Five Guys Burger and Fries Vs. In-N-Out: Who Has The Best Burger?

hey it’s jeff rose a good financial sense and in and out addict i am actually just left five guys which is a very popular burger joint i believe on the east coast maybe southeast i need to do some research but if you are on the blog right now you’re reading my post it talks about my comparison between in and out and five guys because i’ve had a lot of people tell me that five guys is the greatest burger they ever had but a lot of these people have never tried in and out before so therefore as you know if you bend the blog you know i love in and out burger I would give my left leg to have a double-double right now unfortunately I live in the Midwest so I only get in and out maybe once a year if I’m lucky but it makes it that much better but anyway I left five guys for the first time I just want to give a quick reaction as far as my initial thoughts of five guys 1 i’ll say the the employees were more than friendly I love the establishment has like kind of a cool feel all like their signs and stuff on the walls which you see I’ve took plenty of pictures of the the first thing my order was great they have two different style fries they have regular fries or cajun fries i didn’t know which one to order item or during the regular ones at first and i was waiting for my order ask the lady if she would actually have me like a try some occasion style and she gave me a little small sample so i thought that was really cool you know didn’t have to going out of their way you know to satisfy the customers but anyway my first initial reaction of five guys burgers versus in and out is without a doubt there’s no comparison sorry guys in and out is the best burger ever five guys it’s a good burger um it just I don’t know it’s not in and out anyway that’s that that’s my first takeaway I’m gonna eat it I word a double burger with a double cheeseburger ketchup only the fries the fries really aren’t that good either actually you see my my little one back here he he doesn’t you like it an out to don’t you buddy yeah see it’s unanimous in the Rose household in and out burger is it so thanks for stopping by sorry five guys I know you are a good burger joint I love what you guys are doing unfortunately you are the second best hamburger in the United States and in the world take care guys see you soon