How to Add "Pop Up Text" to Your Videos

hey what’s up everyone it’s pat flynn from smart passive income comm and in this video i’m going to show you how to add pop-up text to your videos just like this pop-up text in video is a great way to hold your audience’s attention and really emphasize those important moments of your recordings and one way to do this is to screen capture yourself speaking over slides in keynote or in PowerPoint where each slide or each action within a slide reveals a new word so for example you can see I’m here in Quito right now I’ve just set up a number of slides where each slide kind of reveals another word so all I have to do is just screen record using some software like ScreenFlow or Camtasia and just simultaneously go to the next slide while saying those words with my arrow keys so for example I’m going to say pop-up text is awesome you know so that’s how you do it so let me zoom in for you so you can get the full effect pop-up text is awesome whoo now the issue with keynote or PowerPoint is that it limits you in the way that you can only create pop-up text over some sort of static image or background and I don’t think you can do pop-up text with any kind of moving elements again this is a keynote or in PowerPoint so how do you get pop-up text over your recorded videos moving stuff stuff that you film with your camera and that’s all done in post-production so you film the stuff first then you use software just like ScreenFlow or Camtasia once again to add that text in there when you’re saying those words and I’m going to show you how I do that in ScreenFlow right now okay so here we are in ScreenFlow and you’re actually looking at the ScreenFlow file for this exact video that you’re watching right now we’re here at the beginning of the intro which you’ve already seen at the top of this video this is the intro video there’s the audio below it and then at the five to five and a half second mark you’ll notice these text elements each one representing a different word that pops up at a different time on the screen I’ve already placed them I’ve already scaled them and stuff and I’ll show you how to do that in a second but I’m going to show you what happens when I press play in this little red line moves from left to right I want you to notice what happens on the preview screen here when that line hits the beginning of each of these text elements so I’m gonna press play for you now hey what’s up everyone it’s Pat Flynn from smart passive income comm and in this video I’m going to show you how to add pop-up text to your videos just like this and really that’s all you have to do is put text elements on the timeline where you want them to show up making sure they’re above the layer that your video is on and they’re going to show up where you want them to and you can scale them you can rotate them if you want you can change the colors and for each of the different words so I’m going to show you how to do this really quick so just as an example I’m going to add pop-up text when I say my name Pat Flynn at the beginning of this video so I’m just going to walk you through this so I’m going to rewind I’m going to press play it what’s up everyone its path length okay so it happens right around here so I’m actually going to zoom in so I could find the exact wavelength here in the audio file where I say my name is easier to kind of find it that when you want to be pretty precise so it the pop ups are crisp and clean so what you can actually do is kind of look at your face if you’re speaking or kind of listen to see where exactly you start to say the word that you want to put a pop-up text for so if I look at my face at surround right there that’s when I first say my name so what I’m going to do at that point now that I’m hovered over this moment in time is click on the text properties box and then add text box as you can see that adds a text element here if I scroll all the way to the top of the timeline you’ll see it added this element in the timeline for me I’m going to double click on that and change it to my name Pat I’m going to move it I’m going to use the text properties area to change the font here to franchise to match the rest change the font size here but you know I actually like doing it better in the scale area in the video properties section just because you can get a little bit more precise and then there’s just kind of ugly background behind it so I’m going to go back to the text properties section and just get rid of that by that backdrop setting so as you can see it says Pat there now if i zoom out and you’ll see that when I start the video from the beginning it should come in at the precise moment that I say my name hey what’s up everyone its Pat Flynn from all right so that that’s how it works now just to make it easier for you because I know you’re going to do more than just one word what you can do to kind of shortcut your way there is to highlight the one that you just did copy it using you know ctrl C or you can go to edit copy or whatever and then click command V or ctrl V to paste that automatically places another set of text the exact same one in the timeline above and you can kind of move that around and kind of guess where your other one is going to be you know obviously want to be precise and we can do that in second but making sure that one is highlighted I’m going to change the text to my last name Flynn now it’s obviously too big so I’m going to scale it down a little bit and I’m going to move it below my name there I’m not going to be totally precise with it right now but I just want to show you so let’s see if let me guess that’s going to happen right there and we’ll try to play it everyone its path length from smart too soon so what I could do is actually zoom in and you use the same technique and look at my face is so funny they’re probably right there so now let me start the video over and see if that works hey what’s up everyone it’s pat flynn from smart passive income dot all right so as you can see that that worked out now how do you finish this off now if I just leave it as is you’ll see that Pat will end first and Flynn will end second if this goes on and in this video I’m going to show you how to add pop-up text to your videos see that’s kind of funny because that overlaps with some of the text I did there so you can actually shorten the length that these show up I’m going to match them up and ScreenFlow makes it nice and snaps it for me and just to finish them off nicely I’m going to right click at the end of this time here and click on add ending transition and what this does is you can you’re able to I’m going to right click again and add cross dissolve you know there’s different types of transitions but I usually just to cross this off and that what that does it kind of gives it a nice fading effect at this moment time so if I scroll over this you’ll see see kind of how it disappears and it leaves room for those other ones that come in later so let’s start from the beginning and see what happens hey what’s up everyone it’s pat flynn from smart passive income comm and in this video i’m going to show you how to add pop-up text to your videos just like this all right awesome and then it goes into my little bumper video intro there so that’s how it works that’s how you can add pop-up text to your moving videos using ScreenFlow and you can also do the same thing with Camtasia Camtasia has both a Mac and PC version so you PC users can use Camtasia for that now there’s one tip I want to give you don’t overdo this I’ve seen videos before that do this on every single word and it’s just that’s crazy because it’s going to take a lot of time and also it kind of decreases the impact of this effect you want to use this only at your most important parts of your video as you can see I use at the beginning in my video when I ask the question or I said what the video is going to be about or if you have a really important point in the middle of your video you know this is a great place to add that element don’t overdo it it’s just going to waste your time and it’s going to decrease the whole effect of this particular technique so I hope you enjoyed that tip I can’t wait to see what you come up with feel free to ask me any questions if you have any and I will do my best to answer them and I’ll see you on the blog please subscribe and I’ll check you out at yeah