Gary Vaynerchuk Vistage Keynote | 2015

please help me welcome to the stage Gary Vaynerchuk good afternoon uh actually there’s a lot of different places I want to take this talk so I think I’ll use the context of this first question to navigate my content and then I’ll pontificate and then we will do some QA because I think the details are far more interesting than the hyperbole or the context that I roll with up here and obviously a lot of it you can gather through YouTube and other places so quickly by show of hands how many of you have no idea who I am please raise your hand that fucking hurts touchstart I figured that to be the case so what I’m going to do is I’m going to give you a background on where I came from and and then we’ll take it from there so I was born in the former Soviet Union I was born in Belarus I came to the US when I was three we were very poor I lived in a studio apartment in Queens that was about the size of this stage my dad got a bunch of side jobs one was a stock boy in a liquor store in Clark New Jersey where where he made two bucks an hour and and that’s where our American Dream started my dad eventually became the manager of that store and we moved to Edison New Jersey where my entrepreneurial career began when I was six I started a six lemonade stand franchise so how many of you by show of hands remember big wheels those little bikes I would I rode my big wheels at the end of the day picking up my cash like I was little Tony Soprano or something so that was good that was a good start to like start making some money when I was I when I turned 13 I started my real first big business baseball cards were a big deal when when I was of that age in the US and I started selling baseball cards in the in the malls of New Jersey making two to three thousand dollars a weekend as a 14-year old as you can imagine that’s pretty big-time I don’t know about you guys but when you have thirty thousand dollars in cash under your bed and you’re 14 and you’re not selling weed you’re doing a good job so so that was good and then at that point my dad you know how many people you’re immigrants or a child of an immigrant raise your hands makes sense so as you guys know intimately when you’re an immigrant you don’t spend any money on anything and eventually you can buy your own business and that’s what my dad did he eventually bought a small liquor store in Springfield New Jersey called shoppers discount liquors and when I turned 14 I had the privilege of going from making a thousand dollars a weekend to making two bucks an hour bagging ice for 15 hours a day and I did at every weekend and ever every single summer vacation of my life for two years I call those the dark ages eventually my dad allowed me to come upstairs and and that’s where I really learned my passion of the business my dad was and at that point I wasn’t super interested in selling Coors Light or or Absolut Vodka there was nothing interesting about it people bought what they bought we sold those items that cost we were to discount liquor retailer I couldn’t get my juices going but wine culture was just starting in the US in the mid 90s and we were in Springfield New Jersey so sumit Milburn Short Hills some affluence around us so there was some wine build-up happening then I became super interested in and because people collected wine that was really my attachment point of the wine collecting to the baseball card and comic book all that kind of stuff for me was kind of like you know Michael Jordan Frank Thomas Wayne Gretzky silver oak Opus one Chateau Lafite same shit I can do this so so I basically moved all my attention of learning that world versus the baseball card world this is where the story starts making a connection point between a lot of you and myself I will make this statement predicated on what I’m about to talk about for the next forty or so minutes before we get into Q&A and I think it’s going to make a very important connection point between all of us there’s one thing I really want you to understand as I go on with this talk I love social media because it sells shit not because it’s interesting I don’t like tech eNOS I didn’t grow up with a computer until I was 18 years old I like it because it sells stuff and that’s the important connection that I want to really make here see my career took an interesting turn at 18 I decided that I was going to open up 4,000 liquor stores I used to call it the Toys R Us of liquor stores and wine shops across the country build the biggest franchise in the wine and spirits world sell it and buy the New York Jets right that was the game plan and that’s still the game plan but it’s taken a very different turn and it’s first turn happened my freshman year in college I was in my dorm room playing Madden 94 dominating by the way and my friend ran into my room and said hey man you have to come and see this I run into a room there’s six guys hovering over a computer now mind you I’ve spent less than 10 hours on a computer in my life at this point I was a crap student so I mailed in computer class and I think I had a word processor that I never opened to do my papers and so I’m sitting in front of this computer it’s the first time that I ever hear couch remember that I want to talk about the real racket dial-up internet three bucks a minute fucking AOL anyway they’re sitting there I’m hovering over him I make a very profound statement I say is this the information superhighway that’s what we called it back then I know you guys know and and there was the internet I waited an hour and a half to my turn shows you how different the web was when an hour and a half for my turn to navigate the web and the first seven minutes I landed on a wat on a baseball card bulletin board where people were selling baseball cards back and forth and literally in that instance I realized holy crap I do not need to open up 4,000 wine shops I can use this thing to sell more wine in 1996 about 18 months later I launched the second ecommerce wine retail business in America called in 1998 I took over operations from my dad’s store from 1996 to 1998 while still in school the business ran in the first year that we did we did less than five thousand dollars in net sales on the website now I don’t know how many of you have a Soviet father but Sasha Vaynerchuk wasn’t super happy with the ROI on the $25,000 investment we stopped it over here I’m gonna try to stay away from it in 1998 I took over my dad’s business it did three million dollars in revenue on ten percent gross profit so we’re talking about three hundred thousand dollars to the bottom line luckily Sasha paid nobody so we took a couple bucks home from 1998 to 2003 in a five-year window with no cash infusion I grew that business from a three to a sixty million dollar business right so I sit in a room that I very much associate with I live in Silicon Valley world I live in Madison Avenue world but this room is my favorite world these are you guys are operators you run your business you can I can talk about anything you want we could talk about Facebook and Twitter and all this stuff there’s one very simple basic thing in a 60 month period I grew a business from three to sixty million dollars in revenue on one very simple fact that 99.9% of these businesses in this room do not follow which is I operated and more importantly marketed in the year that I actually lived in let me explain what I did that’s a very simple thing is I played the arbitrage of customer acquisition and also real quick while I tell these stories I recognize that this was a b2c business and I also recognize there’s a lot of b2b businesses in there just to give you context I now currently run a 600 person social and digital agency that four years ago was 30 people and I’ve grown the business from a three to a sixty five million dollar business and those three and a half years I’m going to do 100 million dollars in revenue next year it’s a runway it’s a very simple blueprint which is the following there is always an arbitrage of where you could be marketing your business whether in a b2b or b2c environment however most people don’t execute and market in the year that they actually live in 99 percent of the businesses in this room are marketing like it’s 2007 2004 2001 1996 there’s some fuckers in here from the 1980s in that white space I live I live in the white space while everybody else debates the ROI of these new things in 1996 that was email marketing I had one of the first email newsletters going how many people here in this room have ever been close enough have ever run email marketing run email marketing or a close enough in your business right now where you understand your email marketing raise your hands higher just for context please great just for all of you that are close to it in 1996 I had an email newsletter that had hundreds of thousands of people on it that had a 90 plus percent open rate yeah Wow because in 1996 and you guys are old so you fucking remember I’m old too I’m 39 I talk to a lot of kids that’s why I’m singing in 1996 how many people got on email in 1996 raise your hand just curious you remember well yeah I know there’s some nerds in here relax but in 1996 we read every goddamn email it’s what we did it was new I remember sending email cuz I couldn’t believe it was free and I didn’t realize that it would be free forever I literally was like they’re gonna charge for this shit because I’m never sending a letter again how are they gonna subsidize those you know costs government shit but anyway the bottom line is very simply that’s what worked for me then having the first e-commerce wine business worked for me then I set a room like this in Jersey Chamber of Commerce on route 22 in Union New Jersey in 1996 telling everybody that I was going to sell wine on the Internet the opening I give my whole spiel the opening question from somebody in the audience is Carrie I’m very confused by this thing explain to me so you’re telling me at the Wine Library which I know I know you’re on Melbourne Avenue you’re gonna take a bottle of wine and you’re gonna stick it in a wire and it’s gonna show up at somebody’s house this was literally this was literally the discussion in 1996 about internet people everybody told me in 1996 seven eight nine that people wouldn’t buy stuff first people didn’t think people would buy anything on the internet then it wasn’t wine by show of hands and this is very important I know a lot of you want to mail it in and head nod and I just asked you a show of hands and you guys all bullshit it I need high hands because I want everybody see this and remember the following question lying is the devil all right here we go by show of hands how many people remember very easily just 15 years ago or less you being very uncomfortable and even made the statement that you would not put a credit card in to a computer don’t lie raise your hands raise it high Jesus now all those people how many of you have now put a credit card into a web site raise your hands that my friends what just happened is the single place where I live that right there that right there what you in this room right now think you won’t do and what I know you’re going to do is the white space in which I will buy the fucking New York Jets and that has been the calling card and that is what I’m trying to inspire one because I’m very practical you’re about to get pumped I’m gonna make a lot of sense because I’m a businessman I don’t care about technology I wish it didn’t exist I knew exactly how to do direct mail and radio and print I did those things I don’t want things to change I figured out email marketing and Google Adwords how many will here run Google AdWords for their business raise your hands I bought the word wine the day it came out for five cents a click and known did for nine months before anybody bid me up white space white space market in the year that you live in I know that every b2b manufacturer in this room right now can sell a ton more shit by running Facebook dark post ads right now and they have no idea for that to be true because they’re a headline reader and they’re not a practitioner you read to bullshit articles in the Wall Street Journal and you form your opinion and you have no fucking idea what you’re talking about so how do I move somebody to this mental place in this talk I give you real-life examples I talk about real stuff I also recognize that this is going to be fun and cool and interesting and blah blah blah and the next Thursday happens and you lose a deal or somebody quits and you go back to real life and you go on defense instead of offense this and kudos to you for getting out of the day to day operations is where you need to go on the offense but this is where you need to make religious beliefs instead of tactics the reason most people don’t win in these spaces is they’re trying to win on tactics versus the religion and here is the religion my friends we are living through right now the greatest shift in human communications since the printing press and it’s 5x the change of that we are living right now through the biggest shift in the way that we communicate that we’ve ever seen guys how many people in this room have sent an emoji via text in the last year raise your hands grown ass 70 year old dudes sending poop grown ass 70 year old men sending poop via text on a phone think about that cuz here’s what’s happened here’s what’s happened how many people here are lucky enough to have a 15 to 25 year old child or grandchild in their lives raise your hands this is gonna be perfect you guys remember three years ago when you had this awesome conversation hey little Ricky hey little Suzy I don’t give a crap how you talk with your friends but when your mother and father call you pick up the damn phone remember that just curious how’d that work out for you I’ll help you answer that question they’re a grown-ass men in here who texted oMG and lol today how many people in this room in every 24-hour window including when they’re sleeping are always within arm’s reach of this raise your hands high I want everybody see it look at them everybody hold it up people in the front hold it up I see some hands that went down please I just wanted to be see this every 24-hour window within arm’s reach of this my friends this is the first second third and fourth screen in people’s lives this is the most important thing in the world is the closest extension to your brain in the world I would rather somebody roll up on me stab me in the stomach and steal my wallet then lose my phone and so here’s one thing this stitch that I can tell you regardless of what you do for a living every one of you is connected by one truth that matters to every goddamn person in this room which is before you tell me how great your business is and what you can do for me as a service provider or you can sell me some tools or you’re a great agency before you tell me or any other consumer what your thing is and why it’s so great you need the most important commodity in the world attention you need somebody’s attention before you can tell them how good your thing is and what we’re doing now more than ever is wasting real big money as a collective industries on places where people are not paying attention to as much and that is the rub that is the opportunity we are not spending our marketing and storytelling prowess where people are actually living in 2015 and we’re spending on places that we’ve always done it that we know is tried-and-true it’s how we’ve done it we’re being very romantic about how we get there and that is the opportunity at hand friends I run a big agency now Pepsi Unilever GE Toyota big big big big brands the collective fortune 500 industry is spending 80 billion dollars producing television commercials and distributing them by show of hands how many people in this room now when they watch their favorite TV show takeaway sports now when you watch your favorite television show you watch it on your time not when it actually airs Netflix HBO GO DVR you watch your favorite TV show on your time raise your hands high show me Oh weird everybody this isn’t the 14 to 23 year old crowd and if you’re lucky enough that your remote control falls off your bed so you can’t fast-forward and a commercial actually comes every person in this room grabs their phone and checks their email yet yet we are spending 80 billion dollars and you don’t give a rat’s ass that a Jeep is going up a hill right you don’t care for shit and we’re throwing good money directly in the trash how many people here who can’t wait to leave this great conference how many people here can’t wait to get home tonight from the Vistage conference and check their mail carefully and go through that billions of dollars that are spent on direct mail to sell you something and what about outdoor media billions of dollars spent on billboards to sell us stuff if you drive home from this conference please look at five if you remember anything from this talk go outside now when you go home and look at five people driving I promise you every passenger is looking at their phone all attention that used to be there ten years ago that’s gone shit three out of the five drivers are looking at their phone so people are looking at billboards they’re barely looking at the fucking road as an effect since the first time since I was 16 I’m driving with both hands because I’m scared of you guys cuz you’re literally looking at your phone at all times and by the way this is not a traditional versus digital thing how many people here click the banner ad in the last year I mean nobody does that it’s on the bottom left hand corner of a website nobody wants that pre-roll videos that make you watch a video for 30 seconds that you have no interest in because you wanted to see something else not value stealing from us I made an early investment in a company called uber that’s good but I passed on uber angel round and left hundreds of millions of dollars on the table which is a real Mis for me it’s because I didn’t understand what goober was really selling the first time around when I passed in the next round I made a connection my brother took the first uber in New York City because we’re very friendly with the founder and CEO and we were testing it and I realized holy crap uber doesn’t sell transportation uber sells time my friends we are living through a 24/7 365 world everybody here is how many people remember working pre-internet just raise your hands that’s right you guys have real context remember actually you even if you were a workaholic you work 9:00 to 8:00 p.m. at least the day was over there’s none of that anymore we’re all on 24/7 365 which means time has become our number one asset we value it immensely we will spend for it tremendously and that is why you BIR has one direct how many people here have taken an uber in New York City tri-state area while waiting for the uber have watched yellow cabs drive right by that literally uber sells the perception of time and we go for it this is important for you to think about the following people that do sales in this room a lot of people do sales there’s a big conversation between sales and marketing in my mind always because they matter so much and they both matter and so many of these companies in this room in the market live on sales and don’t think enough about marketing which then becomes a more time value higher level can save you a lot of cost on sales and more importantly sales are changing how many people in this room are willing to admit the following this is intense how many people are willing to admit the following I need you here how many people are now mad when another human being calls them raise your hand raise it high I want everybody see this raise it high high I want you guys to look around keep it up for a second I see you later you dropping it because I think a lot of people don’t understand this phenomenon this happening this is about 50% of the room my friends let me just say this one more time I just passed a room full of 700 people how many people were mad when any human being calls them ever and they’re mad they’re mad because they understand technology has gotten to a place where that doesn’t have to be the case they’re mad because you could have texted me and I could get back to you on my time not you bothering me on your time mom and so we’ve lived for 70 years we’re marketing and advertising and sales have been in the business of disrupting you when you’re doing your shit and trying to sell you I want to listen to the ballgame they’re gonna stop and sell me some beer I’m listening to a great radio show they stop they try to sell something I’m reading a very good article I turn the page wait it’s a full-page ad for a car I got to get around it right I want to go to a website a banner ad pops up I’ve got to click it get out of the way and then read what I want we have been in disruptive marketing so I call you in your house and try to tell a market to you right this has been the game for 70 years and there’s a problem the problem is technology has finally caught up to the actual consumer behavior it started with boo-booed with them Tibo and it’s moving on to every technology in the world including the next update for Apple where they’re blocking ads on your mobile device because I think we all know there’s nothing worse there’s literally nothing worse than a pop-up banner ad on a mobile device because as you guys know it takes a the whole goddamn screen I don’t know if you’ve noticed the X is so minuscule I don’t know about you guys my thumb is fattest shit I try to I try to X out I miss I click it it takes me to the wrong page it steals 4 seconds of my time which is really goddamn valuable at this point cuz the way we live and back home at media agency world or at the brand and the look look how good the click through ratio is meanwhile you hate that brand meanwhile after that happened to me 500 times on ESPN I call my wife I said no more Samsung products as long as I when I’m dead Lizzy do your own thing but I’m telling you right now no more Samsung products because the sentiment was negative not positive I know that we help companies like GE sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in lighting contracts by running ads against employees of cost companies that actually could buy that lighting contract I know that if you use LinkedIn Twitter and Facebook properly one sales person can drive the sales results that a 10 person sales team can do for your business if you actually knew how it worked I know that nobody understands that right this second Facebook ads is the single best ad product since early Google AdWords and the only point of view that people have on it was the organic reach went away and they tricked us to sell us ads yet not recognizing it’s the best ROI ad product of all time and number two the kids aren’t their cool agreed but shit a lot of people here don’t need to be selling to 15 year olds so I know that you’ve heard of social media and you hear of it as social media that thing and I hear in as social media the slang term for the current state of the internet and when you take that definition and understand the current state of the internet it gets a lot harder in this room to bet against it a lot of it against the Internet knock yourself is out it’s a bad idea because if you sit here calmly actually this is a very important conversation to have right now because I want to navigate off of this show of hands how many people in this room are retiring in the next five years and I don’t mean you’re gonna fucking kill it and buy a boat I mean I mean you’re old and you’re fucking finished so one more time but one more time how many people retiring here in the next five years raise your hands one two three okay great so for you six gentlemen I think you can take some of the you know content that I’m about to roll out with with some grain of salt you know really hope you enjoyed the fishing and whatever the fuck you’re up to um but for the rest of you please remember that ten years ago today nothing that matters in attention today existed not smartphones Facebook YouTube or they just turn ten LinkedIn Twitter Instagram snapchat my friends this is the number one thing in the world this right here fifty percent of what people do on this thing is social networks attention attention you think that your customers not on it because you’ve aged down the platforms you think it’s 20 year olds how many people in this room on Facebook raise your hands Oh weird interesting yeah how many people in this room on Instagram raise your hands hmm more do people would have thought because what we’re living through back to that culture shift if you’re bought into this religion not the tactic what we’re living through my friends is something very very fascinating which is the age downa fication of our society let me explain if you are lucky enough to be in this room right now and can sit here and know your age and if you were lucky enough to know your parent at your exact age that you are now if you’re blessed enough to have known your parent at the age that you are right the second how many people have that raise your hands now think about your parent at your age right now how much goddamn older they more than you are acting now we are acting so much younger in one generation as a matter of fact if you look at the consumer behavior the average 42 year-old woman is acting like most 29 year old females only a decade ago the number one growth of selfies on Instagram is 40 to 50 year old females cougar selfies cougar selfies early in Facebook when I spoke in rooms like this in 2009 and I said you’re gonna be on Facebook you know that whole spiel I did with raise your hand so yeah I know I would segue into how many people here are not on Facebook a lot of people raise your hands I would say you’re gonna be on it they would be like No then I would ask actually let’s ask it here how many people in this room at one point in her lives probably seven eight years ago said that they would never go on Facebook why would they do that and have now gone on Facebook raise your hands tell the truth so that was the game I would play right and so to me what people didn’t understand back then I used to call it the grandma effect which was I was living in the age where I knew people were putting their kids pictures on Facebook and if you wanted to keep up with your kids that’s where you had to be period than the story it’s the biggest reason so many people in this room are on Instagram now because that’s where their kids are spending their time on theirs even how many people in this room are on snapchat raise your hands high let’s clap it up for these pioneers good shit and I know some of the old folks are here like isn’t that the site where they send the penis pictures and the sex I know that’s what old white men put on media to scare you away from these things it’s the place where 125 million people go every single day and spend multiple hours now those people right now are 14 to 25 year olds those same people will be 25 to 35 year olds in about oh I don’t know 12 to 18 months those people that make business decisions those people that influence people within their organizations to make business decisions and it might make sense for you to have some goddamn clue of what’s going on there if that’s going to be the case and that’s the theory and that’s the basic principle which is if you sit in this room right now and you run a business that does seven figures a year and you have zero knowledge of what’s going on on Facebook and Instagram and snapchat and Twitter and Pinterest depending on your business if you have zero knowledge and you have a seven-figure business in b2b or b2c you as a CEO are not positioning your business in the right manner you are making yourself very very vulnerable because this shift is real because technology doesn’t care about how you want the world to be it just does it the way it’s going to be some poor sap bought five thousand horses before Henry Ford created the car he lost the price went down on that commodity because technology changed Woolworths and JC Penney’s and Sears didn’t innovate they lost iBM is in deep trouble because of cloud services and then adjust but Amazon did and the world goes on and on and on and my friends with all due respect to everybody in this room including myself way better way bigger businesses than ours have gone out of business by disrespecting the year that we live in how many people here are in mana fit in manufacturing raise your hands I mean look I assume you’re paying a little attention to what’s going on with 3d printing like ya got to like you wanted us disrespect it you’re more than welcome if you deploy technology growth over a 10-year window it’s very difficult to understand why in the world 15 years from this moment right now anybody would buy a screwdriver or a part of any sorts when they can print it in their home your head can’t totally wrap itself around that because we didn’t grow up with it but nor did your great great you went and dug up your great-great-grandfather and showed him this world he would shit his pants they would say what the hell is this and that and this and that do you know that the number one new construction feature on suburban homes in 2015 is a door on the front door of homes so that people can drop the amazon packages right behind it guys we you know I I questioned myself you know what’s really most interesting to me is that all of you know these things are happening in real life oh let me just raise your hands yeah half of you don’t want a phone call from another person right you’re sending emojis to each other you didn’t know what an emoji was 24 months ago right you’re all your behaviors from an everyday basis the way you live as a human being have shifted on you yet you’re trying to run your business as if it doesn’t exist in today’s environment of communication this is a major opportunity as it is a major risk and you’re more than welcome to put your head in the sand and I’ll tell you this the number one quickest way to go out of business is to be romantic about how you make your money you’re more than welcome to draw a line in the sand you’re more than welcome to be super sad that when you go out to a restaurant and you see a couple sitting there and they’re both on the phone you’re more than welcome to judge them how sad that is right you’re more than welcome to judge your grandkids or your nieces and nephews or your own kids about how they just sit at home and play Minecraft and their fat asses because they don’t go outside or how this is my favorite this is my favorite old person talking I’m talking like my 30 year old friends oh these kids they don’t even know how to communicate to each other because they’re always on the phone right they don’t know how to communicate meanwhile what you were doing on that same Tuesday afternoon 30 years old earlier was you were outside throwing a tennis ball against the wall playing wall ball by yourself and more importantly which way more interesting to me is where the hell do you think the world’s going like what do you think your kids and these youngsters lives are going to look like in a digital era you think we’re going backwards you think everyone’s gonna melt their phones and like we’re gonna be anti-technology this is going in one direction and what what I’m passionate about and what I have fear for is the level of disrespect for how big of a shift this really is and how intense it changes your industries my friends when I invested in uber I called my dad as a dad you need to talk to Lenny and Nicolai Viktor and Ivan because all my dad’s friends when they came to America a lot of them went to LA how many people have lived in LA or spent time in LA so as you guys probably know if you’ve spent time there every single black car in LA is driven by a Russian dude right so they set up shop there in the 70s and 80s these are good guys they’re 62 63 years old and my dad’s friends I call my dad I said listen this Eber thing is real because it Buber just for your own knowledge it happened fast it was very quickly like holy crap what the hell’s San Francisco did more in the first three months than they projected for two years so you got something here right so clomid I said look dad these guys need to sell their business my dad has seen me be write a lot sends me that way these guys laughed me out of the phone they said let me get this straight daddy people are gonna pick up people randomly in their cars through their phone you’re such a nice boy here’s the interesting thing in 36 months and this this is not a fun story – these are guys that came to America in the late 70s worked as a cab driver for seven or eight years every day of their lives built up money bought their own cars and medallions built the business work their asses off have now just hit 62 63 maybe bought a boat to go in the Revue finally ready to like cash in either sell the business or have somebody else in the family run it collect dividends and literally their businesses are worth a quarter on the dollar in 36 months I mean do you think that the Hilton and the Marriott and Four Seasons five years ago when they sat in a room five years ago sat a room and said okay what’s gonna happen in hotel industry who’s gonna what’s the Westin this really said what’s the West’s thing gonna do Hilton said what do you think Marriott’s gonna do nobody in that fuck meeting razor hands and says you know what I think is going to happen is a platform is going to come out where people put their apartments and homes on it and everybody just buys it off each other I think I’m gonna call it Airbnb nobody said that nobody said that five years ago it didn’t exist and that is now the disproportionate biggest hospitality company in the world how many people in this room have used an Airbnb raise your hands raise your hands high you know what raise your hands high for a second isn’t one everybody sees I’ll be honest with you and I’m in this shit this is what I do 24/7 raise your hands kill one more time I apologize I don’t bothering you that’s a lot I’m surprised wait a minute how many people on Instagram raise your hands all right that’s fucked up we need more Instagram stuff like that makes no sense on the ratio meter guys almost half this room just raised their hand that they used an Airbnb every one of those dollars used to go to the Marriott and the Four Seasons and the Ritz and somebody else we are really really really living through a culture shift that everybody’s disproportionately under estimating and let me tell you the quickest and easiest way for you to address it in your world how many people here spend money on marketing in any shape or form raise your hands every one of you has to go look at every line item on your P&L of what you spend on marketing I promise you forty to sixty percent of the money you spend to make more money is going directly in the garbage cuz your marketing like it’s a decade ago and as a matter of fact I know this because I do this for a living at scale most of you don’t even know the practitioner details in that spend it’s just the way it is you’ve taken for granted what it does you do not know the current ro eyes of your AdWords campaign your direct mail campaign your platforms your sponsorships your flyers your radio whatever it is you’re doing and so while this is all happening in this entire room is spending their money’s on those places people are tuning out those messages be buying buying an ad in a print magazine I mean really because somebody’s going to go to page 132 of the b2b magazine in your industry and see your full-page ad and get inspired to call you I mean we are wasting real fucking money hundreds of collective billions of dollars each year being thrown directly in the trash because people are not practitioners in the reality of the current marketplace and so I implore you and by the way I know what you’re thinking huh this guy might be right yeah I’m gonna take that twenty four-year-old in my office and put him on this do not fucking do that most of your twenty four year olds that are pushing social media as an agenda they’re practitioner ship on social media is about picking up chicks or dudes or hanging out it is not predicated on actually selling stuff there’s real tangible ROI in these platforms we have many b2b companies send selling million dollar contracts through a post on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn real money because you’re on them and please how many people on LinkedIn here we go everybody this is not a social media strategy go to LinkedIn and spam fuckers that you want to sell to that is not a strategy of emailing them cold and saying I’m Pam work with me it’s not going to work I mean I mean again because I look at the data of inbound versus outbound you don’t respond to the spamming you get unlike then yet you deploy it as if you think everybody’s different than you my friends it’s time to wake up it’s 2016 and the far majority of this room is not playing like it is and you’re putting your head in the sand if you don’t think this stuff is going to really shift stuff and your emerging competitors either the ones in this room the three the two that it get inspired from here and do something about it or the 15 to 20 that never knew the way you did it and are just starting and doing it the only way they know which is this way how many people here are familiar with Birchbox Birchbox raise your hand Birchbox company I wrote the first check in two zero two four hundred million dollars in revenue of a subscription of the month makeup business in four years meanwhile and by the way Pinterest Instagram Facebook meanwhile L’Oreal is a client of mine I go sit down with the CEO the other day he goes Gary we’re really struggling for twenty to thirty five year olds you’ve been saying this is a problem help me understand help me understand I said okay Fredrik I go for the last eighteen months I’ve been trying to explain to you that if you think that you’re gonna reach twenty to thirty five year old women by buying page 197 in Vogue and spending stick with me now seven hundred million dollars in print advertising you’re out of your goddamn mind and that’s it and so that’s Lori yells extreme and I know nobody here spending seven hundred million in advertising on print but they’re trying to capture people’s attention in a place that we left a long time ago my friends this is historic this is history repeating itself if you want to be a practitioner if you want to be as a story and go read go get yourself educated on the carnage the carnage that happened when the radio went for being the number one platform to being number two behind television and all the brands that were romantic and emotional about loving the radio and they love the guy that read their ad for them and they grew up listening to the ballgame on the radio so fuck this thing called TV go read the stories about that and understand we’re living through that again we’re not going back it’s not happening so wake up because you have a lot to lose and the most interesting part is if you actually wake up and become a practitioner and educated you have a lot to gain a whole lot so please mark it and operate like it’s 2015-16 because when you start marketing that way you start operating that way and you start realizing maybe you need to treat your employees differently I run a 600 person firm where I spend 70% of my time on HR I’m gonna head of HR that’s what I am I run an agency I sell people the hell am I going to spend my time on and we are now living in a place where your workforce has more options than it’s ever had before and if we’re not bringing value to our people if you’re not following every one of your employees on social media to get a context of who they are and what they are outside of your four walls you’re making a huge mistake – one of the best things I do now cures my workforce skews very young I respect that some of yours won’t or won’t have you but the bottom line is we need to do way more about caring about the number one asset we have which is our employees my customers are a distant second to my employees and with all the changes that are going on in this marketplace guys you know this everybody coming out of college right now thinks that they’re the next Mark Zuckerberg every 23 year-old in America right now is trying to raise two million dollars under bullshit fucking idea and a lot of people in this room raided wrote a $25,000 check to their friend’s son because he’s going to do the next uber and so really being very very interesting times and so what I can tell you practically is the disproportional ROI of my financial career has been predicated on investing my people and using the current technologies I’ve never been able to scale it better I have a better read and understanding who they are and how they roll and you start using these tools and this shift in so many different ways I really really implore you to take this seriously because if you think a lot changed in the last 10 years wait to see what happens in the next 10 years are you guys ready for smart pants cuz smart phones are here right we can all agree that got smart are you guys ready for smart pants let me tell you what smart pants are you put your pants on in the morning cool you’re running through life you’re busy you go to a fast-food joint you order a burger you go to pay for it now with this on an everyday basis so five years from now paying with this wallet no more you got to pay for it it declines and your smart pants text you stop eating burgers get a salad badass it’s all coming smart refrigerator you know disrupted that’s going to be for CPG brands your smart refrigerator in your kitchen knowing that you’re a Bud Light drinker then when you’re down to one bud light it reorders it for you and so who’s gonna make that sale Walmart I don’t think so my wine shop I don’t think so Bud Light the Internet is the middleman many of you won’t see it all the way through to disrupt your business but that’s only going to happen out of luck you got lucky that you didn’t own a hotel you got lucky that you didn’t own a black car service but right now right this second one of the businesses in this room is being disrupted by two kids with an idea with tons of money and backing and the internet as its infrastructure to speed up from zero to a pain-in-the-ass to a fucking problem in 24 months and if you don’t start running the marathon at at least at least I can’t help ask you to do what I try to do every day which is try to put myself out of business every day I wake up I try to put myself out of business because it’s much more fun if I do it then somebody else does it for me and I can’t ask you to do that because that’s a big leap from not being deep in it but what I can ask this room is to start looking at their advertising and start acting like it’s 2016 because that would become a proxy to all your behavior both in HR both in operations both in product both in everything it’s the quickest and most practical way to be there I love when people position me in media I was on Bloomberg TV today thought leader guru this tenet I’m the most practical person I was born with zip when I was doing my marketing there was no awards there was no reports like many of you if I didn’t sell more Pinot Grigio that was the problem so all this stuff I’m telling you I’m gonna fucking futurist I’m not here to get you excited I’m here to wake you the fuck up I’m practical shit it’s 2015 wake up thank you thank you thank you so what I would look that’s great rah rah but I wanted to cut it short I want to go deep into QA please come with social media 101 very practical stuff don’t be shy I got a list of a lot of the people that were in this room in the businesses 99 percent of you suck shit so so nobody’s gonna be embarrassed we’re all in the same place so who’s got a question yes what’s your name my man charles bernard traffic CEO of criteria for success or a sales improvement company fantastic and we meld training with a system for selling and about a year ago 12 months ago i invested heavily like way beyond what i thought i should or could in social media marketing what was in detail what did you do do you know well first thing i did is i hired a marketing manager yes i spent a ton of time interviewing for the right person i think i got the right person yes well she does is badger me every single week yes we should do this we should we should buy this license we should spend 12 K on HubSpot we should be about oh my god in more money more money and it went I really what resonated was the the business about religion because I really did honestly take a leap of faith I was like I don’t see an ROI you know you’re not gonna see an ROI yes but we got a hundred more followers this week I’m like where is that translating to money a hundred what does that mean right we’re business people here who give the fuck who now it’s 200 a week yeah now we’re we’re blowing away our visits Gold’s it’s there etc so my question really is did you sell anything more well we’ve got a lot of people no no did you sell more shit no right because the person you hired suck shit that was my question with developing a lot of content you know what you know what happens have you hired somebody that’s in the job of marketing for the sake of marketing you just rattled off a bunch of marketing metrics I don’t give it AI 1.2 million followers on Twitter I don’t give a fuck I like I care about how it even by shit when I go sell a book I want I know that a hundred thousand then we’re gonna buy that’s what I’m excited about I know the other 1.19 ou can create more word-of-mouth for more people that I can convert she’s rattling off for he I was trying to follow you there rattling up big money right HubSpot on advisor to HubSpot it’s a tool marketers love tools right like everyone like you can give me the greatest screwdriver and saw you know you know these things if you’re a good athlete if something don’t you love those people who buy the best like tennis I like playing tennis I love my homies that buy fucking the doll sneakers you know fucking joker pads like they got the federal racketeering they got all the fucking tools they get in the court they get smoke six love that’s what I’m worried about with marketers they want all the tools they want all the metrics but they don’t connect the pipes to make stuff sell I am only a Salesman I can sell a lot of stuff for you because every one of my things is reverse engineering the sale not the marketing jargon that is my belief on your quick listen I have to really like somebody would have to audit it but when I hear HubSpot and I hear how many followers and how much traffic I get pissed because those are nice marketing proxies but how many convert is what matters well I will say we’re getting more opportunities so the question is that was really my question where do you do you see a trend so I’m seeing a trend right we went from not getting any opportunities through social media people are contacting us we never reached out to don’t know where they’re coming from this thing asking for demos doing a lot of stuff that sounds promising it is so we’re getting what and we’re getting wait a minute did I pick on the wrong person is she getting us all the things we need but you guys are fucking up the clothes I just don’t think it’s happening fast enough I mean it’s that I mean I feel bad now can you apologize for me it’s that it sounds like everybody else’s fucking shit well you know we’re developing amazing content so my question really is is oh it’s not really cut it’s an observation I’d be curious on your thoughts yep we’re generating so what I’ve discovered in this year this which is a relatively short amount of time I guess because I’ve never done it before is we’ve parallel streamed I would say about 20 initiatives yes and some of them took root and some of them didn’t but they know we’re developing content where in all these platforms you mentioned yes we’re getting we’re getting of downloads where we’re getting forms we’re gonna guess so how long do I have to wait and what do I have to do you look like it is a very simple question I think the answer is I would look at are you getting qualified leads like those leads I would try to now first I would look at your content and I would see if there was a real right hook at the end of the content to drive people into a funnel where I could then convert right is there a phone number because maybe your demo skews older and just hitting a phone number button is a quicker way than filling out a form I’m always trying to create as little friction as possible to get to the sale so first I’d have to look at the content and see how much friction there is to get to the funnel then I need to see what happens when it’s in the funnel is somebody calling them are they disrespecting the social I mean look businesses are funny politics are real maybe the person on the sales team doesn’t like that this social media person is doing is such a good good job and they’re punting and lallygagging all those leads and doing it the old way because they’re uncomfortable with this and maybe not following up with those leads you got to look at every piece of the pie to get to the conversion of the sale but it’s not super hard go audit to see if the stuff is really getting qualified leads then go find out what those 90 people what happened to them like what happened to Rick Thompson who downloaded a demo and then put his email and phone number in what do we do with them that’s like having a store people come to the store but you close the register so I need to look at all the pieces of the funnel it sounds like potentially there’s some stuff brewing but it seems like the organization since it’s so new hasn’t made the connection point from lead to a sale I mean how long do you have to wait you have to wait until you actually have the players in place to actually close it you might have you could have waited it could have happened seven months ago if all the pieces were talking to each other thank you yeah yes sir what’s your name hey Brian thank you this is my con I want to make sure everybody hears it don’t know there we go sorry no where’s my ha the question is it so company relatively are in our stage of content marketing so what we do is provide CFO services for small medium-sized businesses okay so the big question is right now we have our own podcast great we use to try to get our content out there love that in terms of living in 2015 yes is that the right venue I’m a big fan of podcasting and what about what are you doing about getting people to listen to the podcast well we’re trying to get interesting co-hosts that help us and siphon their audience to be a proxy to get into their in part and part of its also to show that you know whether what’s hitting small medium-sized businesses whether it’s a marketing issue social networking exception so we try to make it interesting yep from the perspective the entrepreneur that’s right but is that a better way of doing things is that like a couple years old or should it be more about video I wouldn’t get hung up on what’s the hottest thing or marking it you like it podcasting is an absolute tactic of 2015 tons of people listen to them how many people here listen to podcasts it’s pretty cool it’s a good number a lot more than three years ago it had a resurgence it was big and like Oh a toast at 9:00 now all of a sudden kind of clicked as our phones got smart Bluetooth in the car became a big reason podcast blew up because people just throwing it from the phone to the car I think that’s a great tactic I’m a little worried about what you do to get people to listen to it too many people spend time of like I mean a podcast yeah I’m like great what do you want a cookie like you need you need you need to get people to listen to it so that it becomes a proxy content wise to a sale so Facebook Ads targeting your co-hosts fans on Facebook yeah we try doing that we also use our own respective LinkedIn Network so just use organic when you’re a b2b CFO and a moment to small business product you’re not going to have a lot of fans so you need to use Facebook Ads smartly employees of small businesses so it shows up in their feed what about and I’m much higher at this level if people aren’t hardcore knowing that they’re not going to spend a lot of money I want every penny to count back to how I grew a three million dollar businesses the way I built wine library from three to sixty and five years every penny was perfect so Facebook is so disproportionately better than Twitter right now that I don’t even want to have people go there there’s ways to do it there’s a a white listing product I love where somebody says something nice about your business you contact them I give you permission to whitelist it you can amplify their tweet in ads which is great because it’s third party endorsement so there’s some tactics but Facebook employees of small businesses in New Jersey I mean what else do you fucking want you’re not wasting a penny on distribution you’re getting in front of exactly the right people then they press play and now the content becomes the variable if you’re good they stay you can get them if the show sucks you’re in trouble okay thanks and if you’re free for co-hosts will love to have you all thank you why’d you let him this go punch him in the face the customer right fucking hate customer’s always right it’s awesome by the way to that point what would you listen to from it do you read the email descends cool have you sent an email that’s hyping the podcast well that’s fucking stupid I respect that but you’re doing a free podcast for information to make clients smarter and better feels hard to if you were charging $4.99 in episode maybe he could look at it cynically but if it’s a free podcast that has some educational things that we think will matter to you I don’t see that as selling I see that as providing value got it how are you my friend I portray bar Ben Horne president of Ben Hur Office interior and office furniture company here in New York loved it I thought you great by the way thank you I’ve been at three or four of these ready by far the best talk right you’re the best speaker yeah but um me there’s a lot of midsize businesses here and I’m sure you have people of making efforts with social media and everyone’s an expert I don’t know who to listen to that is a problem I have an internship or Brock yeah I have an internal marketing person of an SEO agency I’m confused yeah so what’s the tip of advice it’s a it’s a good tip to marking off the balance and head it to them it’s your business right use me it’s your business my business here’s the tip get fucking educated it’s your business spend 50 hours read a couple books there’s this crazy site called YouTube it’s free you can watch videos you have to be educated it’s no different than somebody standing up and saying oh man I’m getting really hosed by my CFO or finances because you weren’t educated about your finances like this is a this is a core skill that’s needed and either your get lucky and you somebody you trust with your life because that’s what your business is you let them run it or you get educated so that when you ask a question your SEO firm is running most of its ads against your own company’s name on Google and so you’re probably spending half your money on people that would have come to you anyway like you need to become a practitioner you know it’s no different than being good enough to pick good furniture if you were bad at that your business would be over I would beam specially for selling b2b product for you not to be a practitioner of how you’re actually getting and leads in that environment is a vulnerability right I’m sure cataloging and phone calls you know that’s how you built it me too the problem is you can save a lot of money away from that stuff if you’ve learned this so go to Turks and Caicos for four days take your laptop use the Wi-Fi read a couple books watch 18 seminars and get educated and then have a smart conversation I mean it’s so funny all my friends ask me they all have businesses like I don’t get it like then put it in the work or don’t and let it be a vulnerability you can roll the way you want to but that is the answer yeah I’m gonna go all the way over there announcer on how long how are you get a mic out I could you can’t hear me I can hear him oh what’s your name jeonggi lovely ladies of me I said no you don’t mic good night John Greenhut first of all I never really cursed but that was fucking great I’m glad I could inspire who are the shit man like really good now you’re rolling keep going so just to simplify this because that you know it’s a huge world out there in you know in web marketing yes I guess if I was going to ask you one simple question what would be top three things on Facebook advertising or just Facebook marketing that you would suggest to everyone here what do you what would your what’s your business or what do you do for my market nutritional supplements skin care teeth whitening products TV radio or online Jesus Christ yeah you can just you can kill oh really you can literally think about this so how do you spend keep the mic how do you spend your money now all three infomercials no short form short form and uh what’s the rest uh radio television internet marketing and what’s the internet basically SEM Google Adwords uh no we were banner again I need to educate myself Chris no ever we’re doing everything from blogging yeah the bottom line is you could literally and you know what the couple so here’s a good example you know what your products compete with right like you know your products and you know what the other big products are in the category right you can literally market against people that are fans of that product and have your story video or print which is picture or video and Facebook and people actually see it because it’s in their stream so you can create segmentations you could create a segmentation of if you want to market if you’re teeth whitening product is doing super well in whatever category you’re knowledgeable about if you’re trying to reach a sixty year eight year old male who’s drank coffee his whole life versus a 25 year old Upper East Side female you’ve got to tell them two different stories that’s why Facebook is so powerful we can segment that scale so the right tactic is create as many segmentations as you possibly can afford that target customers and then tell stories to them that matter to them means it everybody is like guys T me and general marketing is all vanilla because it’s trying to reach everybody or you can run an ad for teeth whitening – 25 to 29 year old asian-americans and go figure this is mind-blowing maybe there’s an Asian American man in the picture like you want to sell me shit talk about the Jets if you sell peanut butter put a Facebook post with some peanut butter and a fucking Jets hat I’ll buy it so it’s not just demo you know it’s not just why does be et over-index with african-americans in viewership they’re in it like it’s crazy like we can mark it so smartly so learn how segmentation works what’s crazier that will blow your mind is they’ll cost you a hundred or two hundred dollars per group to see meaningful things happen if your contents right and then you win if your products right but like the exercise and supplement amulet that’s the only people I mean you should be buying Instagram ads yesterday that’s all that’s going on on Instagram Instagram is basically soft porn of fitness people I like all the dudes laughed you fucking scum buckets thank you yes hi Ted Goldberg Aileen candles were a domestic manufacturer comment first and then a question um I spent way too much money retail at your place you can’t get in on the weekends I would knock down that Taco Bell and make it into a parking trust me yeah it was a beta thank you so where do you live I live in New York City and Tewksbury New Jersey thank you so much for your halfway and I spend way too much money really love you so much and there’s a bunch of us here that will uh collect a fund to displace Woody Johnson to jet we missed that we missed those ads on the Jersey Turnpike if you’re taking over the Jets and that’s fun like he’s referring to Iran billboard ads on Jersey Turnpike for Wine Library and Wine Library TV I did a show on YouTube a couple months after you two K out that maybe kind of internet famous like I know the arbitrage of print radio television Direct Mail I spent on it heavily and understood it compared to the alternatives now keep call my friend um so what you said about people completely resonates from my partner night um we we are right now trying to get a grasp and you didn’t mention glass store yes we’re really trying to get a grasp on kind of the message we’re exiting out found in terms of attracting I’m gonna throw four people I’m gonna throw you for such a loop in a minute good ok um let me get right into it how many people are familiar with what glass door is cool so so weird going to get a handle right now we have a lot of factory workers hire our what furnace I’m going to drive three people so we’re dealing with minimum age weight minimum wage workers so Yelp Facebook yep blast or we’re trying to both attract really talented people and all levels and we’re trying to kind of exude and combat some of the negativities written because we have minimum wage employer employees kind of can you just comment on the whole can outbound and company image through glass door yes for Facebook and the like yes so I’m very passionate about this yet so every single employee that we fire at vaynermedia that is not self-aware and didn’t heed to the 30 I mean Oh James Orsini where are you James please stand up James please tell this room how shitty I am at keeping employees around way too long and giving them way too much chance that fuck’s up our cash flow and our profit margin like the worst you’ve ever seen right good I’m the worst like I love employees literally the most and I give them 47,000 chances to figure it out but when we fire them if they’re still like what the fuck I’m like I literally tell them to leave a negative review on Glassdoor if they believe that so I would tell you that I think vaynermedia’s Glassdoor review is disproportionately worse than its reality because I have no interest in anybody applying for my company if they believe in anonymous reviews on the internet so I would spin this conversation a little bit backwards there’s a lot of 10 years worth of Yelp data and a lot of other data that points to a unbelievable distrust to anonymous reviews versus the establishment now the reason I can win is because I put out so much content that I’ve built out equity instead of going on the defense against Yelp and Glassdoor I want you to go on the offense to the world by putting out content got it it’s changing the conversation in your mind from a defensive one to an offensive one you like it right exactly yeah yep just looking good yeah hi hi darlin Deb DiGregorio camera I’ve been marketing tech companies for over 30 years amazing nice to meet you right nice to meet you too right down the road from you in Maplewood we do business strategy marketing and technology we talked about getting educated yeah so here’s the shameless hussy plug do it this is a book I just wrote yes 30 years of brilliance in it yes to our well on our list think it’s brilliance let me be the judge of that sorry go ahead okay okay you can be the judge now go ahead right gonna call triumph over toothpicks the essential guide to business in the digital age you and I are very much on sync so I’m going to answer your question before you even ask it how am i selling it first standing up here shamelessly and Hawking it to everybody in the room everybody respects that cuz we don’t have a second um Facebook Ads go bigger go figure and sending them direct to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and especially Amazon works great so have you started trying it are you in is Instagram still in beta right there I think it’s sir I’m still Instagram is going to open up you like I know Instagram is going to be a beast for you the book sales that are happening organically on Instagram or overwhelming the other thing you may want to do is go to Instagram search specific hashtags that you think will be relevant and reach out to individuals you can pay as little as twenty five to fifty dollars for a sponsored post where they’ll take a post of it make sure that they put out hashtag sponsored so it’s not doesn’t feel inauthentic or and I think you could do really well well take you you’re welcome a kid yeah let me go let me go over there back there hey darlin hello hello hi my name is deepali I’m from precision technologies and I’m wondering what’s your opinion about social media marketing for b2b businesses I think it’s a good market any fee s then how what did you say I think it’s a good fucking idea yeah because you said everybody has their smart ones what are you guys what’s what himself IT staffing services great who do you sell to CTO CIOs yes great make a video that the opening line says does your CIO know make it 49 seconds don’t talk about your product make it about the thesis of your world then deploy it against employees of the companies that you want to sell to that cio and CTO will have five emails in his or her inbox the next morning for people that work at DuPont GE small businesses or whoever the hell your target is in 24 hours for a couple of hundred bucks you know what that’s called practitioner ship okay and and and and the reason I’m making a big point about this is what I just told her Anna is right make content that targets the person that makes the business decision start the creative in the copy of does your CTO know then tell your story for a minute and then deploy it for a hundred bucks against the employees of a company which is one of the segmentations that you can run ads against in a facebook world it shows up in a feed I go hi I work at this company I don’t know Rick noses share center Rick now Rick knows five people tell him he’s curious he comes into your that’s a good idea no shit thank you hon let’s put it on can you check if her likes on okay there we go what’s your name Malou Walker how are you of matrix initiatives were the company that makes and markets Zicam great get to shorten the duration of a cold I think we’re also a client so you’ve talked all today about outgoing messages and how we can place our messages going out yes and we do a lot of that and we do a lot of Facebook posts and the whole thing but I’m also interested in is there a way is there a technology or process where we can get information in so we do lots of traditional market research yes you know we do a lot of people on my team spent a lot of time just reading a lot yes and paying attention on to social media and just trying to understand our consumer yes I’m far more interested in what my consumer is doing now and how she’s segmented now and how a big market research study could tell me how they’re segmented in understanding I love with the white spaces and is there is there a organized way we can pull that in through um so you did you me yeah so what you’re referring to like so first of all this is a tremendous question so thank you there’s unbelievable amounts of market research available for free now compared to paying Boston Consulting a million dollars to tell you so obviously the lowest hanging fruit is Twitter search right so slash search and putting in keywords is stunning IP right now there’s listening tools radian6 salesforce products where you can pay a lot of money that scrapes big data and formulates it I’m actually going to throw you for a loop and kind of similar to like reframing the question on the Glassdoor question I get most of my market research by creating content that leads the conversation in the comments section to a question or insight that I’m looking forward to see what I mean so if you made content around what a mother does who has two children and works a full-time job and then created a poll or LED the sentence be finished by their comments and then targeted women with two children that have professions or your own CRM database you can extract exactly what you’re looking for when you present it in a way where it’s content and fun and interesting enough value and lightweight and that’s one of my favorite favorite ways to get consumer insights at scale because then when I get a question organically that I like I’ll amplify it with ads to hit meaningful scale to really get a proxy make sure I’m not just speaking within an eco and then there’s the rating sixes and all those other listening tools that are out there that can give you that proxy as well so they call ground signal that I’m an investor in that I’m obsessed with that searches Instagram photos and comments because that’s a new place where a lot of millennial moms are spending their time so I think you know there’s some tools out there as I’m sure you’re probably where you can go freehand and use the new Facebook search and the really established well-planted twitter search or you could start making content on your own platforms that leads them to the well of an insight and then amplify it with smart targeted ads you’re welcome yo hi Gary I’m Peter Bell I’m the president CEO of Eden autism services which is an agency down in Princeton Univ near Princeton University but Princeton New Jersey my question has to do more about what is your advice to us as CEOs about our own personal profiles on Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat and all those kinds of things I have always avoided the friend request from the family or the mom whose kid goes to my school or even staffed and so forth I was intrigued by the fact that your Facebook friends with all of your employees and so forth how do you differentiate your professional life from your personal life do I really want people to know that I was out cheering my daughter on for La Crosse over the weekend or what I had for dinner the other night because it was just so great and so forth yeah how do you how would you advise all of us to have so first of all most on Facebook if you want to create a public persona version of yourself you can create a Facebook fan page and drive everybody towards their you set an autoresponder on those requests on your personal Facebook page hold on to the mic for a second because it might be a follow up and you could drive them there the other thing is you just may feel comfortable and showing that part of your life I still think that people do business with people and that if you both like Rubio or if you both like the Jets or things that make sure that stuff matters I don’t think every CEO should be on I remember there was a big trend in 2008-9 on Twitter every CEO needs to be on Twitter I think that’s a mistake because I think a lot of CEOs are not cool and nice and interesting people right so like if you know that you’re introverted and don’t like engaging with people why put yourself in a place where you do that at scale but I think it’s an individual at the end of day it’s an individual decision um I think there’s way more benefits nobody’s making you post content right yeah I’m stunningly out there it’s very difficult to find pictures of my two children because I’ve made that choice um I can text pictures to my mom or you know what I mean so I think it’s a personal choice I think I think most people are leaving a lot of upside on the table by closing it off because there’s a lot of other ways to communicate to the actual six people that you give a shit about than just Facebook and so that’s my answer thank you I know I’m over so that’s that guys thank you