How Graham Stephan Makes $50,000+ PER MONTH In Passive Income

hey everyone welcome back to the channel so today I have Graham Stefan here to share some ideas for passive income some of his passive income sources it’s that illusive income that so many people desire and strive for but it can be somewhat difficult to actually obtain so he’s gonna share with us some of his income sources that he’s generating passively while he sleeps every day every hour every minute so I’m pretty excited for this make sure you drop a like on this video subscribe if you haven’t done so already and let’s get started with this so yeah Graham do you want to go into one of your larger passive income sources and kind of how you got started with that and how much income it could be generating for you yeah I think one of the I’ll start with this well I think one of the biggest misconceptions with passive income is that you can get something for nothing and the thing with passive income is that you’re always going to be trading something for it either you’re gonna be trading your money to make passive income or you’re gonna be trading your effort in your time to set it up I’ve always believed that the amount of passive income you generate is really rough reflection of how much value you provide to somebody else because you have to give something to get some money back I never believed passive income is as simple as like you know setting up a website and then just like you know not doing anything with it unless that website is is figured in such a way where it’s adding value to someone else so I really believe that the more value you can give other people the more money you will end up making in return now in terms of actually making the passive income I would say it’s not my biggest source by any means but I do think it’s the one with the most longevity for me has always been real estate investing because that is something for me that I feel like isn’t really tied so much to the amount of effort I put in it’s really something at least for me where I put in a ton of time up front and a ton of money up front to get it going and that is going to last me my entire life versus some of these other income sources that I’m about to tell you we’ll have a time I believe we’ll have an expiration date on them work it could very much be passive for the next 1 to 5 years but I don’t know about 5 years from now like very much all of those could wipe away just as soon just as long as it took to create them so my rental income for me has always been my foundation and I’ve lived my life around basically I keep whatever I spend at the level of my rental income so that way I can save everything else and no matter what happens I’m just spending whatever the rental income generates so right now it’s about 40s 847 something forty eight hundred dollars a month and and rental income now that is net that is not gross rental income and people are gonna get angry because people always get angry in the commets you’re like but grandma but you that gross shred but how much of that do you like that’s that’s how much actually is in my bank account after paying the mortgage the property taxes the repairs the expenses the everything that is how much that’s free after all expenses the gross is much much much higher than that so mine is about forty seven forty eight hundred dollars depending on the months worst months might be around forty two best months might be closer to six but on average about forty eight hundred dollars a month and that’s basically what I base my own spending on it is just that to do that though took me how long did I take me I’d say that’s about ten years in the making from saving investing reinvesting in real estate putting in the time that’s ten years to make forty eight hundred dollars a month and I think you you kind of said this earlier but yeah like that’s the problem with passive income it takes time or takes money to start generating that and and those are really the two factors in their time or money have to put up front to then generate the income so you it was time and money putting it in to then eventually start earning that passive income and I would assume that that would probably it’s probably going to dis increase in the future especially with real estate exactly the other advantage though of with real estate is that four to eight hundred dollars a month is cash flow in addition to that I make about twenty five twenty six hundred dollars a month in equity meaning I’m paying down my mortgage balance by twenty six hundred dollars every single month so next month it’ll go down twenty six hundred the month after go down twenty six hundred a month until eventually after thirty years it’s all paid off and then all of a sudden the cash flow that I get you know the forty eight hundred dollars a month might increase to you know ten or eleven thousand dollars a month when all the mortgages are paid off because I’ve done paying off that equity and that’s all passive I mean that’s like every day it’s like eighty five bucks less loan that I end up owing because that but that was to do that that took me almost four years of saving to buy my first property for years that was also four years of working as a real estate agent to really get familiar with the area and you know what makes a good property and what makes it a good investment so it was definitely not something that happened overnight it’s not something that you watch one YouTube video and then like the next day you go and start buying rental properties it took quite a lot of work to set that up yeah I could imagine so after real estate what would you say would be some other passive income sources that you’ve set up yes so I’ve been really fortunate to be able to talk about real estate and get paid for it too so it was I basically used all of that experience that I’ve gathered in real estate and then now made youtube videos talking about my experience investing in real estate which oddly enough I mean the reality of is is that makes way more money than actually investing in real estate and then you can put that money into the real estate with that and all that just gets reinvested in more real estate so right now it’s like this upward spiral of I make more money because I make more money and because of that I make more money which means I make more money it’s a weird cycle the problem with this and I’ll go into that source of income the problem with that is that people see that end result and they see that you make so much money talking about real estate why would I ever go and invest in real estate when I can just talk about it people who feel the same way about Shopify and e-commerce they’re like why would I ever make $5,000 a month doing Shopify when I could teach a course and just go straight to the course and teach someone how to do that and make 50 grand a month and people they’ll skip everything that people need to actually make the fifty thousand a month so that was something that I just want to make very clear that right now from YouTube videos and for me making videos talking about real estate it’s about thirty-five to even over forty thousand dollars a month like the last four months have all been over forty thousand dollars a month on YouTube making YouTube videos now a lot of that is new videos that I will have to go and film and take my time and plan them out and it’s not passive whatsoever but I’ve noticed that probably about 20% of that income is from old videos that I posted two years ago like my Roth IRA video that I posted two years ago you made a Roth IRA video – yeah but that video still makes me $500 a month from one video and and like you said though like eventually it will die out like that video and so it is passive and probably I would assume for probably the next couple years they’re still gonna be some views trickling into that video but it has a lifetime where the real estate look like you said lasts you know forever almost I agree with that YouTube I think is extremely fickle and I think that you know I’m not naive to think that YouTube you know won’t last forever and there will be a point in time shocking to believe but I won’t be trending on YouTube or whatever it is that people won’t care what I have to say it is gonna be someone else new that comes up you know – is just maybe more interesting more charismatic and people just prefer to watch that person the algorithm pushes that person more but right now I would kid I mean it’s doing about 35 to 40 thousand dollars a month just from making YouTube videos talking about my experience in real estate but the important differentiation with that is that I wouldn’t have been able to do that I wouldn’t haven’t been they’ve been able to make that money if I didn’t have all the experience in real estate to talk about it so a lot of people see that they think they can skip all the experience and just talk about something which some people can and they very much will do very well just going and reading something and then recycling the information and that there’s nothing wrong with that but I think having that experience really lends itself to give you more credibility and that you actually know what you’re talking about and that you’re not just going and you know seeing something over here and then recreating that for your own channel yeah alright so so then so we talked about your real estate investments we talked about YouTube revenue yeah what else could be tied in to that we could say core sales with and and I know it’s there there’s a bit of a taboo with with coarse sales about you know I think everyone the first thing people think of is scammer if you sell a course you’re scamming people but you know it’s just York you’re charging for your knowledge just like you would charge for your time but just like a college would charge for their education just like a book would charge you to read a book you are charging for your information you know what I’ll say that I know like I personally at Penn State I’ll pay $1,500 for like an art history class right and so and so it’s almost the same type of thing is that like you’re paying for information that can end up making you a lot more money so of course is there’s there’s really nothing bad about them as long as you know ones that are actually providing value and actually returning on your invest an egg ative connotation I think because there are quite a few unscrupulous people out there betta who basically just did what I had said and figured why am I gonna do this when I can just sell a course on it they skip actually learning this and they just make the course and those are the people that I think give it a very bad rep so I just make sure at least with with my course that I know it’s 100% worth it and if anyone’s ever unhappy give a refund and like and that’s the one thing I and I’ll tell you how much I’m making on this obviously because that’s what everyone cares about but I mean for my course I just pride myself that I have not had one single bad review there’s not one person talking negatively about it I never delete anything so you know it’s not like I’m just going delete delete delete there’s genuinely not one person that has anything bad to say about it and if anyone is ever dissatisfied with it I’ll offer a refund err and make things right it’s never worth sacrificing I think your own integrity to make one sale from one unhappy person but right now that is doing about I mean this month was like almost 30 grand this month from course sales but typically it’s been anywhere between five and fifteen thousand a month and that’s something that I don’t push it I rarely ever push it the only times I will push it is in a relevant video at the very end of the video because I don’t want to upset people by talking about in the beginning it’ll be usually at the end of the video or say if you might like it and you want to try this out here’s what I have to offer if you want to learn more but that is something that like even though we’re just doing this interview two people bought my it but a course so that’s like you know we’ll throw it up here it’s just like how many here we go so this was to us here we get purchased yes like there was 300 bucks Wow just like just in the time that we were doing this and then when you got here there’s another one another three in Boston six hundred dollars in 30 minutes so ya know it’s obviously not every single yeah and some days they there’s nothing but the point being is that it’s not tied to me working anymore that you put some information out and you create some level of information that is self-sustaining and I’m also like that Mike my products are not going to be good probably six years from now they’re probably going to be a bit outdated and they would need a refresh so it’s you create value upfront and that’s something that has a lifespan a lot of times if you create something that will have a lifespan but that lifespan could be a few years it could be a few months or maybe it could be a decade you know but but this is something that right now is great and it will last probably two to six years I’m guessing wow yeah so I think that really speaks a lot saying that that like I’m I’ve noticed that as well that you’re not pushing the course too hard but the people who do buy your course are very very satisfied with it because I’ve I’ve like looked over like the outline of and I can see there’s so much information in it that I think it’s something that you know I might personally you have to get into but this is not an affiliate don’t care we’re not pushing this course who have never done an affiliate yeah yeah nothing just been the only thing I’ve done somewhere I do it all myself yeah okay so after that we would say that what else kind of ties into that would you say like affiliate commissions from something like Amazon so I do do Amazon and in a very beginning that was about $60 a month putting little book links then I figured out that you could do an Amazon store where you have one link if you haven’t done this yet you got to do it okay so here we go so that took my income from $60 a month to $700 a month by doing the Amazon store the reason why is because when someone clicks a link to a book you’re buying a $10 book and you’re getting like a $0.50 Commission when you link to an Amazon store it takes you to a page where you link all of your stuff in one page and in that page you can I link to more expensive items now and so you know doing books I will link to what my lavalier microphone is or my light setup or I’ll link to you know the posters and things I have in the back and things like this that just anything that is relevant to my filming or anything like this I’ll link to it instantaneously boosted up sales and and for those of you who aren’t familiar with what we’re talking about we’re just talking about affiliate marketing where when people click on a link for say like a book that we will then get a commission for kind of bringing them to so it’s it’s it’s kind of like a win-win helping people you know gain knowledge for example you could leave a link for like Rich Dad Poor Dad a really good book and then people read the book and you got like 50 cents but then also some other Commission’s on top right yeah but again that’s very much tied to how many views I get is that if he does and again I don’t expect that to last forever so I treat all of this is basically here’s my last month at getting the money what am I going to do with it you know save save and invest all of it and if it’s another month great it’s not gonna last forever and that’s what I think a big misunderstanding a lot of people have going into passive income unless you buy it if you buy passive income by buying a rental property or maybe investing your money in stocks or anything like this then I think there’s a lot more longevity but creating value has a life span to it alright so we went over some of those passive income sources that you’re generating now and and hopefully more in the future but if you found this video to be helpful don’t forget to head over to Graham’s channel after dropping a like on this video and subscribing and then head over to Graham’s channel and check out some of the information that he has so much great information I watched just about all of your videos and so thanks for let me come over film this video yeah I think it was pretty good and I’ll see anybody next time awesome [Laughter]