Get Motivated and Don't Waste Time – Grant Rant #121

let’s face it everybody’s got two cents and everybody’s got two minutes so here’s my two cents in under two minutes hey grant cardone here new york times best-selling arthur and i want to just tell you this little note if you know what day it is you are not busy enough I recently heard this week oh it’s Monday man it’s so hard to get started on a Monday I’m like dude how do you even know it’s Monday I don’t know what day it is on Wednesday we hear it’s hump back day we’re halfway there so it’s Friday and it’s like oh thank God it’s Friday or follow Friday or like dude how do you people know what day it is you’re not busy enough you need to be so freaking busy that you don’t know what time it is you don’t know if it’s before lunch after lunch before dinner after dinner come on you’ve had those productive days remember the day when you were so productive you you literally work through lunch and dinner and you looked up at seven o’clock you should have been home an hour ago and you’re like did I haven’t had lunch or dinner you know why because that day you were eating the marketplace you were consuming the marketplace because you were active productive hitting it slamming creative and completely committed look that’s where you need to be today if you don’t like your financial position in life you need to get so busy okay so consume so obsessed with activity that you don’t know about the celebrities that are getting a divorce you don’t have time for O’Reilly and his bad news you don’t have time for Anderson Cooper coming out telling everybody he’s gay like who cares man okay why I don’t care Anderson I don’t care you know why not because I’m a gay basher not because I’m not sensitive cuz I’m too damn busy dude look I don’t know what Monday Wednesday or Friday are I don’t know about Saturdays and Sundays I know this create tremendous amount of activity so much activity that you lose track of time your success is not going to come from watching TV or looking at a calendar your success is going to come from activity from being busy from being obsessed from being like so into it that you don’t know about oh my gosh the Monday morning blues or Wednesday humpback or Friday what I know Friday what whatever okay get busy