Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 8 Reaction The Mountain and The Viper

hey everybody it’s Roberto and welcome to another game of Thrones video for season 4 tonight’s episode the mountain and the Viper was epic and if you want to see my live reaction to it for when the actual show was on tonight you can go ahead and you can click on the annotation to skip ahead to that part of the video but I’m also gonna give you a kind of like my thoughts on what happened in that last episode scene tonight and it was just amazing and horrifying all at the same time and even though I read the books I was still shocked and I still got a little bit of a jump reaction out of it it was that ridiculous oh man it was just it was just brutal watching that I I mean I don’t know about the rest of you but it’s like even for me I’ve seen everything I’ve seen Hannibal I’ve seen Dexter and the thing is Game of Thrones can still shock and like make me jump when it does scenes like this um I don’t know what it is specifically even though I read the books I was just so in the moment that I wasn’t expecting that I think it’s actually been a while for me since I read that scene in the books because it was a while ago his years ago so again I was still surprised even as a book reader I wonder how you guys feeling I can’t wait to watch everyone else’s reaction videos tonight but tonight’s episode was awesome I can’t you know say enough that I really kept hearing Inigo Montoya’s voice from Princess Bride because I’m a kid from the 80s whenever Oberyn Martell was doing his bit you know her name was Elia Martell of Dorne you raped her and you killed her children sad you know it was the whole my name is Inigo Montoya you killed my father prepare to die it was the same tone it was the same rhythm the entire time I know that they meant to do that on purpose I know that that was something that they planned and kudos to them for the you know shout out to all the eighties kids out there so anyway I really enjoyed tonight’s episode I’m gonna do a full review on the episode tonight the mountain and the Viper so stay tuned for that video as well but remember I’m actually doing Game of Thrones or videos review videos every night right after the show so go ahead and watch the from the previous episodes if you haven’t you know caught up on those from me and stay tuned for episode 8 s review on the mountain in the Viper anyway here is my live reaction when the scene was actually going down at the end with the mountain and the Viper enjoy Oh