hey guys this is stefan from projectlifemastery.com I’m in Colombia right now I having an amazing time and I want to really talk to you guys today about how to actually achieve your goals how to actually turn that goal that dream into a must and actually manifested make it happen because I meet a lot of people they have these goals or these dreams but they don’t actually achieve them and when they’re not achieving your goals you’re telling your mind you know for the next time why even bother what’s the point is setting a goal if you’re not gonna achieve it in the first place if you’re always coming up short time to time again and you have an excuse for it and for me that’s unacceptable for me to standard the knighthood by is that if I set a goal I’m gonna make it happen I’m gonna achieve that goal and there’s a certain process that I’d go through to create that leverage that drive and motivation inside of myself that turns that that goal from a shoot into a must literally I call myself this situation where there’s so much pressure that failure is not an option and the consequence of not achieving my goal is just so painful that I wouldn’t have even it’s just not gonna happen so this is the concept of leverage of putting pressure on yourself and pressure creates diamonds pressure is a good thing you can use that some of the most powerful forces that can really propel you to make your goals and dreams a reality and the fast fast fast timeframe so the way that you create that leverage on yourself is that any goal that you set for yourself there should be a deadline okay that’s common sense right so if you’re gonna set a 3-month goal three months from now as a certain deadline while on that deadline of achieving that goal and whatever your goal is whether it’s you want to make a certain amount of money or you know you want to lose weight we know there’s a certain you know five or ten pounds or something like this or you want to go to traveling in three months or you want to whatever right whatever that goal is you got a deadline for that gold has to be specific but on that deadline there has to be some sort of consequence to not achieving that goal because if there’s no consequence to not doing it not making it happen then does no reason to actually put you know your full effort in and a hundred percent to actually make that goal happen you can come up short and say oh well no big deal nothing’s gonna happen to it so for me I always put a consequence on a not achieving the goal and the consequence is something that is so painful that achieving the goal is not even an option and I put myself in a situation where it has to happen and I can give you guys some examples of that it’s almost like you know back in school right back in high school or some like that where you have a project which is basically a goal right and the project is due on a certain day well because that projects due on a certain day you know you’re gonna make that project happen even if it even if you leave it to the last minute because the consequence of not achieving that goal of not making that project happen is pass or fail right in a bad grade or something like that which means that it might not pass the class and you’ll have to take the whole course again in the next year and so there’s so much pain associated to that that you always find a way to get it done right and so it’s the same thing I mean they teach you this in school but people don’t really apply it to the day to day lives and it’s so important you know when I was younger and I wanted to travel for a trip or something like that I didn’t have the finances I couldn’t afford it but I knew that if I put myself in a situation where I had to find a way that I would actually make it happen it’s not it’s like public solving those situations that it forced myself to give everything that I had towards the pursuit of this goal to actually manifest it and make it happen and so if I won that book it stripped three months from now and I want to go travel and I say to my I can’t afford it I can’t do this or whatever I will literally just put by the ticket and put on a credit card and in that way I have to find a way to make enough money to pay for that ticket you know it’s non-refundable so I have put myself in itself in a situation where I have 30 days to come up with a way to make X amount of dollars to pay for that trip and when you put yourself in those situations you get amazed what you’re actually capable of you know they’ll tap into so much more of your potential and to actually find a way make it happen and every time I’ve done this I’ve always found a way I remember a certain time I wanted to move downtown in my city and I wanted to you know live there and everything and I couldn’t afford it so what I did was I literally just committed to living in this location and I couldn’t afford it and I had to find a way to make enough money to actually go and live in this in this area of town you know in downtown Vancouver and I had to find a way to raise my standards make enough money to actually pay for my lifestyle that I wanted to have there when I did my fitness competition I did the same thing I had a certain deadline it stirred the competition that I should committed to I couldn’t back down from it my back was against the wall and I had to find a way to make it happen and I created so much pressure and leverage on myself that there was a deadline that I had to be an amazing shape there was no other option because if I didn’t transform my body if I didn’t put myself you know if in a process to to make that changes then the consequence the pain of getting up on stage and and admitting to my peers and everything in the name is goal was too painful and so there was always a consequence and when you have that consequence it’s amazing like I said we’re capable of and if you want a fast easy simple way to write now how to great leverage on yourself if you’ve got a goal okay that if you have three months from now try this okay I want you to in order your bank machine take a 500 bucks 500 bucks cash or whatever amount of money for you that if you lost that amount of money you would be really painful okay and for some people it’s not money but this is just an example but take out that 500 bucks and give it to a friend okay and you’re gonna give that money to a friend and and I say to them listen this is my goal I only want you to give me back this money if I’ve achieved this goal okay if I don’t achieve this goal you to keep the money and so by doing that the pain of losing the $500 or whatever amount of money that you give your friend that’s so painful that now you’re gonna have an extra incentive you’re gonna have more pressure on yourself to actually achieve the goal there’s a consequence for not achieving it which is something that so many people forget about they ignore it and so when they reach their goal it’s no big deal on this that’s not how cool setting should be you know it’s a it should not be acceptable to not achieve the goal that’s not the standard that you want to live that you know we’re high high achievers and they get a hold yourself to a higher standard and they actually have to make these things happen for yourself because when you don’t you’re sending your your brain in the wrong message they’re making it okay and acceptable and then you’re actually breeding a pattern of failure and time to time again whatever goals are setting you’re going to come up short and it’s going to be no big deal and then eventually you’re just not going to get anywhere to about you know you’re not actually going to achieve these goals so having a consequence to this key that’s a little simple easy way to get a pretty leverage on yourself I’ve done things with friend is where the consequence is giving away money to charity if we don’t achieve the goal or it’s doing something embarrassing like if I don’t do this I have to come over to your house and clean your entire house or stuff like that right so things like that we have a consequence and having a partner or I think there’s someone in your life that you can actually partner up with and be accountable to will actually create more that leverage for yourself as well so find someone in your life find someone that can hold you accountable find a coach a mentor a role model you know that’s really invaluable I’ve always had those in my life but not just having a consequence is important but also having a reward okay so you want to use the pain and the pleasure and so having some sort of reward for actually achieving the goal you know by achieving the goal three months from now you’ll go on a vacation or something like that or you know you look that photoshoot or you’ll have that cheat meal or that a cheat day and just eat whatever you want but having some sort of reward you know maybe it’s going on like a shopping spree you know you transform your body maybe the reward is you gonna go and spend a couple hundred bucks and buy a new wardrobe you know it doesn’t really feel good about yourself having that pleasure is almost just as important as the pain but the pain is more important because human beings will do more to avoid pain than we ever will do to get pleasure so if you want to use both you want to use the pain and the pleasure to really motivate yourself create that leverage that dry and actually make those goals happen and when you use both of those I mean it can be painful it can be uncomfortable but I promise you that you will actually make those goals happen and if you’re not willing to do this if you’re not willing to have a consequence for your goals then the truth is you’re just not committed and if you’re not committed you’re not gonna achieve the goals because already right from the start you’re not willing to do what it takes to make that go happen and so if you’re already losing you’re already sitting up the game to fail and that’s not a good place to be so hope this video helps you in some way thanks for watching guys get more videos coming soon from Columbia and through South America talk to you soon bye