How to Be Everywhere – Building a Profitable BRAND by Thinking Outside the Blog

all right so this is a rear according of the presentation I did at BlogWorld Expo in Los Angeles 2011 it’s entitled how to be everywhere building a profitable brand by thinking outside the blog and there are slides that go along with this so if you’re watching on YouTube you are actually seeing the slides that I prepared for BlogWorld Expo if you’re listening to this on the podcast you can view the slides at slash session 28 but if you’re at the gym or you’re on you know in your car ride or something listening to the podcast you actually don’t need to watch the slides in order to get the right information so I’ll do my best to make sure that no matter where you’re watching this or where you’re listening to this that you have the right information and the message that I want to give so I hope you enjoy thank you so much and yeah everybody my name is Pat Flynn from smart passive income maybe you’ve read my blog maybe you see me on YouTube maybe listen my podcast maybe you see my other blogs maybe you see me on Facebook or Twitter maybe you’ve seen me speak live before or maybe you haven’t and if you have it that’s okay because really there’s no way that we can reach every single person in the world no way but as bloggers there are things we can do to reach a lot more people a lot more people than if we were to just stick with writing on our blogs and if you’re here to monetize if you’re here to make money from your blog or make more money from your blog or even if you weren’t the fact is we all want more traffic coming to our site we all want more eyes on our brand and there’s no better way to do this than with this idea of being everywhere now there’s two things that come with being everywhere the first thing is reaching out on platforms beyond your blog to reach new audiences and get new eyes on your brand eyes that would have never found you otherwise the thing is there are tons of people out there who are just hungry to devour your content but they’re never going to know about you because you’re just sticking with your blog and secondly for the people who are already on your blog we’re already your fans they’re going to be even bigger fans because you’re not just a blogger anymore you’re a multi media machine and so when anyone asks them hey who do I go for information about whatever it is whatever niche you’re in they’re gonna say you because you just seem to be everywhere now I want to tell you a quick story about a guy who really taught me the power of being everywhere and really what that meant and this person I probably don’t know he doesn’t have a computer he doesn’t have a car he doesn’t have a cell phone he actually doesn’t even have a home his name is Dwight Bradford better known as the god bless you man my first experience with the God blessing man was freshman year at UC Berkeley I went to Cal for a you know architecture I was born and I played with Legos and so I went to school for architecture I thought that was what I was supposed to do obviously not because I got laid off from that industry but you know whatever my first experience with the God blessing man was freshman year at Cal I lived in the dorm a couple streets off campus in an order for the students to get to class we all had to go through this little alleyway called Saylor Lane there’s like mom-and-pop shops and stuff in there and at the end of this Lane every single Monday I would see the god bless him in there and he would look every single person in the eye give him a warm smile and say god bless you that’s how he got his name the god bless you man god bless you god bless you hey have a great day god bless you god bless you you know the first thing he said to me was it was welcome to Cal god bless you true story and I told I totally remember that it’s it’s vivid in my head welcome to Cal god bless he he knew I was a freshman because of where he was standing but that wasn’t the only place that that I saw him every Thursday coming out of anthro lecture 2 p.m. every Thursday 400 students would pour out of the lecture hall and Dwight would be there again saying god bless you to everyone that won’t walked by god bless you god bless he I hope class went well god bless you i hope anthro went well god bless you he knew what classes we were taking it was awesome it was also awesome because he knew that it was after lunch and we all had changed pockets very smart but again that wasn’t the only place I saw him I saw him every Saturday when there was a football game on sprout Plaza which is where all the pep rallies were I knew this because I was in the band and yes the you know I went to band camp and did that whole thing I was in the band so I’d see him there and you know what he would say he would say god bless you go bears beat the trojans or god bless you go bears beat the Bruins got Bessie go bears beat the the Ducks the beavers the Huskies whoever whatever team we were playing that week that’s what he would say he even have his little Cal hat on he was everywhere everybody knew about the god bless you man everybody knew about the God bless you man some people would just keep change in their pockets just for him I would do that and some people actually told me that they would give him a dollar before a midterm because they thought it was a good luck everybody knew about him everybody loved him because you know he never put a cup in your face he never begged for money he just gave his message tried to make the world a better place in the way that he knew how to do it by just saying god bless you and people appreciated it and as a result he branded himself as the God bless you man and he just seemed to be everywhere and everybody knew about him now unfortunately back in April of a 2002 I saw this in the newspaper it’s an article that said local god Bless You Man Remembered at Memorial he actually passed away he was robbed and he went to the hospital and he passed away there people were talking about him on forums on forums online people were talking about a homeless man that everybody knew again he did such a great job of branding himself and delivering a message to make people smile and make people’s day better now luckily the same newspaper The Daily Californian this is the UC Berkeley you know student made wet’ a newspaper next day I saw an article that read deceased homeless man’s identity mistaken for God bless you man so he was still alive he was he was falsely identified so you know we were all very happy obviously very sad for the person who actually died but you know we’re very happy because the white was still alive so that was really cool now there’s a couple important lessons here the first important lesson is this if you’re going to identify somebody make sure you do it right and number two and most importantly if you put yourself out there where people are and you deliver a message consistently and you try to make the world a better place you will brand yourself you will become known you will become well known and you will be you know just you’ll be everywhere so how does this translate to bloggers it translates like this if you just stick to your blog you’re going to limit your reach again if you just stick to your blog you’re going to limit your reach and I take this idea of being everywhere very very seriously because back when I started the smart passive income blog in October of 2008 you know everything was great I had all this great content to write about coming off a successful six-figure business and everything I had to talk about regarding that and so new experiments and businesses that I was creating things were going really well for the first six months but then that honeymoon period ended and I know this is a honeymoon period that we all go through and traffic just started to you know Plateau and the growth just or started to a plateau and the same number of comments came in same number of people commenting the same people commenting every single post and you know for a while I every time I push that publish button I was wondering if it was really worthwhile because I wasn’t growing and you know I wanted to to reach more people and you know what got me off of those plateaus every single time it was expanding beyond my blog creating a YouTube channel expanding onto iTunes and doing all these other things I’m going to be talking about actually in preparation for this particular presentation in one blog post I had asked a question at the end to I had asked my readers on the blog on the blog only not on iTunes on my podcast or not on my YouTube channel only on the blog I asked them to fill out a survey which was just one question it was how did you find me how did you first find out about smart passive income or how did you first hear about you know me Pat Flynn and the results were incredible seventeen over 1,700 people responded in just two weeks and what are the top three ways that people found me that are now reading my blog not Google not Twitter not Facebook but number one iTunes from my podcast nineteen percent of people who now read my blog found me on iTunes 16 percent of people who now read my blog found me on YouTube and 15 percent of people who now read my blog found me from a link from another site together that’s 50 percent of the people who now read my blog found me on iTunes on YouTube or links from other blogs either these are things outside of my blog 50 percent that number just blew my mind when I when I did the survey in addition to asking that one question I gave people an optional field to tell me a little bit more about how they found me and here are some of those answers one I was looking for help with facebook fanpages a long time ago and found you on YouTube and have followed you ever since I found you pat on youtube I pretty certain I discovered you while searching for YouTube videos about passive income I was looking for a somewhat related audio book and your podcast came up I found you in iTunes found you nineteen found you nineteen here’s another one I’m an Aussie I found your night tunes while looking for business-related podcasts and I subscribed and now read your blog also again these are people that are now reading my blog who are finding me on these other platforms on iTunes and on YouTube and that’s what I’m gonna be talking about today I’m gonna be talking about how to be everywhere so the first thing I’m going to go over actually is your blog and it’s really important to talk about your blog because that is you know where we’re getting people to come to and if your blog isn’t set up properly it’s kind of just going to be a waste so first time we talking about your blog then I’m going to be talking about YouTube then iTunes then a little bit about social media and then your email list and then I’m going to show you how we could put it all together and how it kind of just all blends into each other and works in this fantastic little strong little web that you have going for your brand so let’s start off by talking about your blog now I could talk about your blog all day long you know I could just I really could how it should be set up what it should look like optimizing conversions and setting up your email lists and all these things but you know we only have 45 minutes and I want to talk about these other platforms obviously too but there are three important things I want you to think about in regards to your blog before we start reaching out on these other platforms these are three really important things that you need to think about as far as your blog so the first thing I want to talk about is first impressions what is the first impression people have when they come to your site it’s really important for you to understand that because there is no second chance to leave a first impression and they say that you have seven seconds you have seven seconds to hold someone’s attention when they first arrived here to your site you have seven seconds to tell them exactly what your site is about you have seven seconds to impress them or else they’re going to be gone for good so again you have to put yourself in the shoes of those who are first arriving on your site now unfortunately we can’t do that we have this thing called the curse of knowledge and we have this unfortunate circumstance as the owners of our blogs that were never ever going to be able to come to our site as if we were a brand-new person who’s never seen it before obviously we work on it so much we feel like we know what’s going on but there’s no way to know what it’s like for a brand new person so how would you ever know that it’s easy you just have to ask if you ask your Twitter followers or Facebook fans or even you know whoever even your blog readers in a blog post you know what was the first impression that you had when you came to my site or what’s the first thing that you see when you come to my site or what do you feel my site is about in the first seven seconds when you arrived you’re gonna get some amazing answers and I that I’m sure you wouldn’t have ever thought about I’ve done this before and it’s totally Wow I mean just just do it I mean what’s the worst that can happen you’re going to get some information that’s totally gonna change the way you think about how people arrive on your site and again that’s the most important thing because you can have the best content in the world but if your first impression is really crappy then you know they’re never going to get to that content that you have so first impressions next I want to talk about direction are you giving people direction when they come to your site guidance for what you want them to do when they get there or are you just having them land on your site and just hoping they do whatever it is you want to do you have to tell them what you want them to do it’s not a mean thing you’re not being mean by telling them hey do this or do this you’ve got to tell them though you have to guide them you just have to do that now here’s a great example if you go to this is derek halpern site you possibly heard me mention his name a number of times on my blog before he’s helped me with conversions on my site and things like this number of times if you go there and you look at what you see on the webpage you know I’m going to ask you this question what is Derek want people to do when they get to a site and it’s very obvious because there’s a big box there that says you know enter your email and click get updates he actually tells you exactly what he wants you to do now if you go to the site now let me ask you where’s the arrow now if you’re watching this on YouTube I mean I’m going to show you where this arrow is it’s a little picture of the head that he has that is looking directly at that subscriber box you know the note the nose is pointed to it that’s facing that direction even a lot the eyes in that head look like they’re pointed directly at that get updates button so not only in the text that you have on the site as far as guidance and in directing people is important but also how your site is designed so your text and design have to kind of cohesively work together to get people to do what you want them to do now I don’t know what it is you want your you want your visitors to do it could be like Derek to subscribe to an email list it could be to purchase a certain product it could be to read a certain post or go to a getting started page like I’m going to show you in a second I don’t know it’s up to you you know that better than anybody else but whatever that is you have to direct people and give them guidance as far as do that again both both through the text that you have on your site and call to actions and also through design now this is my home page here if you go to you’ll see a big green box that says don’t know where to start click here and that is my getting started page because for a while you know a blog is just a huge mess of content and and and most blogs aren’t written in a tote I mean the written chronologically but as far as the content is concerned it’s all over the place and I was getting a lot of people emailing me saying no Pat you know what I know you have great stuff but I’m a newbie to your site I don’t even know where to begin and for a while I was like he’ll go to my web I’ll go to my about page just that’s how you can learn more about me and they’re like no I need to know where to start I want to do what it is that you do tell me the first blog posts I should read or my first steps tell me what to do and then I got me thinking you know how many people have these getting started pages not very many you know everybody has an about page but how many people have an actual page that tells people this is where you start so that’s what I did and it is totally change the way people arrive on my site you know you might think that some my older readers you know my regular readers might get annoyed by a big green box on the top of my homepage but the thing is most of my regular readers and most of your regular readers aren’t landing on your homepage they’re landing on blog posts or on pages because even when other people link to your site sub most of most of the time it’s to the great content that you’ve written which are on certain posts not your home page so your home page is a great place for you know to give any new visitors some information so that’s why I created this getting started page on that page it has a video of me speaking for a minute you know so they can see my face and hear my voice and get that connection that way then it goes over some definitions and some you know calls to actions and first steps and you know I actually you know with doing business online which is what my site is about some of the first steps you have to do is sign up for domain hosting so I have information about that in there as well with a video that walks people through how to do that this getting started page accounts for 30 percent of my affiliate sales for my domain and hosting account now you might not think that’s a lot but in uh in September of 2011 I had grossed about fifteen thousand dollars in affiliate sales just for domain and hosting and thirty percent of it came from that getting started page so really you know give new visitors a way to get started on your website so really think about that again that’s my this is my way of giving direction to my visitors your way of doing it is might be different but those are some those are some you know clues from Derek and I there now the third thing and final thing I want to talk about as far as your blog is concerned is share ability now I mean this into a share ability in your content you know is your content awesome and epic and noteworthy and just shareable really really good useful information that just is so good that people have to share it with their followers and you know are you are you making your content that excellent and also are you giving people the ability to share your content you have to make it extremely easy for your visitors to share your content the less kind of gateways or the less things they have to do in order to get to those buttons to share your content the easier it’s going to be and the more your content will be shared now sharing is very important because nothing is more powerful than someone else’s recommendation nothing is more powerful than someone else’s recommendation if you met me for the first time and I said you know you have to read this post or you have to buy my product that’s great it’s going to help you out I totally recommend it that’s not going to be you know you may or may not believe me but if a friend of yours or someone who you already have some trust with shares my book with you I don’t I don’t have a book or anything but well I do have a free ebook at ebooks a smart way but you know a hypothetical product that I had if a friend shared with you information about that product and said it really worked for them and you already have that trust with your friend that’s a lot more about that recommendation from your friend is a lot more powerful than any recommendation I could give you so sharing is extremely important so not only making your content shareable but just making it easily shareable you know happy are you giving people a ridiculously easy ability to share your content so that’s those are the important things for your blog again first impressions Direction guidance and share ability so now let’s talk about YouTube YouTube is crazy okay three billion videos are being viewed every single day it’s the number two search engine in the world second to Google and who owns YouTube Google debts and people make a living and get their careers served on YouTube you know I’m not asking you to create a channel and try to become the next Justin Bieber but if you’re not utilizing YouTube and video you’re totally missing out like I said 16 percent of the people who now read my blog found me on YouTube now when I when I tell people this and they say you know okay Pat well what should I record you know I really you could record anything you want and the more content that you record the better it is for for you because you’re going to get more views you can just have more authority and more chances of people finding you you know because YouTube is a search engine also and getting back to your blog but I usually like to give people 3 different things that you could record just to kind of help guide you now first thing is what I like to call video perfect content this is content that lends itself more to the video format then you know something that might not be suitable for text so if for example I had a blog that was a beginner cooking blog and I was trying to teach people how to properly cut with a knife know I could write a blog post to talk about how to properly cut with a knife you know how chefs do it with her that they put their fingers down and and and they they curl their fingers in they use the knuckles to guide the knife in the right hand you know even explaining it through audio is a little bit harder than if it were just recorded on video I could really easily show how it works it’s it’s easier to create that content and it’s also easier for you know viewers to consume that content so what this does is it opens up a whole new realm of content a whole new realm of content that you can create for you and your brand and to help you become more of an expert and also for other people to find you on YouTube so again that’s video perfect content the number two is video for emphasis now what I mean by that is sometimes I write a blog post and there are some important points in there that I really really want to emphasize and the way I do that is by creating a video that mentions those exact same points and again it just re-emphasize as those points and makes it seem more important because there’s an actual video about it and also it allows me to become you know it indexed in Google or in YouTube’s excuse me it out allows me to become indexed in YouTube and be found through YouTube for that particular blog post plus there are some SEO qualities and things going on there if you create a blog post that has a title that matches a video with the exact same title you know both of those come together will raise both of those in both Google and and YouTube search engines so video for emphasis will help as well number three and most importantly answers to questions create videos to answer people’s questions this is really cool a lot of people don’t know this but my most popular video which is entitled how to how to create a facebook landing page a lot of people have actually used this video that this you know if you’re watching this on YouTube the the particular screenshot you’re seeing now has a hundred and sixty thousand views but there are actually three actually two other videos that talk about creating a Facebook landing page I just had to update them because Facebook keeps updating it so I have to update the video along with it but you know combined that that has about 500,000 views altogether this was actually an answer to somebody’s question somebody emailed me hey how do I you know capture more Facebook Likes or you know back then and they were fans how do I get more fans on Facebook is there anything I could do to tell them to become a fan first and I said yeah well yeah you know I figured it out and created a video now it’s my tits excuse me ranking number one in Google and YouTube for facebook landing page and it’s just doing amazing things for me and my brand and a lot of people are finding me through this video which is again an answer to somebody’s question so imagine this somebody asks you a question you know for you and your brand asks you just a random question and instead of just replying to that email keeping that conversation private you do this you create a video that answers that question and you can even ask that question at the beginning of the video you know maybe you might not want to mention who asked it but just say you know the question and then answer it and then guess what you can be found on YouTube for people who also have that same question because you know if one person asks it they’re probably not the only person in the world who has that same question there’s probably a lot of other people out there who are looking for answers now you can also create a blog post that answers the same question you can just you embed that same exact YouTube video so you’d have a pillar post that answers that that question and here’s what you do you respond to that person you say hey that was a really great question I actually created a video for you check it out you can go to it right here and do you think that that person who you responded to with a video is going to remember who you are do you think that that person is going to be happy to spread the word about you and your brand absolutely so think about answering questions in the form of a video now you don’t they answer all of them but maybe you know the ones that come out that come to you more you know that may be that might be a good sign as far as what you should answer in a video format so now we know what to what to record now the question is how to record now obviously you can you know if you’re at your desk and you’re recording your face you could use your webcam or you can use something like a flip cam or something like that if you want to get really fancy you could check out you know gideon shalwick site or pro blogger net they use DSLR cameras to create some really nice-looking videos really fancy looking videos of themselves speaking on the screen and it’s really important to get a couple shots in there of yourself speaking and your face in there but if you’re not comfortable with that and the reason why i say you know you should do that is because it kind of creates a connection and a bond between you and your audience that they can’t get through text or even audio really but you know not all of us like to put our face on the screen and that’s okay I was I was like that at first I was really scared to put my face on the screen so you might want to know how to record your desktop you know you can record anything that you have on your computer screen I’m actually the way I’m recording this this slideshow right now on YouTube is using the software that I’m going to go over right now I’m just playing this on my screen and recordings particular area that has my keynote presentation so if you’re on a Mac you can use some software called ScreenFlow again that’s ScreenFlow for Mac if you’re on a PC you can use Camtasia Studio again that’s for PC there’s actually a Camtasia for Mac too but I use ScreenFlow I like it a lot better so ScreenFlow and Camtasia Studio that’s how you record your desktop and this allows you to just do a number of things you know if you’re doing website reviews or you just you know you can record your own keynote or slideshow a PowerPoint slideshow presentation it’s up to you again this opens up a whole new realm of content in a delivery format of content that you can give to your audience and they’ll make you seem like that much more of an expert now I like to take this to a new level and I want you to do this too if you want to I like to write on the screen and if you’ve watched my YouTube videos before you’ll see or notice that I like to use a little pen tool and write on the screen so if I’m going over websites for example like if you’re on YouTube you could see him I have a screenshot of me writing on top of my site at green exam Academy calm and circling some things and putting some percentages and stuff like that I like to do that it’s a really great and engaging way to to hold an audience’s attention and you know it’s a very it’s very much like a teacher-student type of thing going on there and it’s different it helps me stand out from the crowd and so I want you to take that and roll with it if it’s something you might be interested in I also like to create a blackboard that I can write on as well so in Photoshop I have a blackboard that I just created it’s branded actually it’s a whiteboard it’s branded it has my logo on it and it has space on it for me to write so it is like it’s a classroom or my own little screen that I can write on and a lot of people dig that so you know if you you’re on a Mac in order to write on the screen you can use some software called Omni dazzle om n I dazzle if you just look that up in Google you’ll find it and it’s free if you are on PC Camtasia Studio actually comes with its own pen tool in it so you can record and use the pen at the same time now I don’t know if you’ve ever tried writing with a mouse before it’s really difficult so I like to use this this tool called the Wacom Bamboo fun tablet it’s just a tablet that comes with a pen and allows you to write on the screen as if you were writing on paper it’s really really helpful so that’s writing on the screen if you want to know how to do that now here are some tips for recording video first tip do some research if you’re going to do if you’re going to do a video on a topic look up that topic in YouTube first you might find other videos which is good which is fine because they’ll tell you what’s missing and you can actually you know make your videos better than the ones that are existing and also they you know some of those videos might tell you things that you may have you know you might not want to leave out so number one research number two tell them what you’re going to tell them the first thing you want to do at any time you create any piece of content is tell them what you’re going to tell them first you know for example hey this is Pat Flynn from smart passive income this video is all about how to be everywhere how to expand outside your blog and get new traffic and new eyes on your brand that’s the first thing you say because that just gets people prepared for what you put for what you’re about to tell them now the next thing number three is to get to the point people don’t like fluff and don’t want to listen to you ramble about random things you know they watched your video they found your video or they started to click on it or they started to listen to it for a reason because they want the information that you have to give them so get to the point number four not everyone loves a talking head so I talked about it’s important to sometimes record yourself you know in your face on the screen but you know videos that are long aren’t always good for that so you might want to include some images or some texts or some some other sorts of video in there as well not just your talking head and if you’re using software like ScreenFlow or Camtasia Studio you know you can use that that that software in order to embed those images and texts and things like that so just you know your video becomes a little bit more interesting now number five always provide a call to action if you’re not doing that you’re totally leaving things on the table you know at the end of your video just be like whatever it is you want them to do hey head on over to such-and-such website and subscribe to my email list or at least go to your website or do this or you know get the product at the discount price by using this coupon code or whatever always provide a call to action now number six make links pretty if you are going to mention links in your video it’s best to make them easily memorable so I like to use a wordpress plugin called pretty link it takes really long links and Strength’s them down again that’s pretty link you can get it for free you get the lite version for free in the wordpress plug-in directory or if it’s a really important link you can actually buy a domain and have it forward to that link so for example I have a domain at Pat on so when I tell people you know hey follow Pat on Facebook at Pat on it’s it’s very easy to remember easy to type in and it’s not very long so you know that’s that’s another tip for you number seven you don’t have to be perfect if you if you worry too much about pain being perfect you’re never going to get a video out the most important thing is to just do it number eight you’ll get better over time I promise if you look at my first video it’s terrible and I’ve gotten so much better since since doing these number nine emulate a style that you like there’s a ton of different ways that people do videos you know a lot of people saw the last couple videos I did which had a green screen in the back with some words and it’s kind of cut and paste version that’s actually a style that comes from a guy named Philip DeFranco on YouTube and I really like that and I tried it out and I dig it so what find a video that you like and emulate the style and number ten have fun with it so now let’s talk about posting your video there’s some really important things that you cannot miss when you’re posting your video online so so we’ve recorded it now we’re uploading it and there’s some certain things that you have to remember to do the first thing isn’t with regards to your title you have to make it keyword rich and you have to make it attract attention now I show this example of a keyword result in YouTube of how to build a blog or how to make a blog my result pops up number two but I think it stands out because it’s not just how to make a blog or how to build a blog in blogger com it’s how to build a blog in less than four minutes and write your first blog post that’s pretty pretty intense stuff right there that would attract someone’s attention and that’s why that particular video gets a lot of views so again make the title keyword rich include the keywords first in the title and also make it attract attention number two the description the description is very important the first thing you should do is always insert the URL to your blog first always insert the URL to your blog first in the description of your YouTube videos if you don’t do that it’s going to get hidden and in order to people in order for people to find that URL they’re going to have to click show more again we want to guide people and make them not have to work so hard to get to your blog so before you even mention anything about the video just put your URL first and you need the HTTP colon slash slash in there in order for it to be clickable now in addition to that again make it keyword rich and descriptive so I in the video I show you an example of what it looks like with you know in the slides I showed an example of what it looks like with the URL showing up first now next is the tags the tags are basically relevant keywords or keywords that you know relate to their particular video so that YouTube will understand you know what search results should show your video and also what other videos relate to it now there’s this cool trick that I talked about in another podcast episode before where I talked about YouTube strategies and this is good this is what I like to call the piggyback trick so this is what you do you before you uh you know you create a video right and you look up the video in you look up the same terms in Google that is in in the title you know the the target keyword that you have for your own video so if your video is about you know dog training golden retrievers you look up dog training golden retrievers in YouTube now what you do is you sort and you look for the video with the most views this is the most popular video you look at that video and you look at the tags and you grab the exact same tags and you put them in your own video the exact same tags now what this does is it allows you to show up as a relevant video it allows you to more likely show up as a real as a relevant video when people watch that really popular video now does this work yes now let me show you those of you who are watching this on youtube or on my blog a screenshot of how people have most discovered my youtube videos or have found my youtube videos the number one way is through YouTube related videos and that’s again because that piggyback trick so just grabbing the same tags as a really popular video with you know that’s targeting the same keyword putting it on your own video and what happens is you will show up at you know on the side or after the video is played in the related videos area now the last thing about videos while you’re posting them this is really important it’s the video thumbnail number one do a search for videos that that come up with your particular keyword and then pick the keyword thumb or pick the thumbnail excuse me that stands out you can actually choose from three different thumbnails that YouTube gives you the pretty random and pick just pick the one that you feel will stand out amongst the rest and I show an example of the keyword result for passive income if you look at passive income in YouTube you’re going to see a bunch of results most of them have talking heads the one that the the one that’s not is mine and that’s because I selected that particular thumbnail that shows you know my little black board with some white scribbles and stuff and that’s the one that doesn’t look like the rest and that’s why it has the most views so now what how else can you get your video viewed you know you recorded it and you’ve uploaded it you’ve done the title description tag and video thumbnail thing now what here a few things you can do one you can embed your video in a blog post like I said there’s some SEO things that are happening when you do that and also emphasizes certain points of your blog post number two you can use a wordpress plugin called tube press T ube PR e SS this allows you to put a gallery on your blog and if you’re watching this on the video you could actually see what this looks like if you’re on my blog you can go to videos at the top of the page and see what that looks like alive again that’s the to press WordPress plug-in which just pulls YouTube videos you know automatically from my youtube channel and puts it on my blog number three you could share it obviously number four you can use the involve er com Facebook application if you go to involve er com inb o lver comm you can get an application that’s for YouTube that puts a link underneath your profile picture in Facebook that just like to press shows a gallery of all of your YouTube videos and here’s a screenshot of it for those of you watching this on the video if you wanted to see what that looks like if you’re listening to this on the podcast you can go to Pat on Facebook comm and see what it looks like live there next you can send a link to your email list so there you go so that that’s YouTube next I want to talk about podcasting now podcasting you know I was really excited to create a podcast for the smart passive income blog because it’s a podcast that really taught me about an internet business you know it was internet business mastery that was a podcast that I listened to you while I still had my nine-to-five job that kind of inspired me to do business online so I knew that podcasting was a great way to reach people and teach people and emotionally connect with people but I had no idea that it would have the kind of reach that it has had for me like I said in the beginning number one it’s a number one way people have found my blog and are now reading my blog you know they found me through iTunes which is root which is sounds crazy but it’s a totally untapped platform you know the nice thing about podcasting is this it’s an audio show that people subscribe to and when you create any show it automatically downloads into their little player and they can take you anywhere they don’t have to be in front of a computer to listening to you to be to be listening to you they could be uh you know on in a car they could be at the gym on a treadmill on a hike on a bike ride wherever and they can be listening to you they put your they put their little headphones in and they listen to you there are no distractions there’s no little box that they can click on to get rid of you they’re listening to you and the thing is there’s nothing like listening to someone else’s voice you know blogs are great or a great way to give information people but there’s nothing nothing like listening to someone else’s voice there’s a connection you know you listening to me now we have this connection because you’re actually hearing my voice and you’re hearing my excitement you’re hearing my passion for these these things that those are things that you can’t really get from just reading text and think about this how many people are traveling to and from work every single day in their cars or their trucks or whatever and they’re listening to music not all of them are listening to music a lot of them are listening to podcasts think about the people who go to the gym and also think about how many people own iPhones or iPods or blackberries or any little device that can play podcasts millions and those are all opportunities for people to listen to you now big brands know this they know that people are listening to podcasts and that’s why they’re shifting from radio which is when people can only listen to them at one certain time of the day to podcasts which is when people can subscribe to the show and listen to them anytime and listen to them multiple times big brands are there like Dave Ramsey Suze Orman Oprah Wall Street Journal these types of these ups of things these are this is in the business category category because that’s what I know they know that so that’s so they’re there now so the question is can we compete with these big brands that are on there absolutely I mean here’s a screenshot for those of you who are who are watching this on youtube if you’re listening to this on on iTunes in a podcast I’ll describe I’ll describe it for you this is a screenshot of the top 8 business podcasts in iTunes this was taken at the end of last year in 2010 number 1 Dave Ramsey number 2 The Wall Street Journal number 4 Apple number 5 smart passive income with Pat Flynn number number 6 Harvard Business Review number 7 Mad Money with Jim Cramer number 8 CNBC’s the Suze Orman show Wow passive income smart passive income calm is chillin at number 5 right in the middle between Dave Ramsey and Harvard and Jim Cramer and Suze Orman yes it’s absolutely possible to compete with these guys and to surpass them and just imagine how it would be if you were there right amongst these big players have a hat what kind of social proof that has for you and your brand you know I didn’t do anything special I just created a podcast and had great information on it and that this is what happens and I’ve seen a time time again when people create podcasts they get great amazing exposure it’s a totally untapped realm and the thing is iTunes is a search engine – it’s a huge huge huge huge search engine now unfortunately iTunes doesn’t give us the numbers as far as how many people are searching for what terms like Google or YouTube does and yes YouTube actually has its own keyword search engine tool but anyways it’s a search engine to actually rank number one for blogging for example in my you know my screenshot comes up there my podcast and also the episode that involve blogging that I’ve created so there’s multiple opportunities for people to find me through iTunes through cert through the search function and I don’t know if you know this but my buddy cliff ravenscraft from podcast Answer Man who is making them an amazing living off of off of podcasts now he got his start by first creating a podcast for the show Lost now I was a huge loss fan but I never downloaded any of the episodes onto my computer but a lot of people did so when they searched for lost in toons they saw those episodes that they could buy or download to their computer but they also saw next to it the podcast that Cliff created and I I can’t remember the exact numbers he was actually sitting in on the presentation at blog world and I had a talk to him and let him answer but I believe he had like 30 or 40,000 subscribers or even 60,000 subscribers who were listening to his every word through his podcast who found him through iTunes search which is crazy he actually had a finale for the final episode people flew in from all around the world who were listening to the podcast to come and watch lost with him the final episode again iTunes is an amazing platform where you can really engage with people and get to know person like you can’t do with just text so the question becomes so how does podcasting work now this was something that really bothered me because I don’t know if for those of you who’ve listened or have actually been on the smart passive income brand for a while since the beginning you might remember back in December of 2008 I actually first talked about wanting to do a podcast I’ve wanted to do podcast for a very long time and there’s actually a blog post that shows me buying my equipment and actually doing a test audio of the podcast and saying you know you know hey I’m going to be doing a podcast some time so that was in December of 2008 my first episode came out in July of 2010 that’s a year and a half later and why because I had no idea where to start or no idea about how it works I thought you had to record audio and then you know upload it directly to iTunes and then I’m like how do you get it on the other directories and blah blah blah I had no idea how it worked and it’s actually not that simple but it’s totally worth the effort in trying to figure it out you know it’s not that hard now that I know how it works but it’s just trying to figure out where to start and how to do that now I want to give you a great resource this is go to learn how to podcast calm again–that’s learn how to podcast calm that’s cliff ravenscraft free resource that’s through three hours of video that’s going to walk you step-by-step about how to create your own podcast it’s totally free you don’t even have to opt-in you can just go there and watch those eight videos right now that’ll teach you how to create a podcast again that’s learn how to but I do want to give you kind of the basic idea of how it works first you create an audio recording you know you create your episode then – you upload it to a server I use libsyn l ib sy n comm to hold that content I don’t want it to be on my normal site you know I don’t put it on my own vlog because it’s it’s it’s a lot of bandwidth that gets eaten up if a lot of people listen to it at the same time you could use Amazon s3 but again as Amazon s3 pays you know per you know a certain percentage of a penny per gigabyte or whatever in it and that stuff can actually add up so I like to use libsyn because it’s a flat fee every month so you know you start with the audio recording you upload it to a server then you create a blog post that links to that file on that server it’ll you know it’ll end in dot mp3 and then you create that blog post in the podcast specific category in that category will have its own feed which is what you submit to iTunes with that podcast information and so what happens is when you create new episodes by creating a new blog post that links to the any new audio files that you create that all those new episodes get automatically syndicated into iTunes or in any other directories because it reads the feed so what happens automatically so you only have to really set it up one time then you could just create the new audio files upload it to the server and create the blog post that links that you know category feed to the new audio recording and it automatically gets put up there so that’s the basic idea of how you know setting up a podcast and how that whole deal works but I’m just going to give you a few tips for podcasting right now really quick one before you create an episode write an outline before recording your show to help you get rid of all that dead time and saying things like um and uh try to like when you’re trying to figure out what to think about next create an outline it’ll help big time number two if your comfortable with doing an entire show all by yourself and it does take practice you can bring in guests so bring in a guest who knows a lot about something that you believe your audience would want to listen to and have them create the content for you you know have them answer all the questions all you have to do is come up with the questions and ask them and have your guests come in and provide all the information for you number three don’t waste people’s time a lot of podcasts start with like two minutes of audio intro which is in my opinion way too much time and a lot of people start the episode by just talking about their day or what they did last week and people only want to hear so much about that so that’s why in my podcast I like to go straight to the point so don’t waste people’s time and a lot of people have said you know I appreciate that you don’t waste my time so don’t waste people’s time number for sound quality is important and if you are going to do podcasting knowing that it’s going to bring in a lot of new traffic and you eyes on your brand it’s really important to do you know it’s some investing into some nice equipment and stuff like that and cliff will go over that in learn how to podcast comm he goes over the type equipment and the different price levels and stuff like that so it is important if you really do want to do podcasting and take it to the level that you should be taking it you know it’s good to invest in a little bit of good equipment number five this is something I like to do I like to record unedited because a lot of times people you know they rely on the Edit function of their little audio recording stuff too much and you know it takes up a lot of time and then they don’t become better you know that they just rely on the editing when they make mistakes I like to keep my mistakes there and listen to my audio later and learn from them you know I think if you listen to my first podcast episodes they weren’t as good as my last and latest ones and that’s because I record unedited of course if you if you have a guests in or you do intros or out shows or things like that of course you have to edit a little bit but as far as the core content of the show I like to record unedited number six the title description and the host name for your podcast should be keyword rich this is extremely important if there’s one tip that you’re going to take away for podcasting this one is it make the title the description and the host your name in iTunes or whatever podcast director you’re getting into that should be keyword rich because again iTunes is a search engine now here’s a screenshot for those of you who are watching this this is my description page on iTunes it shows you that my name is not just Pat Flynn but it’s Pat Flynn : online entrepreneur comma business strategist and blogger so that’s a bunch of keywords there the title of the podcast is the smart passive income podcast : online business blogging passive income lifestyle again adding keywords in there as well it’s also in the podcast description I’m not going to read that off and also in the you know particular episode name you know the title of the episode you can put keywords in there as well and also in the description of the particular episodes as well number 7 this is important have awesome podcast artwork it’s really important to have great artwork because it helps you stand out on the iTunes kind of selection page where all the other podcasts are located but not only that it gives you a better chance of being featured as a new and noteworthy podcast again not that many people are doing podcasts but you know some there are new ones that come out every once in a while and the ones that have the better artwork are the ones that are more likely you know it just gives you an edge as far as as iTunes and Apple picking you to become a new noteworthy podcast they don’t guarantee anything as far as being featured there but they pick based on what looks good and also what sounds good so make sure your audio quality is good but also make sure you have awesome podcast artwork number eight include calls to actions this is just like in the videos you want to make sure that you include calls to actions at the end of your podcast episodes or even in the middle of them to make sure that you’re getting people to do something you’re directing them and extending the conversation after the particular episode ends number nine make links pretty again just like in the videos if you’re going to do if you’re going to mention links you can use a wordpress plugin called pretty link to make those links nice and easy to remember or you can buy a domain name and have you know that domain name forward to a particular link that makes it even easier again my example is for people who want to follow me on Facebook you can go to Pat on again people are listening to you on a podcast they may not have the ability to write something down so making it nice and easy to remember is the best thing to do number 10 on those blog posts that you create that embed those audio files create show notes and if you want do transcripts as well a lot of people have emailed me just saying thank you for for allowing me to read your episode along with it because a lot of people you know either don’t have the ability to listen you know maybe you know they’re hearing-impaired or maybe they’re at work and they’re they don’t have the audio on or whatever so they still want to get that information and having the transcript there will help as well so that’s podcasting so we talked about YouTube and podcasting now I want to talk about social media just briefly now social media is great because it’s a great way to to have things be shared it’s a great way to reach people that you may have not reached before but for me actually you know I have this graph up here it shows you the top referring sites for smart passive income from November 1st 2010 to November 1st 2011 the top referring site by far is has referred over 70,000 people to my blog at but if you look at the numbers closely you can see that it only accounts for 20% new visitors you know all those 71 thousand people only 20% of them are new visitors 80% of them are returning visitors same thing for Twitter if you look at Twitter gets about 20,000 visits in a year 22% are new visits so actually it’s great for repeat traffic and it’s really important to get people coming back to your site as well and that’s what I like to do with social media you know I don’t I don’t see it as a way of reaching new audiences but I think it’s a great way for people to come back to your site and as far as being everywhere it just seems like you’re everywhere your only social networking platforms you know people have their iPhones out and their their little smartphones out and they’re checking their Facebook a checking their Twitter and now Google+ all the time so the more you can embed yourselves there the more they’re going to see you and your brand and the more they’re going to think about you just throughout the day so some some quick tips for social media one keep branding consistent throughout I like to include the same exact picture through all my social media platforms I actually like to use my face you know a lot of you probably seen that black and white picture of me in my face and I think I like to do that because you know social media people connect better with faces than they than they do with logos or just a word or something like that so that’s why I like to keep my branding consistent and keep my face throughout and I also like to include the same logos and images throughout all the different social media platforms number two on your blog again are you giving people the ability to easily share your content number three don’t automate too much you know automation is good because it allows it frees up some time but if you automate too much it takes the personality out of it and the whole point about social media is to engage and to you know bring personality in to your connections with people if you automate too much you know you’re defeating the whole purpose of being on social media you know there’s there’s great tools out there like buffer which allows you to to you know set Twitter or set tweets or Facebook status updates ahead of time which is great but there are some things out there too for example that you know automatically post a link on your Facebook page when you publish a new blog post you know I don’t do that because it only takes five to ten seconds just to copy a link paste it on Facebook put a unique message on there and select an image that goes along with it if you if you you know were to automate it you can’t do those things and it just becomes kind of you know lifeless and number four it doesn’t work if you don’t engage again social media doesn’t work if you don’t engage it’s all about just interacting with people and connecting with people on a deeper level than they can with just your blog or any other any other place that they’re listening or watching you at and if you’re having trouble with engagement the best thing you could do is just ask ask people what they feel ask people what their opinions are you know a great question to ask on social media is you know what is the number-one thing that’s bothering you with blank right now or whatever you know I like to even do fill in the blanks I like to do the you know fill in the blank my number one favorite movie is and I actually put a blank and I’ll you know I get 30 40 50 people commenting in 20 minutes which is fantastic and again it might not be related to exactly what my brand is about but it’s a way for me to connect with people and for them to engage with me and if they can do that if they can type in something on Facebook and hit Enter that gives them you know some more comfort ability as far as you know transaction with my brand which could lead to a future sale or feature share with some with for another piece of content or whatever so those are five social media tips again I’m not going to talk much about social media a lot of you already know the things you should be doing on social media now the last thing I want to talk about is your email list now I asked this question during the presentation I asked you know how many of you the first thing in the morning is you check your email and about 90% of people raise their hand so the first thing people do in the morning 90% of people at least those people that were in that room check their email which was which is crazy and you know it’s maybe ninety one percent because I do the same thing you know email is still the best way to reach people and as far as being everywhere you know email is like you know having something in your inbox is like hearing a phone ring you know you just have to answer it you can’t just let it go so as far as being everywhere if you send them an email you know chances are you’re going to be read wherever they’re at so you can kind of embed your brand and embed your message and be a part of their lives every time you send an email and you know if you said that email early in the morning you might wake up with the people on your list hypothetically or whatever I don’t know anyways let’s talk about email list on your blog it’s important to you know on your blog as far as building your email list you have to teach a couple things one give readers are reason to subscribe and number to give them multiple opportunities to subscribe as well so you know you want to give people a reason to subscribe if you just put an opt-in box there people are not going to subscribe to it you need to give them a reason for me I have a couple reasons one you get my free ebook ebooks smart way and also you get a weekly newsletter excuse me my voice is getting little hoarse here with exclusive online business and blogging tips stuff that you can’t get on the blog so that’s my incentive and you need to have some kind of incentive in order for people to subscribe that’s how you will maximize your conversions but also you want to give people multiple opportunities to subscribe so I actually have my sidebar my sidebar opt-in form which is what those of you who are watching the see now but I also have an opt-in form at the end of my blog posts as well and these convert pretty well and the reason is because at the end of my blog posts that’s a great place to engage with people because they just read my entire blog post and that’s you know that’s a perfect moment to have them do something so you know they are you know a lot of times they sign up for my email list at that point I also have a subscriber area or an opt-in box in the middle of my about page this is crazy and again I have to thank my friend Derek Halpern from for pointing this out but again you have to check your analytics and and in for me and for a lot of people the about page is one of the most visited PO or one of the most visited pages on a blog so he was like dude why don’t you just add a subscriber area there and I was like I cannot believe I didn’t even think of that because people are reading that and again that’s a perfect time to ask for people’s email addresses is on your about page so if you don’t have an opt-in form on your about page try it out I guarantee it will work when I did this my the number of people who described while my about page was open went from 60 and that those are the people who subscribed through the sidebar while my about page was open from 60 to 404 in just a month because all I did was just ask them for their email just right in the middle of the content it’s it’s it’s great so the question is how do you be everywhere via email you know I sort of answer that already but again another great way is through your autoresponder again that’s how you can be even in more places than than one because you know at least for me and my my email list when people sign up they have 30 emails that they get week after week or sometimes I wait two weeks in between each email and that’s a great way for me to automatically keep a connection with people for almost an entire year after they subscribe and so I will consistently remind them about my brand and who I am and have them consistently keep coming back to the blog and again I don’t sell anything on my email list it’s all about providing content and getting people to come back on the blog and on the blog that’s where any sort of transactions or promotions or any any monetization or any kind of that stuff goes on you know I don’t monetize on social media I don’t monetize on YouTube I don’t monetize on my email list it’s all about bringing people you know giving people a ton of content in these other areas being found in these other areas too although with email you know that that’s all internal and bringing them back to your blog so that’s how you sort of be everywhere with emails by utilizing your autoresponder you know you’re totally underutilizing your email list if you don’t have an autoresponder set up already all right so let’s talk about the big picture okay you have your blog you create your YouTube channel and you create your iTunes podcast and you have those pointing back to your blog you know people are finding you on YouTube and iTunes and are coming back to your plug and I like to call this the content trifecta this is what I have you know if you if you understand or have been a part of the smart passive income blog you know that I have my blog which is my main kind of hub or home for my brand but I also have a very strong YouTube channel and a really thriving iTunes podcast with you know a great number of subscribers now together this creates this whole kind of Triforce or this this this content trifecta I like to call it’s a really strong way to create a brand again I’m not just a blog but I have this trifecta of content which is fantastic because it does a number of things you know it allows people know matter how they consume content it allows them to find me or for people who are on my site who want to consume my content in any which way they can do that so for readers people who like to read they have my blog for people who like to listen they have iTunes for P for people who like to watch they have YouTube it’s this really really powerful thing that’s going on and you know I during the presentation I gave this example you know I asked everyone you know who has an affiliate product that they promote on their site and most of the most of the audience raise their hand I said okay and and for those you listening or watching I want you to think about this – what is one affiliate product that you have on your site think about that now imagine writing a blog post about that particular affiliate product you know of your experiences about it you’re the good things you experienced about the bad things and really revealing as much information as you can about your experience with this affiliate product and I hope that if you’re promoting something as an affiliate that you’ve used it and that you have experience with it I would never risk promoting something as an affiliate unless I you know I have experienced with it because you know did you know that the definition of affiliate is an official connection with another brand or another product I would not make an official connection with something that I knew nothing about okay so anyways you know with this product that I know about I would write this blog or you know think about writing a blog post about it and reviewing it and giving as much information to any potential people who might think about buying product but in addition to the to the blog content add some videos you know add two videos three videos four videos showing more information about that product so what happens is that blog post becomes a pillar post the ultimate resource for people who are thinking about buying this product as well so that gives you a better chance of being found in Google for this particular product you know for having a review for this particular product but also gives you a chance to be found in YouTube as well now think about this let’s take it to the next level you get the person who created that product you find the owner you get that owner on your podcast and you interview him and you asking questions that you probably think everyone would have who is potentially thinking about buying that product questions that you probably had before you bought that product and you have them answer and what happens is they get to listen to the person who created that product and hopefully that person will be passionate enough about what their product is about to really convince your listeners to purchase that product through your blog which has your affiliate link again which you should disclose so people can find you in iTunes learn about this product and purchase it through your blog or people can find you on YouTube and learn about this product and purchase it from you as well or maybe your existing blog readers or people who find you on Google through SEO can find about out about this product in purchase from your affiliates stuff this is kind of how stuff works on my blog and why my affiliate income on on smart passive income is doing so well you know I haven’t done the iTunes getting the owner on there quite as much but I’ve done that a couple times I’ve had Corbett Barr from think traffic net when I was promoting traffic school i’ve had chris guthrie from make money on the internet calm when he was promoting his Amazon affiliate course and those are still making money still even those up even though those episodes were from a year ago because those are what I like to call seeds every time you write a blog post every time you create a YouTube video every time you create an iTunes podcast those are all seeds that can potentially grow and bear fruit for you it’s amazing the more content that you create the better and the more that you can get content to all relate to each other in this content trifecta like I just gave you an example with that affiliate product creating a blog post putting YouTube videos in it making it the ultimate resource giving people who are on the fence about buying that product an opportunity to listen to the owner on iTunes and have them convince them for you that’s just that’s just amazing stuff it’s totally powerful this is the idea of being everywhere so you might be thinking to yourself well this sounds great Pat you know but I have a blog that I spend a lot of time on already and I don’t have time to add a YouTube channel and you know how the heck am I going to add an iTunes channel on top of that with a podcast well the thing is I’m actually not adding any new con I’m not adding any workload you know I have I have a blog post schedule and sometimes instead of publishing a blog post I’ll do a YouTube video if the content you know is good for YouTube or sometimes instead of doing a blog post I’ll do a podcast episode so I’m not actually adding workload I’m just changing it up every once in a while instead of doing a blog post I’m doing a video or instead of doing a blog post I’m doing a podcast episode I’m mixing it up and by doing this it seems like I’m everywhere people have actually emailed me and said dude Pat you’re everywhere and this is how this is how I am everywhere and it’s not that much work I only have 37 YouTube videos actually 38 once this one goes up I believe 37 or 38 YouTube videos twenty-seven podcast episodes or 28 once this one goes on live on iTunes and that’s over a two-year period so when you divide that all out and you add it all up and do the math and stuff like that that’s about one every two weeks one video or podcast every two weeks you could probably do that right especially if you’re blogging already and again the thing is it just takes practice you know and it takes some effort and if you really want to dominate the niche that you’re in you have to work for it but this is the way to stand out this is the way to stand out from the crowd because you know there’s a ton of other bloggers out there but not that many of them have a YouTube channel okay some of them have a lot you know quite a few of them a good percentage them also have YouTube videos but how many of those people also have podcast episodes not that very many you have an opportunity here to do something great and take your brand next level you’re not just a blogger anymore this isn’t just blog world this is the blog world in New Media Expo so we have to think about new media as a form of traffic generation and a way to get new eyes on our brand who have never who would never have found us otherwise you have to think outside the blog you have to be everywhere thank you and that was even the presentation and then I went to question and answers there was actually only a couple questions so that’s the presentation I hope you guys enjoyed it it’s a lot of content again this was about a 60 minute presentation and it went really well and I’m quite proud of the content I put out there a lot of people are still emailing me and thanking me for the content that I produce in here it’s it’s packed full of information so feel free to to review this and go over it again and if you have any specific questions about it or anything else you can feel free to ask me actually the best way to do it is to go to Facebook you can go to face you can go to Pat on that’ll direct you to my Facebook page and you can just ask a question there and that’s where I am the most so you can be sure that I’ll probably answer your question there yeah so again I hope you enjoyed this again this is how to be everywhere building a profitable brand by thinking outside the blog by Pat Flynn from smart passive income and thank you for you know dealing with my voice still recovering from blog world and you know getting sick and stuff like that but I really really wanted to get this out there for you so you can get the content and start working on this stuff and again really it’s working right and and I’m kind of doing a kill two birds with one stone a stone thing here because you know I recorded this but I’m also doing YouTube video at the same time so it’ll be on YouTube it’ll be on iTunes and it’ll be on a blog post so yeah there it is how to be everywhere alright guys take care thank you so much and I’ll talk to you next time