come along together there are two questions or I should say two pairs or groups of questions that I use a lot the first one is an 80/20 analysis and there are two questions as part of them and I put this on paper always on paper because I want to trap my thoughts on paper to see if they hold any weight see if there’s any insight to see what is ridiculous maybe I have worries that once I put them down or really unfounded and kind of ludicrous first question is what are the 20% of activities or people that are producing 80% or more of the results and positive emotional states that I want the positive emotional states part is really important all right so you spend one or two pages on that the second part is the opposite what are the 20% of activities responsibilities or people that are producing 80% or more of the pain the headache and the negative emotional states that I would prefer not to have do another page or two and then the last question if you’re engaged with a specific project or relationship could be anything really it’s very simple what would this look like if it were easy a thing if we’re type A personality we’ve competed in school we’ve competed next we’ve competed in y&z we are trained by ourselves to believe that if we’re not red lining if we’re not overcome with effort that we’re not doing a good job we’re not trying hard love and I think that often leads us to seek complicated paths with many many moving pieces so what would this look like if it were easy so for instance if I’m having trouble with a book and I have three months left to write it I’ll ask myself what would this look like if it were easy what if I had to finish this book in a week if I had a gun to my head or a gun to my dog’s head or Mohali and I had to save Molly what would I do all right you have a week that’s it period how would you write this book and that carrot gets rid of a lot of fluff and I started saying all right well how can I use money instead of time to fix this problem how could I ask other people for help instead of trying to do it all myself in this situation what would this look like if it were easy and you can find a lot of gems that way and just expect 95% of you write down is going to potentially be ludicrous and you should come up with the absurd right don’t edit when you’re putting stuff down but within that you might find one or two things and you’re like that’s it now I can save 80% of my headache 80% of my angst because I don’t have to do it the hard way and then you can find an elegant solution that produces an even better product even better 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