High Intensity Interval Training | SPRINT WORKOUT | Run FASTER, Burn MORE fat in LESS time!

danger zone Park back again to show you guys part 2 of the intervals sprint workout this one is the actual workout so if you haven’t seen or done the warmup link will be somewhere around here be sure to do that check it out you don’t want to pull anything Sprint’s are one of the best ways to just shed fat and tone muscle ice mention it in the first video but look at the difference between a sprinters body and a distance runners body right – totally different body compositions and which one would you rather look like right quite frankly I’d pick the Sprinter any day so it should tell you something again of how working out sprinting can continue and shed fat at the same time also a bunch of science I won’t go into okay guys so actual workout we’re going to do 1050 sprints okay and the recovery is the walk back or the jog back so you’re going to do ten of them run down walk or jog back and do that ten times then we’re going to go into five 100 sprints and then we’re going to go 5 50s and based on their you you basically sprint until you can’t go any more workout should take you no longer than 25 to 30 minutes ok but I want it hitting in the 20 to 30 minute mark so somewhere in there your interval training workouts being that they’re so intense and hard on the body you never want to push it over 30 minutes um and if you are pushing it over 30 minutes I would argue that you’re not going hard enough alright like that one so intensity wise this should be between a seven and a nine intensity if 10 was running from a t-rex or from saber-toothed tiger for your life we want these to be about a seven to nine it’s a really high intensity but remember the walk or jog back is your recovery you guys will pick it up I’ll show you what you need to stop watch your iPod for after the 10:00 don’t worry about it until then but here they go let’s do it all right workouts over jump over we’re spreading man oh joy another way to warm up is if instead of 10 50s you if you get more advanced you want to start doing 75 s the last 550 so you do 5 50s and then 5 75 s whatever just make sure you’re properly warmed up before you go all out on the hundreds because that’s where the real workout comes in you can tell still catching my breath still warming up it’s all a tip on a day grab a buddy do some sprints I’m a and Eric’s not here but uh he’s normally out here with me doing it with a friend is actually really fun sounds really dirty all right guys time to start the real workout reason why you got this bad boy stopwatch cell phone iPod is because you’re gonna do five 100s and then one minute rest in between so these should take anywhere I don’t know how advanced you are try and get them under 30 seconds apiece the time starts going increasing as you get higher and higher and higher it’s pretty good sign you’re pushing yourself or just lazy either one that you want to keep it within a one to two second mark of your normal time so if you run a 19-minute hundred you want to try and get between one eighteen or twenty-one to keep your intensity honest so you get a minute rest at the end the way I like to do that is just hit lap or something and look at it for a minute poke it back we’re doing five of these hopefully you’re warmed up you want to be sure you’re breathing through the diaphragm so if your belly is not moving you’re breathing wrong most people think that breathe deeply you have to look like you’re breathing deeply what’s really funny that’s actually coming from the chest so you want to breathe through nose make sure your belly breathing so belly up exhale best way to fill your lungs and get oxygen in more you do them the faster times get real solid lengthening your stride is one thing back in my short lived running days very short lives because I have shin splints like no other lengthening your stride with something that really improves your speed and the way you’re able to propel yourself if you’re taking I mean it’s obvious if you just think about I don’t think I have to explain it to you obviously if you’re stretching more further out you’re going to cover more ground faster as you start getting better and better you the goal is to always be against yourself so having a buddy really pushes you gives it that kind of extra little competitive edge from the competition but in the end the competition is really against yourself chart down your hundred times and see if you can improve on them each workout that will not only keep you honest keep you going at it at a higher intensity which is what interval training is all about you’re competing against yourself because the harder you go the harder you’re going to push your body and the more fuel it’s going to require it’s going to pull it hopefully from your fat stores if you’re doing it right there it is guys absolute ads interval training take it anywhere it’s portable all you need is about a hundred yards and a stopwatch let me need the stopwatch really few not to read yourself and your signals scale up to ten 100’s and if that means cutting down your warmups that’s fine but that’s the goal 10 100 minute rest even cut that down I’ve seen I think back in my prime I was doing that and you want a pyramid down so the warm-up is the same as the cooldown the 10 warm-up sets bring them back at the end depending on what you need to do cool yourself down recover and rest do this twice or three times a week no more than three times once it’s fine to again it’s all about yourself improving on your last performance and scaling up what’s right for you later guys