HOW I MADE $10,756.26 OF PASSIVE INCOME IN 31 DAYS (October 2018 Income Report)

– So in this video today,
we’re gonna be talking about the passive income that I earned in the month of October, 2018. I’ve been devoting a lot of my time and energy towards developing and building different
passive income streams for my channel and my
other online businesses. I have a blog, I have
my Instagram account, and I have my YouTube channel, all of which are related to investing, so they kind of all work together. So I’ve really been focusing
on earning passive income through affiliate marketing
over the last six months or so, and I wanted to go ahead and give you guys an update here, showing you guys how much money I’m making in passive income, from these
three different sources, from my blog, Instagram
account, and my YouTube channel. So what I’m going to be showing you guys is actual screenshots of earnings I am getting
from these three sources, and in order for it to make this list, this is only passive
income that I’m making. So it’s all basically income I’m earning from my past efforts,
whether this is review videos of investing platforms, or review articles I’ve written, posting
on my Instagram story, over on Investing Simple,
and I’m gonna go through, in each of these, and show you guys kinda what I’m doing, or mention, at least, how I am promoting that affiliate, and earning income as a result. Now, I’m always kind of hesitant to share income numbers with people, just because I don’t want anybody to think that I’m doing this, in any way, to brag, or to show off, or to sell anybody any kind of course, or anything like that. I show people affiliate marketing just because I want you guys to understand how big of an opportunity
this actually is. And I know that, had I seen videos like this before I started my channel, I would’ve realized how
much was actually possible. I never knew how much money you could really make with affiliate marketing. It’s absolutely unbelievable. And so that’s basically why I’m showing this to you guys, is to inspire you to maybe go out there
and start your own thing, whether it’s a blog, or a YouTube channel, or anything else like that. And the only other thing
I wanna mention is that, yes, these numbers are pretty amazing, but I’ve been building
this YouTube channel, in October, this is two
years of doing this. So because I already had
the audience built up, it was very easy for me to
just plug affiliate marketing into the mix, and begin
seeing these numbers. This is not typical of what you would see if you’re just getting started. So if you already have
an audience built up, you have a huge advantage, when it comes to using and leveraging
affiliate marketing. But I just wanna show this to you guys so you see what it possible, and if you guys like this, let me know, ’cause maybe I’ll do
an update every couple of months, on my passive income earnings, primarily through affiliate marketing. So I’m gonna jump over into my computer, and show you guys exactly what
these income sources were, and what they came out to,
as far as the amount goes. So I’ll see you guys over there. All right, guys, what is going on? So now we’re gonna go ahead and go through my affiliate earnings for
the month of October, 2018. Now, as you can see, I
ended up covering a lot of this stuff with black, just because it’s kinda personal information, and it also discloses who
my affiliates actually are. I’m not gonna tell you guys who my affiliates are, but
if you do 10 minutes of research on my channel, I’m sure you can figure it out on your own. And in the top-left
corner, I will go ahead and do a running total
here, so we can calculate how much affiliate
income and passive income I earned for the month of October, 2018. So this was, I believe, one
of the largest ones here. This is an affiliate relationship I established with a very small
brokerage company out there, and they were so small, in fact, that they didn’t even
have an affiliate program. So when I reached out to them, they actually made one for me. And so you will often find that these can be the most profitable
affiliate opportunities, because you are the only one doing it, because they’re so small
that they’re overlooked by some of these larger
affiliate marketers. But when you go on there and establish your relationship with
them, it can pay off. So this was a payment on October 31st, for one month’s of
affiliate payments, $2,631. Not bad at all. Number two here, this was
another one that was larger. This one is a referral program from August to October, so this includes
about three months’ worth of affiliate payments,
but I didn’t receive this payment until now, so I’m including that in the total for October of 2018. But this is for an educational program I am an affiliate for, $519. Moving on, the third one is
another educational program. This is a ClickFunnels
affiliate dashboard, and this one, right here, the
lifetime earnings are 3,682, but if you look at the last 30
days, it ends up being 2,935, so we’re gonna go ahead
and go with that number. So that, again, is just about $3,000 of passive income, of affiliate earnings, in the month of October, 2018. Now, this one, right here,
goes along with the other one. It’s two slides I’m gonna
show you guys, together. On the second one, I had to cover a lot of personal information, but I just wanted to show this to you guys. This is one of my favorite ones, because it’s just a
hundred bucks at a time. I’m averaging one every other day, and we did $1,600 for the
month of October, 2018. And I know, maybe, I’m
not showing you guys, it’s showing 15 total here, so I think you can take my word on the fact that there was one more
for the month of October. But this, right here, was $1,600 for the month of October, 2018, and this, right here, is showing you the back-end, or what
I see when I look at that. And, as you can see here, this
is the same exact numbers, but this is, it only shows,
I believe, 10 per page, so I didn’t wanna go
through all the pages. But that was 16 $100 payments for the month of October, 2018. Moving on now, we have Impact Radius. Now, Impact Radius is
not actually a company, this is just like an
affiliate management dashboard that a lot of large
companies actually work with. And so I think I have
three earnings figures that are showing from the
Impact Radius dashboard. This one here, you can
see, there was $86,593 in sales, and that is actually the amount that people funded into
this particular account, and I earned a payout, or a commission, of $725 from my affiliate commissions. And this is primarily these
Impact Radius figures, and also some of my other brokerage, basically my affiliate commission from these brokerages, that’s coming from review videos, and also
my Investing Simple blog, where I do reviews, as well as my Investing Simple Instagram account. So it’s coming from all three of those different sources together. So like I said, it’s been easier for me to integrate affiliate marketing into my business, because I already had a pretty massive following on YouTube, and I have that
following on Instagram, now. So for most people, you wouldn’t be able to see these results in
such a short period of time, but if you already have an
existing YouTube channel, or an existing audience,
it can be pretty easy to implement affiliate
marketing into that mix. So this one, right here, $725. The next one, here, very similar. This one, they don’t give a sale amount, so it doesn’t tell you how
much people are funding, but this one, I basically
get a $50 payout every time somebody opens an account with them. And so I had 950, so that
would be just under 20. I had 19 accounts opened
in the last 30 days, so that’s a $950 payout there. And then this one, right here, is a $180 payout over the last 30 days. This one doesn’t really pay as much, but the difference between this affiliate and the other ones is that this one, right here, they pay you for leads. So they don’t necessarily
have to open the account, they just have to go drop their name and email, and create an account, and then you’re paid after that
person creates the account. So it’s not really as involved, and so this one should
convert better down the road. And a lot of this, too, as far as my blog goes, the investment of the time in my blog, that is a
very long-term investment, and that’s something that’s gonna pay out over the next 12 to 18 months. So that’s just kind of
putting in the legwork early. So I expect these figures to be substantially higher in the next 12 to 18 months, once I start getting more organic search
traffic over to my blog. And then this, right here, is probably my favorite source of affiliate income, and the reason is because this one is very rare, in that it
is a recurring revenue stream. So once I get somebody to sign up for this, as long as they stay a member of this service, I get 30% of that membership every single month. So it’s actually one of my
favorite ones out there. It’s one that has taken me the longest to build because it’s very slow, but I’ve been doing this since, I believe, May, and I actually
built an entire course that teaches people how
to create online courses. So this was a massive
investment of my time. If you guys wanna take that course, it is a really good course. I’ll link it up in the description. But if people go through that course and end up using the
course creation service that I recommend, if they sign up for it, then I get 30% of
that membership service. And so it’s been kind of a
very long-term investment, and it’s a long-term process, but it’s just now beginning to pay off. As you can see, on the left-hand side, there, that’s just from 10/25 to 11/1, so that’s about one week
of commissions, there. And they’re pretty small. 29.70, or 11.70, based on what plan they pick, but this has become
a pretty substantial source of revenue for me, so far. And I don’t remember off the top of my head, it was a little
over 350 for this month. But what I love about this
is it’s every single month, so once this thing builds up to 1,000 or $2,000 a month, that’s
gonna come every single month, and it’s very difficult to find these recurring revenue
affiliate opportunities out there, so when you do, it can be very worthwhile to invest a
lot of your time into them. So that, right here, this, right here, is probably one of my favorite of my affiliate income sources. And then this, right here, everyone’s familiar
with Amazon Associates. We’re not looking at
the bottom-left number, we’re looking at the
bottom-right number here. So this was for last month. We did 440 and 96 cents,
so that’s not too bad. A lot of that is coming from bounties, referring people to, through Instagram. So that, right there, another
passive income source, and maybe people are gonna
say to me, right now, wait a second, don’t you have to go over and post stuff on your Instagram. My Instagram account is fully managed for me by somebody else,
so that is passive income. I pay him to post everything on that. I don’t really even touch that page. And beyond that, you could judge, or you could argue that, YouTube is passive
income, or maybe it’s not. I figured, since people are on the fence about it, I didn’t wanna include any of my YouTube earnings
towards these figures. And then the final one I
have is an income source that I was really focused on for awhile, but back in June, I decided to transition away from having my own online
course and membership site. I do still have them,
but I don’t ever talk about them, I don’t market
them, I don’t run ads. I just link ’em up in the description in my videos, and I
occasionally get sales. So for the month of October,
we did $391 in sales. These are informational products I’ve made many months ago, if not over a year ago, so that is
definitely passive income. But anyways, that is a tally, there, for my passive income earnings
through affiliate marketing, and my other avenues, for
the month of October, 2018. And again, I just wanna restate this, I am not showing you guys these numbers to say, oh, it’s so
amazing what I’ve done, ’cause it really does not matter
what it is that I’m doing. The reason I’m showing you this is to inspire you guys to do
something else like this, and maybe explore the idea
of affiliate marketing, or passive income, or something like that. If you guys are looking to learn more about affiliate marketing, I have a 5,000-word blog article over on my Investing Simple blog. I’m gonna link that in
the description below, and I also have a three-part
interview with ODi Productions. If you guys aren’t familiar with him, he’s an affiliate marketer, but he’s taken this to a unbelievable level, where he’s making over $100,000
every single month, with affiliate marketing. So those are gonna be linked up in the description below, but I’d love to hear your feedback,
if you guys enjoyed this. Let me know if you think this is something you don’t wanna see. Let me know, as well, and I’ll decide if I wanna continue updating you guys on my affiliate earnings. But thank you guys so much
for watching this video, and I will see you in the next one.