Grant Cardone Speaking to Cypress Bay High School Athletes

I want to talk to you today about success alright I want to I want to tell me if you’d like to have success in your life okay what does that mean to you though I want you to talk to me okay I’m only going to be here 30 minutes and I’m getting on a plane to flying to Los Angeles what does success mean to you in a word money that’s what I like what else winning winning that’s what it means to coach what else again recognition people recognize somebody okay what else come on man talk to me power oh I like some power dawg okay what else huh respect okay what else happiness okay what else how about a hot chick could it mean that could it mean that could it mean that to a guy okay exactly alright so look look today I want to talk to you about something that was never taught to me in school success what is it man what is it to win somebody said this to win somebody said it’s the girl somebody said it’s money somebody said it’s power and respect and admiration and people recognized me look everybody in this room should have some of that would you agree you’re going to either go get it or somebody else is going to go get it this is how this thing plays out okay it will have nothing to do with your grades it’s going to have something to do with whether you decide and stay focused on what you want in your life okay everybody’s going to have a choice to get it there’s two types of people in this room right now and that’s it there’s two types of people people that are going to get what they want and the life they want and people that don’t two types of people folks people that get the life they want and everybody else okay what group you want to be in okay two types of groups what are they get the life they want and everybody else my little girl she’s three years old she wanted a piece of gum this morning on my way to work she’s like pop I want some gum I’m like baby you don’t get gum until you eat your breakfast now you know that she’s like that’s not fair I said life is not fair life is bad for too many people but for a bunch of people and great for this many which one you want because it’s not fair how many agree life is not fair how many see bad things happen to good people happens all the time ok so I want to talk to you about what is success for me success is defined because all of you said money the girl the house the career respect admiration for me money is defined as the gap it’s the gap the difference between where I am right now and where I want to be it’s the potential not potential this to get to the next level ok how many believe you have a greater potential than what you’re using right now so I don’t know how old I look to you it’s curious to me I wonder how would HDL think I Amity okay what else the hell is wrong with you laughing at me huh okay how would you think I am what do you think 25 36 36 what else keep guessing man I got gifts if anybody can get it 42 okay okay you know what you know what it don’t matter okay y’all already made me feel good so look check it out all right I was 15 years old okay just just let me let me explain to you I was 15 years old and the biggest problem I had when I was 15 was I was bored too much I was bored all the time man I was constantly bored I didn’t have enough to do I was I didn’t know anything about potential I knew I had potential but the biggest reason I was bored is because I wasn’t going after my potential all the time it’s why I didn’t study I didn’t pay attention in class okay when I got out of class I didn’t know what to do I didn’t think my grades matter but they did matter you know why because until I until I actually learned how to read a book until I decided hey I got a read man I got to learn how to read I couldn’t fulfill my potential everything you want folks everything you want is in a book everything you want to learn in life is in a book somewhere you can resist it the average American reads one book a year okay the average American reads one book a year some of you you’re like damn that’s more books than I read last year okay I’ve written five books in the last four years because I when I look at America today I’m like oh my god America is in trouble right now you know why because average is an epidemic average people average athletes 250,000 kids every year come out of high schools playing basketball 250,000 kids every year are playing playing basketball scholastic basketball in order to try to play in the NBA you know many out of 250,000 play in the NBA five out of 250,000 life ain’t fair life is bad for a bunch of people good for a lot of people and great for a few you guys got to decide where it’s going to be okay like your potential is where you’ll determine your greatness I challenge you this summer to only be focused on hey man what’s my potential tsubame operate in my potential the next place no matter how good you are I may agree there’s another potential no matter how good you play your video game no matter how good you are in school no matter how you good you are on the field there’s another place where coaches trying to push you to that next level and that’s where it gets exciting that’s what people get excited LeBron could retire right now to rings money he can’t spend right why does he stay in the game what keeps me excited it’s not yesterday’s success it’s his potential it’s this right here and everybody in the rooms got another potential okay failure is defined falling short of your of your potential there’s two types of people in the world people to get whatever they want when they want how they want it how much they want of it they get their cake they’re eat it too they can toot their own horn they get to play wherever they want to play go where they want to go they never run out of money they never run out of women they never run out of whatever they want in their life okay and then there’s everybody else I got one woman in my life I just had hey one woman’s good for me when you get the right one you just settle on one okay when I fail I don’t get what I want I don’t fulfill my potential 10x this book that I’m going to give you that JJ by the way give JJ a big hand for donating this book to you all right if you hate reading if you hate reading okay you will love this book if you hate to read I guarantee you can read this book in two nights if you if you have never been able to read a paragraph in a book I guarantee you can finish this book because I write the book exactly the way I talk about the exactly way I’m talking to you right now okay in this book it talks about competition competitions for sissies is one of the chapters I think is chapter 10 competition is for sissies little babies little girls okay competition is for for losers you don’t want to compete folks you want to dominate your space I want to dominate space I want to walk into a space and own it not compete with somebody else I don’t want Rocko’s gain to determine how good my game is right because that’s a little reactive if his game is good my game gets better sounds like it’s good right oh that’s good man he pushes you competition pushes you but what if his game is no good today then what does that do is that caused me to back off good right I’ll say this game gets better and I get better I’m waiting it’s reactive okay I want to dominate I want to make a decision when I’m walking into a space to always go from my potential no matter what two types of people those that give what they want in life and everybody else this book is going to show you exactly how to be that first type of people to get what you want in life when you want it how much you want of it whether it’s money how many of you like to have money money is a good thing it’s not a bad thing people going to tell you it’s a bad thing okay you want your own money or your dad’s money I want my own money man I don’t want had to check with him hey can you give me a little bit okay right can you give me Kim you can’t hey can I have some money it doesn’t have to be like that okay look there’s people walking out of high schools right now saying hey I’m gonna go get my piece and you guys have an opportunity right now to learn it in the auditorium to learn it on the playing field everyday to build that discipline to say hey I’m going to get what I want don’t wait until you’re 25 or 35 or 45 years old start building that discipline right now to get what you want because there’s seven other seven billion other people on this planet trying to get it trying to get this thing called success see most people think success is a straight line I’m going to get out of high school I’m going to get a job and everything’s going to be fine that’s not how it plays out folks okay this how it plays out guy decides he wants something and the line gets all squiggly see that’s really what success looks like what this guy did over here was he persisted this guy’s in a fantasy this is a fantasy it’s not how it works okay see right now God decides over the summer hey man I’m going to I’m going to get this job this summer and I’m gonna make some money this summer and then he gets distracted by the first squiggly I don’t know what he’s doing he’s squiggling off because he’s not focused on his success he wiggles you ever used this term squiggle yeah man I’m doing a squiggle you know I’m going to go out and hang out with the guys this weekend it’s a squiggle it’s off path off purpose off potential and so he ends up in a bunch of loops over here most people get stuck in loops I did it when I got out of high school I was in a lot of trouble didn’t have any focus wasn’t fulfilling my potential was distracted didn’t have a coach didn’t have an older brother didn’t have a father lost what am i doing okay don’t know where I’m going I know I got this potential is sitting there inside of me it’s a little candle burning I know it’s there I hadn’t quite put it out when I was 20 years old but it was it was lo any of you ever been there what am i doing every day man why am I getting up every day why am I going to school I didn’t even know why I was going to school I was just going to school I was just doing school I didn’t want to go to school see I’m squiggling around okay if you persist and stay focus and surround yourself with other people that persist and stay focused who knows maybe you’ll come out the other end two types of people what are they people to get what they want have the life they want and everybody else okay so look here’s the four degrees of action this is what I’m going to challenge you to do this summer number one do nothing everybody in the room has done that before how many room have done nothing before okay you think you have actually number one doesn’t exist number two is to retreat okay I’ll explain all these these are the four actions you’re going to take this summer to do nothing sit around and do nothing number two to retreat to back up guy you ever retreat you ever retreat anybody in room ever retreat no never retreat back up I’m a backup hey man I need to study right now and then you decide not to study what is that that’s back it up that’s retreating okay you do that all the time okay hey man I’m gonna go I’m gonna help my mom out I’m gonna help my mom out man oh no I ain’t I’m gonna help my little brother out no I’m not your a retreat that’s an action backing up as an action number three is normal normal levels of activity people just do what is ever expected of them normal I’m going to show up for class I’m going to sit in class for 15 minutes I’m going to act like I’m paying attention but hey come on let’s keep it real I’m squiggling I’m squiggling in the classroom I’m over here I’m over there I’m over there I’m not learning I’m not reading I’m not studying I’m not preparing I’m on a squiggle serious squiggle how many been on a serious squiggle doing normal the whole world is doing number three and number four is massive massive levels of activity massive tremendous amounts of activity is where success lives okay which one of those four do you think is the most dangerous huh number four he thinks number four is dangerous I like that too now he’s going to pick number one let’s go for number one now okay okay number one is impossible you actually don’t do number one unless you’re in a coma you passed out on the sidewalk you’re doing number one okay most of the time you’re doing number two number three or number four okay the most dangerous of all those is number three normal normal levels of activity you showed up for practice and you just did the practice okay number two people do constantly particularly in schools they back up from an activity they wait for the teacher to do something or the coach to do something rather than jumping in say hey I’m here I’m going to dominate this space what word do you like better compete or dominate do you want to dominate you don’t want to compete in a space you want to own a space so the way to do that is number four massive levels of activity some people think number four is actually dangerous but I’m going to suggest to you to be dangerous find something you love man and do it own it control it take massive levels of activity with it people people tell me dude man you got you got you’ve got some problems man constantly I had a guy tell me three days ago do you got problems man I said really what am I prompts your obsessive-compulsive a DD any any of you to remember Ben label those things you got attention deficit disorder you got you got what is it a OCD what is it call obsessive compulsive disorder I’m like bro I ain’t got a problem yeah man you got compulsive obsessive disorder I’m like dude that’s a gift I got gifts my brother I have been blessed by the great gods of the universe with obsessive I am obsessed with my success with my family success that’s not a disease let me tell you the disease right there is number three number three is the disease number three is an epidemic in this country you’re going to school with kids that are just average rather than saying dude I demand greatness in my life I want success massive action when you decide this summer to take massive action for the next how many months how long is summer okay you’ve got three weeks guys if you take three weeks and say hey I want new problems for the next three weeks new problems you know what a new problem is big juicy problems most people want want nothing to do with a problem right they like leave problems alone look you want big new problems juicy problems for the next three weeks if your body hurt more than it hurt yesterday that would be a new problem would that be a good problem or a bad problem means you’re working right okay you want new problems I want I want to experience bigger problems number two criticized by your peers the moment I take massive action I’m going to be criticized by other people I’m showing up early I’m staying late what are the average people going to say you’re a freak please call me a super freak okay number three I’d actually be promoted into the cycle if I was taking massive action it’s a guaranteed I’m just showing you guaranteed ways to be that first group of people what’s the first group they get whatever they want you want to get whatever you want in your life go get you massive action get new problems get promoted you’ll be more inspired you want to have goals so big you want to have goals so big that your your problems pale in comparison how many of you got problems in your life everybody in the room I’m going to suggest to you that you get you get you get your focus on where you’re going your potential where you want to go get that focus so big that your problems are smaller here’s the deal if you have attention on your problems your goals aren’t big enough if you have attention on any problem you have in your life it is because your goals aren’t big enough how many how many of you wrote your goals down this morning anybody in the room how about yesterday okay how about this week I’ll write my goal is down every morning and every night okay every morning when I wake up pull out a legal pad hey where am I going in my life where am I going what do I want to do how what kind of life do I want for my family what kind of life how much money do I want do I want to own a private jet would I like to have a helicopter what I like to have a big boat okay what do I want for my kids every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is I write down my goals before I go to sleep at night I write down my goals every time I lose in life every time I lose every time I’m defeated I write my goals down why do I want to do that why would that be beneficial to me it motivates me it puts my attention on where I’m going not where I’m at let’s say let’s say I’m working a deal I just finished working a deal and I was defeated in the deal do I want my attention on the defeat or do I want my attention on where I’m going I want my attention on where I’m going so I put my legal pad out I don’t look at the defeat I look at hey where am I going where do I want to go in life what is my destination if you’ve ever been in a car a windshield in a car is that big right how BIG’s a rear-view mirror it’s about that big why you think that is because you want your attention on the future on the potential on where I’m going on my goals so a couple things I’d like you to do when you leave here number one if you like the idea writing your goals down every day this isn’t homework your teachers going to give you okay hey I wake up in the morning where am I going I don’t care how big it is man I want a billion dollars okay I want the hottest chick in the universe I want Maxim top five whatever you want I don’t care what it is I want a little boy I know I don’t whatever you want there your goals okay you want goals that are giant folks you want goals that are so big so big that every day you wake up and you’re excited and the reason I wasn’t excited when I was your age was because nobody was telling me man have some goals man because if you don’t have your own goals this is what you’re going to do you’re going to spend your whole life making somebody else’s dreams come true two types of people people to get what they want and have the life they want and everyone else okay so again we gave you some gifts here okay first of all you’re going to see some wristbands it’s a red wristband and there’s a blue wristband how many of you have both good okay this is a little postcard called success success is your duty obligation and responsibility this card was written because we we I see most people going after success like it doesn’t matter you know you got friends that say whatever you use this term whatever you know I like like I don’t care let me tell you something if you don’t care if you think success doesn’t matter you will not have it if success matters to you if success becomes something like I have to have that I am obsessed with the idea of success in my life whether it’s in the classroom on the playing field or out there in the real world because folks the truth is the playing field in the classroom I’m going to last a little while okay it’s going to be the next 50 or 60 years of your life that you get to decide hey what are you going to really do and what you’re doing right now is going to determine where you’re going to be in a year two years three years five years so I’m gonna ask you a question here I want you to think about what you would like not to do in your life what would you like to do okay but like like what would be a job that you would hate to do in your life what garbage man he would hate to be a garbage man okay yes sir do again say again working for somebody else period cutting grass he doesn’t want to cut grass okay what else working at McDonald’s janitor okay so we got five people I’m gonna admit how old are you 16 he’s going to be a janitor for the next 60 years what what is it you didn’t want to do McDonald’s he’s going to work in McDonald’s and package McNuggets for the next 54 years and then died okay well you wanted you didn’t want to what he he’s going to be he’s going to work for other people his whole life okay his entire life he will be stuck and every one of his bosses is going to be an ass okay would you not want to do dude this guy’s going to be cutting grass he’s allergic to grass and he’s going to be cutting it every day bagging it putting it in bags he doesn’t want to be a stripper nobody else wants you to be a stripper either bro okay trust me trust me please please don’t do that to any of us okay okay you’re one guy that I don’t want to take massive action okay please okay my man’s gonna be a stripper okay he learned the game pretty quick there no dude he’s like okay I’m a Pixum I don’t want to be he’s going to give it to me and then boom that’s what I’m gonna do for the rest of my life you’re a very intelligent man sir okay probably a genius sitting with us right there you don’t know what a genius looks like y’all know what a genius looks like you don’t know let me tell you something every most of them look like freaks okay every geniuses has ever walked this planet was criticized this is what happened every genius every one of them had new problems they were criticized by their peers they were later promoted and they became inspiration to other people you don’t know what they look like they come in all different packages and there’s some brilliant people in this room right here the question is will you take enough action because if you don’t take enough action if you don’t take enough focused action that is positive to your potential consistent with who you are and where you want to go if you don’t do that you’re going to end up being everybody else my goals I’m write and write my goals down every morning I don’t want to work for anybody else I want to work for my goals I don’t want to work for a person I want to work for my goals I want to work for my dreams man everything I’m doing every day like I’m drawing on flying to Los Angeles today okay I’m not flying to Los Angeles because I want to go to Los Angeles I’m going I don’t even want to do what I’m doing in Los Angeles but I’m doing it to invest in my future the things I’m not talking about money now I’m talking about my potential this is what you should walk away with today the gap the gap is the difference between where you are where you sit right now and what and where you want to be and everybody’s got a potential right everybody in rooms got a potential on a scale from one to ten what are you right now what would you give yourself your potentials at 10 but – okay what else maybe he’s being honest see you don’t know what my potential is people have told me my whole life man you’re doing great man you’re doing great you did this TV show you did this radio show you got this thing going you but you know you’re doing well in life I’m like how do you know how do you know if I’m doing well and they’re like what do you mean man I could tell you’re doing well I said you don’t know man you don’t know what my potential is I was speaking to a group at Google and uh up in New York and they were like man you’re so confident you don’t know that yeah man you look confident I look confident but you don’t know if I am or not right do you know what’s inside of me you don’t know on a scale from one to ten what are you right now good man you don’t know you need to put a number on it man you should be putting a nut you should be calibrating all the time I’m a four right now I’m a five right now I’m a three right now I’m a seven right now okay and I don’t care what you are hey did all you want to do is focus on the gap the gap is where your motivation is if you have any motivation is by staying focused on the gap the difference between where you are and where you want to be okay this says success is your duty it should say success is my duty okay there’s going to go in your locker or wherever you want it to go in your life on the back of it if you turn it around there’s a pledge okay look at it can you guys read on a scale from one to ten what kind of reader are you maybe an eight okay 8.5 he says he’s at 8.5 and he wants to be a stripper okay wow wow wow wow wow wow wow okay let me go ahead and give you this right now that okay this says your greatness don’t fight it all right on the back of it it says if you haven’t read this one it says it says I am obsessed I am not like others I do what others refuse to do I must control my destiny I am never satisfied I cannot settle I rise while there sleep I refused to quit I’m driven to succeed and I’m a role model for others okay we’re going to give everybody a copy this one it says I am greatness don’t fight it everybody in a room has greatness in it okay quit fighting it man don’t be a stripper either all right this one says success pledge it says I pledge a commitment to my success everybody try that I pledge a commitment to my success i’ma do it than you do it okay I pledge a commitment to my success my family success and to the success of survival of the company I represent success is not an option for me but something I insist upon achieving success is not something others can give me nor is is something the government or the economy can provide me success is not determined by luck chance race creed color or religion but is dependent upon hard work creativity follow-through and persistence I refuse not to have my success I refuse to quit prior to achieving my success and I will do everything ethical in claiming my right – my success my success is my duty my obligation and my responsibility dude have a great summer right thank you guys very much