How To Balance A Fork and Spoon w/ Toothpick On A Glass | Tim Ferriss

this is Tim Ferriss hello everybody I am going to show you one of my favorite tricks this is something you do just about anywhere a handful of these doesn’t require a lot of gimmickry or goodies it just requires a toothpick or a match preferably flat sided this is round if you don’t have that you can also use a key then you need a spoon fork and any glass really will do so this is how it works this is a physics trick actually it’s just physics but it’s fun to watch so you have to interlace the fork and the spoon like so not every restaurant will like this so you start with that and all you’re going to do in this case it’s tooth pick so you can see you’re sticking in the side within the semicircle effectively and then you can balance it on the side of the glass here and I’ll show you what this looks like it’s like that you look at it from the side you can see if you have a match for the number of matches you can actually burn both sides down so that it’s fairly barely hanging on it’s quite cool in this case if you move it I encourage you to keep your hand underneath it so if it’s a key it’ll often slide into the water but you can see you won’t have your hand oftentimes you can move it around anyway that’s trick enjoy