hey what’s up out there internet world this is jay brown here you probably came across my video because you having trouble making sales in MCA well I’m here to tell you that MCA is an awesome company i’m a member of MCA and I love that you know they offer you are so many benefits I love that they offer you the opportunity to make eighty dollars per referral I think it’s an awesome company but my issue with MCA is they offer you no real training look I’ve been doing this for four years and I know you know these people out here counting this cash on on the internet you know showing you all the money they made an MCA they make it look so easy like it’s just easy you know like simple like you can just post a link up and you know get a sign up but it doesn’t work like that you know you you get to see if you probably signed up with MCA because you saw somebody council money right most of the time if you’re a newbie to this that’s the reason why you signed up but i’m telling you its tricks and techniques that you got to learn to really make money and all any network marketing company no matter what it is you got to learn how to market gotta learn how to generate sales and all you probably signed up with someone MCA and they told you so i’ll post your link everywhere on facebook or print up some fliers and go out there and pass them off I’m telling you printing up flyers and stuff is okay but if you’re working a job and you’re trying to get out of that job why why go and print up flyers and stuff and pass them out to me that’s working just as hard I’m here to teach you how to make some automated cash using the leverage of the Internet you know I can teach you and show you I’ll give you access to some training that can literally have you making sales without even having to talk to one single person and all that is the god honest truth you just have to make you know you just have to make the effort to warn them you know to want to do it you know with only twenty-five dollars you can get started and now you only get access to all this training by signing up with my team the prosperity team falling $25 you get access to thousands of dollars worth of training and uh like I said it’s only up to you if you want to make money in MCA or any other program that you’re in you can make it happen but you just need the proper training so that being said you can click on the link at the bottom of this video go to my website and get signed up and start making money today and sit in peace and bliss