How Do You Define Success? (

This is Jeff Rose. Welcome back to
Today I want to ask you a quick question because
I like asking questions. The question is:
How do you define success? Part of the reason
why I am asking this question is I received
an email the other day. It was from a guy
who had read an article on my blog, and the
article is entitled, “How to be a Successful
Financial Advisor.” If you read that article,
I talk about attributing some of the reasons
of my success, and how if you want to get
started in the business and become a financial
advisor, actually interview some other financial
advisors and have them attribute some of the
reasons they feel that they are successful
in the industry. If you read that, I am not
a million-dollar producer, as what is a bragging
rights, maybe like the All Stars of our industry.
I am far from it.
How do I define success or why do I consider
myself to be successful. The reason that I
feel is, one: I have survived. In our industry
it is tough. Whenever I first started in the
industry back in 2002, I had a training class
that had just over 50 people. We always keep
track of the numbers in that training class.
After five years, there were only six of us
left, only six. So after five years we lost
over 44 people. Some of those got out of the
business and some did transfer elsewhere,
but only six of us were left. That is part
of the reason I contribute my success, so
the fact that I am still here is one.
The other thing why I consider myself to be
successful is that I have a profession; I
have a job that I love. I love what I do.
I love helping people. I love helping my clients
plan for retirement and helping them make
sense of this complex investment world. I
love it. My alarm clock goes off in the mornings.
I am not much of a morning person, but I don’t
dread it how I have talked to a lot of people
that just despise their jobs.
I don’t have a boss. I am my own boss, so
if I want to show up a little bit late I don’t
have to clock in in a report. To have that
freedom is priceless. Having a bit of a military
background, if we had formation at 8:00 you
had to be there at 7:45 for the pre-formation.
If you were late for that, you got reprimanded.
I was a squad leader, so I had to reprimand
my guys if they weren’t there for the pre-formation,
which is just funny when you think about it.
The other reason why I feel that I am successful
is that I have a beautiful family that supports
me. I have a wife that supports me 150% on
everything I do. I have a family that I love
to provide for.
That is what I contribute to success. It is
not how much money I make. It is not the assets
that I have under management. It is not my
total production, which is just a metric that
we advisors use to say how much revenue you
basically generate for your firm. These are
the things that are arbitrary to me. I could
care less. I love what I do. I love my job.
I love my business. I love the fact that my
business allows me the freedom to do my blog,
Good Financial Cents and videos like you see
here. I love it! That is what I consider to
be successful.
I ask you, “How do you define success?” Is
it how much money you make? If it is, you
need to take a step back and really rethink
your strategy because it is not all about
money. It is not about numbers; it is not
about that. It is about what you have inside
your heart that you love to do. So, ask yourself
how you define success and truly, truly ask
yourself. Dig deep find that answer. If you
have any questions, I have more information.
Go to I have tons
of information there as always. Glad you can
join me again, and we’ll see you next time.
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