hey what’s going on everybody Scott Hills here with you today coming here with you live from Miami Florida before start this video be sure to subscribe and turn post notifications on because I don’t know if you know this but hey but I answer any of no questions within the first hour of every single video so if you have the post notifications on you can ask me a question within the first hour and I’ll respond so it’s extremely beneficial to do that and be sure to hit like I’m gonna do some very interesting valuable information on this one it’s gonna be kind of unrelated to drop shipping but it’s gonna be applicable to pretty much all industries across the board I feel like I can speak on this pretty well because I have at least 10,000 DMS that I’ve gotten in the past like six months and I’ve seen where people go wrong and I’ve seen certain things you can do to definitely get your actual message to the receiver like because there’s been new some new updates with Instagram actually so and a lot of you aren’t even aware of this especially I don’t know if it’s a full update but they gave me some update in the DMS that they’re testing right now and this is what’s gonna lay out soon so all these rules that I’m but the layout are extremely applicable right now and also in the future so I’m just gonna get right into it I would really really encourage you guys to listen to this advice and definitely follow it so let’s get right into it again before this video I just want to preface this this is only what I’ve seen in my DMS and what I haven’t seen in my DMS too which is key for what I’m about to talk about so I can only speak from my experience but I when these rules will basically guarantee they at least see your message so my first rule is to never reply to a story if you’re actually trying to get a message across I see many people they try to respond to my story and they try to ask me like a long question the issue with that is when you reply to the story on my end on the DMS it set it the entire message like the preview of the message is rip dadadada reply to story dot and then it cuts off your entire message so if you’re trying to message me something and it’s a it’s a reply to a story or if you’re trying to message anybody for that matter and to reply to the story all they’re gonna see is that you reply to the story they’re not gonna see any of the words that you include it so me personally I don’t I don’t open to many DMS I’m actually changing this soon I’m going to dedicate about one to two hours every single day to fine you guys but the reason I don’t open to many DMS anymore is because I don’t want to leave someone on scene and not answer their question because I get a lot of questions about Facebook ads and like it’s draining replying to everybody saying listen I can’t you know I don’t know your I don’t know your cost per purchase I don’t know what you’re getting the product for I don’t know what your website looks for I don’t know what your budget is I don’t know what you’re putting into the ads plans I don’t know if you’re using CBO’s there are so many factors so things like that or like someone like wanting to partner up and I don’t really want to partner up with them because I don’t really partner up with many people out oh I’ve only partnered with two people in my entire life I don’t want to leave those people on scene and I definitely don’t want to reply with no because then they’re gonna see me like why not and then we’re probably gonna end in an argument so I try to avoid all that again I’m working on that on myself that’s something I’m definitely gonna work on like dad came 1-2 hours I just feel really bad leaving someone on scene when they when they message me something like that so boom that’s first rule never replied a story if you’re actually trying to send a message okay and then this is kind of a new feature again I don’t know if this is across all instagrams I just know that face Instagram asked me if I wanted to update my software in order to test this but this is definitely how it’s gonna be across the board if not already never send more than one message okay because when you send one more than one message again this this doesn’t really apply this is if the person has already replied to you okay I just want to make that clear because if you’re if you’re in the message request you can send as many messages as you want and they’ll still open and see them all and it’ll still show like the preview now if someone’s already replied to you and you’re and you are in their inbox if you send more than one message now it comes up as two new messages it doesn’t show like the first like you know fifty characters of whatever that message is that entices them to open it it shows you know two new messages so from my standpoint I don’t really want to open those because I don’t know what I’m about to get into you know I don’t know what’s on the other line of there it might be an argument it might be something that I’m gonna have to deny or something so overall it’s like I have no inclination to click this and find out what it is because there’s nothing enticing me to open it to begin with so when I just see like nine plus new messages it’s like I already feel bad enough not replying to the person but open that up and then scroll through all nine messages and then just like having to worry about like oh sorry I didn’t reply to this and like answer all those questions and answers’ most recent questions and I just personally don’t deal with it and I feel like a lot of people get damaged don’t want to deal with that either so definitely if you’re already in the inbox only send one message at a time though that’s a perfect transition to this next tip when you’re sending a DM I see this mistake a lot the first 50 characters or however many is fitted into the preview when you’re looking at the messages that is where you should put the most important stuff right there because it’s in the message request and in the primary Inbox that’s what’s going to entice the the receiver to open your message if it’s something that is gonna make them want to open it then they’re gonna open it now I want to say I wouldn’t try to trick people I’ve had people try to trick me like you’re being sued hey buddy just joking about that I have a question about Facebook ads and it’s like okay if you do that I don’t I definitely don’t even want to respond to you because it’s like okay you two made me feel a bad feeling and it’s like yeah it’s smart because I’m gonna open it but I’m not gonna reply to that just because like you’re not being real with me when you send a message you want to make sure that it’s actually a quality message and it benefits the receiver I’ve literally had someone messaged me before and it said hey Scott I literally have nothing at all to offer you but I was wondering if you could mentor me I’m I’m like and then he just like explained his situation how he doesn’t wanna go to college it’s like you can’t start off a message by saying you literally have nothing to offer me what like what do I have the game for mentoring you I’m not trying to say that in a selfish way I’m just saying like I get the requests like can you be my mentor can you be my mentor every single day but you got to look you got to put yourself in my shoes and again anyone you’re DMing shooting what mutual benefit that’s where it’s key like there has to be a mutual benefit so when you’re messaging someone definitely remember that like especially the beginning of the message start off with Bennett what how this will benefit them like if you guys read the book how to win friends and influence people that changed my entire life there’s literally an entire chapter about this speaking into the others benefits Dale Carnegie even sites this is like one letter that they sent to this train company and the the whole letter was all about them all about them they didn’t response then they’d rephrase it whereas basically all about the up by the train company you know a while but the train company and they responded and then they ended up making a deal because the world isn’t made to help you you have to help others in order to help yourself that’s just the way it goes who okay so this one is uh this one I see a lot and this is a huge mistake and I I’m sorry but I don’t understand why people would think this would even work I get these messages a lot all right hey hey hi Scott hey Scott can I ask you a question and then the same guy Scott I wonder if I could really ask you a question a couple days later hey Scott I really have an important question to ask you you should have asked if it was really important you should have asked this three what three messages ago no one’s gonna respond to hey no one’s gonna respond uh hi no one’s gonna respond to I have a question no one’s gonna respond to hey can I ask you something put that out of your brain do not send those messages to anyone ever because I promise you 99.9% of the time if they have any sort of real following they are not gonna respond because they’re not gonna waste their time being like yeah what kind of question do you have no there is probably a lot of dams flowing in their inbox and they only really reply to the ones that entice them and the ones they feel important they’re not gonna find hello or I have a question important at all I’m sorry no matter who you are it won’t matter you just have to ask your question and if it’s an important question you’ll have the confidence to ask it not baked somebody into responding so they can get into inbox so they can ask their question it’s stupid sorry I don’t mean to offend anybody but really that’s really dumb for you to do just be straight up so yeah adding on to that keep it simple keep it simple guys simplify it that should be that’s my life mater and apparently let’s rob Cline’s macho like macho to the guy who invented the credit card that’s what he said at the penthouse mastermind my life mantra is simplify which is hilarious cuz I was wearing my clothing man simplify at the time yeah keep it simple I wouldn’t send a message to anybody like raw straight from the get-go like trying to get a response or whatever that’s more than the length of your screen when the keyboards up so I’m talking like this keep it into like six seven lines I have never once read a huge paragraph people have sent me a huge paragraphs like this big I’m not taking the time to read that if it’s that complicated I don’t want to know about it if you can’t catch my unless they catch my attention at the very beginning which is extremely rare but if you can’t simplify it into something like this then I really don’t want any part of it because it’s way too complicated and I don’t want to spend all the time reading through your entire paragraph when I got plenty of other dm’s that are straight to the point I made this mistake – back in the day like I I was looking at when I was first DMing Tai Lopez in 2016 and I was like you know my parents don’t believe in me like you guys can look up this video of it Tiwa is actually scrolling through me and his chats like it was crazy because you can see the progression I was like I just want your program this social Mia marketing my parents don’t believe in me and then I got into dropshipping way later and then I was like messaging but I started I’d send these huge paragraphs like three paragraphs at a time and it’s like no wonder he didn’t respond like why he definitely didn’t read that so why would he respond to something he didn’t read keep it simple keep it short I promise you you’re gonna see people reply to you like never before okay I I wish I could give credit to I learned this from but there’s something called circus tenting it’s when you have a unique feature about yourself so that when you tell it to someone it’s circus tensing you up like like sending up a circus tent so like when you think of when they think of you now they think of boom this thing boom now you’re in their memory you can apply that to diem so like for me example I want to go to North Korea and I want to go to Antarctica that circus tent thing like if someone finds out I went to North Korea they’re gonna think of Scott oh yeah the kid went to North Korea or like right now my personal circus tents are like the Tai Lopez Association or like the O Birla articles or like the collaboration with Jarrod gets like all these things the more circus tenting you have the better because you can apply those into the DM so like your DMing someone and you have a certain connection or you’ve done something certain crazy mention that because that’s what’s gonna make you stand out from everybody else and it has to be stuff that most people haven’t done like you just can’t say like I got a 3.5 GPA or something like that that’s not circus nd millions of people have got a 3.5 GPA it’s something unique that’s only to you you know so that is a key to at least getting in the heads of someone you’re trying to do and into the memory alright last but not least this one is very important and I I see mixed things on this but I’m gonna tell you my raw truth never ever send a video or audio to someone especially raw me personally I have never once open I vote one person only I’ve ever opened an audio clip from if you send me an audio clip I am NOT listening to it I guarantee you I am not listening to it because I want to look at what what you’re saying if it doesn’t interest me move on if it does reply I’m not gonna sit there and hold the mic I hold the speaker up to my ear even if I’m in like a lot of restaurant I’m like listen to you talk for like a minute and a half no I want to know what you’re about what you’re trying to say right away right when I see it and if it’s not there I move on furthermore if you send a video to someone and you’re not already in their primary inbox it literally shows up as a gray box saying that let us set in your video therefore in order for me to see your video I have to accept you into my inbox therefore putting you on scene so if you send me a video that I’m not interested in then I’m gonna feel bad for leaving you on scene so I actually avoid that entire thing and I never open a video that someone has sent me I’m not gonna do that because again I don’t like leaving people on scene it just makes me it just makes me feel bad so if whatever you’re trying to say has to be communicated in an audio or video me personally and probably most people I’m never gonna see it I’m just never gonna see it because I’m not gonna listen to your audio and I’m not gonna watch your video when I got tons of other people sending me plain old text I can just look at reply or not reply so these tips you’ll find valuable those of you who apply them you’ll definitely see better results than you’ve ever seen with getting responses from influencers or just in general people get a lot of DMS this is how you stand out just all these tactics alone will circus ten use so that’s just one sort of stand alone but remember these be sure to just like go through the video listen to it again if you have any questions just leave them below in the comments and again please please be sure to hit like that’s what helps my channel out so much I’ve been up and then just a quick mention like I’ve been really thinking about just like Gary Vee it’s like this Gary Vee this is the most important advice I’ve ever heard from my entire life and it changed my outlook on what I’m doing he he was on the phone with this kid from Australia news an influencer and garyvee is advice is one piece of advice was start making content you don’t think will do well and that just blew my mind because at like if you guys look at the beginning I was like having a ton of fun with these videos just having tons of fun with it and then that’s how I was growing and then as I progressed I started like realizing and I was like 35,000 plus eyes on my channel so like I’m being very like meticulous I’m being very cautious with what I say what I do being very detailed being like making videos now putting them out because I don’t think they’re good enough I’m done with all that from now on I’m just making content whether it’s gonna go good or not doesn’t matter because there’s been some videos that I don’t didn’t think would do well and they’ve scaled the tens of thousands of views you really never know especially with YouTube’s algorithm you just never really know what people will receive as good or not like Gary B’s blueberry videos one of his most popular videos ever and well he took his own advice so like that’s what I’m looking to I’m just gonna keep I’m gonna make videos that I like making and I think that’s where it comes down to I’m gonna keep having fun I’m gonna keep doing what I want to do and I’m gonna keep helping out those who want to be helped not people who are hard-headed and think that even though they got no results they know how to do it don’t be those people thank you guys so much for watching peace out [Music]