Fun with Dry Ice (Be Careful) | Tim Ferriss

all right Tim Farriss here playing with dry ice that I received in my Omaha Steaks box didn’t know what to do so I sent a tweet out to my readers in Rob Knight told me to experiment as he did it as a science teacher with room temperature coins and dry ice so I could have groove into the ice with my Kershaw Assist open knife and you can see here vibrates like that Hillary to hold a pencil so it’s it’s freezing cold be careful you don’t freeze these to your fingers like I did a minute ago well if I take a warm coin I can press it listen to this hold and then it stops thought it was air vibrations but I think as something to do with the temperature so let’s try a different approach I have a cup of reasonably warm water here Wow don’t do that and then I’m going to grab a piece of dry ice here oh this is not as refined as mr. science you drop that in then you have instant fog look at that how cool is that and if you look inside I’ll try to show you guys this all the boiling bubbles are white which is pretty sweet so you have instant fog machine in your house and then what’s really cool which I did has a very interesting visual effect is you slowly pour it out so watch this it’s not half as cool looking at it from that perspective but it’s pretty neat to pour it out the sink then you have all this fog throughout the house that’s my indoor atrium over there I’ll show you that while we’re doing this as you can see I have more or less than rainforest 20 to 30 feet of plants in there so I can oxygenate and that’s the end of our science show for this evening thanks readers blood blood blood blood blood