Getting out of Debt and the Power of Saying "No!"

one of the hardest things to overcome when you’re trying to get out of debt is saying the little word know whether it’s saying no to family and friends going out to eat to borrowing some money to going shopping basically the things that made you get into debt in the first place if you don’t have the strength and the courage to say no you’ll never get out of debt when you’re dealing with close friends and family trust me I know how hard it is I want to share a personal story of how I had to say no which was extremely uncomfortable but I knew I had to do it otherwise my financial future is in jeopardy in the first few years of being a financial adviser I was able to get most of my student loan debt paid off I had a good credit score and things were going as planned now this is back in 2004 my mom had just moved to Las Vegas and she was dabbling in some real estate now if you remember what was going on in Las Vegas real estate things were really booming back then my mom had made some questionable financial choices so her credit really wasn’t where she needed to be so she needed someone to co-sign for her to buy some these investment properties so where does she go to her young son who had really good credit yep that would be me you’re looking right at him so we spent a few phone calls and she was trying to sell me on the fact how this would be a great investment opportunity for myself how the real estate market in Las Vegas was booming and how I could make a lot of money ain’t gonna lie there was part of me that was tempted I was a numbers guy and the thought of taking a small amount of money and turning into a big pot of money in a very short amount of time was ultra attractive the more I thought about the more I realized I didn’t know anything about real estate I had no business investing in real estate whatsoever I had a young girlfriend who would soon be my wife and we were starting our future together so I just really more I thought about it I didn’t really want to jeopardize my future for something I didn’t quite get so ultimately what does that mean that means I had to call my mom the person they gave birth to me and tell her no I had to tell her that I wasn’t going to co-sign for her on this investment property it’s the first thing first thing about me I hate confrontation I hate it Rob watching a scary movie on TV I’m the guy that has to cover my face with a pillow alright just let me know when the scary parts over with okay so for me to make that phone call I was a nervous wreck I was actually outside of my house I was pacing like a nervous fool making that phone call but I called her and I said no and initially she was upset I was actually very frustrated with her response because I thought that she’d be understanding and I come to realize that most family and friends when you tell them no when you tell them something that they don’t want to hear their response it usually is not good it’s very frustrating because you know that and that’s why it makes it so much harder to say no when you know you have to so I’m looking now where I can look at hindsight 20/20 and realize what would have happened if I would have done that if I would have co-signed that loan about that investment property we don’t have in the real estate market Las Vegas fell completely under these investment properties were all subject to short sell she lost her but and if I would have co-signed my financial future would have been ruined so how are you letting your family and friends that ruin your financial future are you lonely any money to them when you know that you just can’t afford it if you ultimately want to get out of debt if you want to finally get control of your financial life you have to say no you have to find that courage and you might hurt some people but you can’t let them continue to hurt you you have to take care of yourself first they’ll eventually get it they’ll come back around if they really truly love you they will come back to you I promise it’s time to stand up for yourself and it’s time to say no take back your financial life this is jeff rose you