Gabriel St-Germain: Find Shopify Dropshipping Products


Hey everyone, Gabriel here and in this video, I’m gonna be talking about how I find drop shipping products that have the potential to take a brand new store from zero to over $ 100,000 in sales within just two weeks.
And this was all done with just One product.
If you’re a new drop shipper or if you’re, just looking for new methods to find good products to sell this, is the perfect video for you.


First off, let me just show you guys some statistics, so this is the store here, as you can see today’s sales or at 3k 30 few visitors live, but this is the interesting part.

Zero Sales

These are the sales since starting the store. So, as you can see July 20th, it was zero dollars in sales. The store was brand new and then this was the first day of sales which the store did 126 dollars and it really just started ramping up after that.

$15,000 a day

So a 1 point, 3 K. 3 point 8 k, 6 k, 6 K, 10 K and it even went up to $ 15,000 a day in sales, at which point my supplier couldn’t keep up with the demand, and I just had to slow down the marketing. But you guys get the point.

The product was an absolute success and the purpose of this video is gonna be to show you guys how to find winning products like this, so let’s get right into it.

Specific Type of Product

Alright, so the first thing that you need to note is that there’s a very specific type of product that works well for Shopify drop shipping and those are products that solve a problem and that people haven’t seen before.

Let me explain what I mean by that, especially the second part, because it’s pretty important.

Advertising the Product

If you’re selling your product that people know they can get from somewhere else like Amazon or Target they’re, not gonna buy it from you right. You’Re you’re gonna be advertising the product, but then they’re, just gonna, go off to Amazon and buy it from there because they don’t trust your site. They don’t know they have no reason really to buy from your site instead of a trusted retailer like Amazon right.

Sell the Product

If, on the other hand, you sell a product, that’s kind of new they, they haven’t seen it before. They don’t know where else to get it and it solves a problem. They really want it you’re much more likely to make sales.

Solving a Problem

That’s the way to go for dropshipping. You want products that solve a problem and that people haven’t seen before so. A new products work really well.

Product Research

When I start off my product research, I tend to start off on Aliexpress, because that’s where that’s, where most people find the drop shipping products, that’s where you can find all the products from China, so I’ll Express is pretty much. The number one destination for drop shipping nowadays and I’m just gonna show you guys how I like to search through Aliexpress.

Scroll the Homepage

What like to do is, of course, I just scroll through the homepage once in a while see. What’S on you, what looks interesting, but what I really like doing is going through the categories that I know, work well and then sorting by the number of orders.

Good Category

Let me show you guys what I mean by that. If we go to a good category, for example, health and beauty is a great category. There’S a bunch of other good categories like home and garden.

Electronics, jewelry and watches they’re, pretty much all good categories, but let’s just take health and beauty and then there’s subcategories.



Let’s just pick one on beauty tools and then what I like doing is sorting by orders, because what I like to see is at least 1,000 orders on Aliexpress if the product doesn’t have at least 1,000 orders. That tells me that there’s not much demand at the moment for the product that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad product right, you could be the one who kick-starts the demand for the product that just takes more effort and you’re, not gonna be able to scale Really quickly like I did so that’s why I look for products that have at least 1,000 orders on Aliexpress.

Beauty Category

Ok, so now we’re in the Beauty category.


What I do is I sort by orders and then it’ll show us some good products. Let’s take a look: ok, so I haven’t seen this product before, but it’s getting a ton of orders 18,000 orders.

That tells you that there’s an extreme amount of demand for this product, which isn’t surprising because it seems to be a weight loss thing which is on weight. Loss is one of the niches with the most consistent demands.


It’s it’s not really surprising. You could try to sell this product, however, weight loss is an extremely competitive niche, so you make what you want out of that right here.

This is a great drop shipping product actually so um.

Facial Pore Cleanser

This is a facial pore cleanser, it’s got 10,000 orders, so that tells you that there’s an extreme amount of demand and it actually fits both the criteria right.

This is a product that most people haven’t seen before. Most people haven’t seen a portable portable, pore cleanser right.

Solve a Problem

It’s new, they don’t know where else they can get it from and it solves a problem. The problem is the the blackheads, the pores on their nose. People want to get rid of those so yeah. That hits both points. It’s new people, don’t know where to get it from and it solves a problem.


This is a great example of a dropshipping product and if you’ve been on instagram lately, you’ve probably seen this all over the place, because people are selling this on Instagram. It’S it’s doing really really well.

This is a great example of a dropshipping product and yeah. That’S how you can find them at all experience you just sort by the number of orders and there you have it. So, let’s check the notes again.

Total orders over a thousand on Aliexpress. That’s what I like to see.

The Price

This is a great example of that. Another thing I look for is the Aliexpress price under $ 10. That’S just the sweet spread the sweet spot for the price that I found. Anything over that it just it just, doesn’t sell as well.

For me, I don’t know if it’s how I said market them, but in my experience, products that are under $ 10 on Aliexpress works best, and then you can sell them for 20 to 30 dollars. On your site and still make a good a good profit. Another thing I like doing when I’m looking for products is Google Trends.

So say I find this.

I found this product, I’m like okay.

This looks awesome.

This facial Pore Cleanser. What I do after is, I check it out on Google Trends to see if I, if I miss the tree, the trend, if I’m too late or if I’m still early, so let’s take a look poor vacuum. If you don’t know what Google Trends is, it basically tells you the search interest for a certain keyword over time.

This isn’t the past twelve months in the United States and, as you can see, it’s been on an uptrend right. It started out 40 % relative interest and right now it’s at 100 %. It looks like so yeah.

This is a very, very popular product right now you could start selling it. What this graph does tell you, however, is that you’re not at the start of the trend – and you know in like it’s already good like this – is the the dashed line is their predicted movement.

This tells you that they’re predicting it’s gonna go down a bit. That doesn’t mean much. It could just be variance, but yeah, Google Trends you make what you want out of it. It basically just shows you the trend for the product and you can get a good idea whether or not you want to sell it.

I like checking Google Trends before starting any product. Another great great place to look for products. Is your Instagram Explorer feed? So if we go back to this product, actually this product was all over the Instagram Explorer feed.

This is a perfect example. You would have found this product both on Aliexpress and on Instagram and one when that happens. When you find it on both, I mean that just tells you I’m a ton of people are selling this product. It’S making people money, you could be doing the same thing.

So, I actually found another example of an ad on Instagram Explorer, so I pulled up.

I was searching through the Instagram explorer before this video and I found this video right tag, someone who needs this – and this is obviously an ad – and this just gives you a good way to find these products tag.

Someone who needs this – and this is some sort of pancake mix – pancake mix, pancake maker and yeah.

You can look at the comments. You know it’s getting a ton of tags. People want this. That tells you that this is probably a good drop shipping product.

You can start drop shipping this product right now. You know you could probably you could probably make a very nice profit once you find people’s ads on the explore page, you can actually just go into their store and see even more products right see.

What’s working for them, so there you go. These would be a bunch of product ideas that you could look into another great place that people don’t know about, really that you can find good drop shipping products to sell is CJ dropshipping.

If you don’t know what CJ drop shipping is it’s basically, it’s basically a drop shipping service, so you send them your orders and they’ll send them out for you. They basically take care of your fulfillment as a drop shipper.

I don’t personally use CJ drop shipping.
I’Ve just heard of it, but what I like doing is going to their marketplace because they’ve got the section table, dripping drop, table drop, shipping products, sorry and those are literally ranked by the number of orders going out by drop shippers right.

These are drop shippers selling. These products, so it tells you okay, these products are definitely selling well, so this waist trainer.

This is a great example. Actually, this is a great drop shipping product.

This has been all over the place on Instagram and yeah. The fact that it’s one of the top products on CJ drop shipping just confirms the fact that there is a lot of people selling this product and you can make a lot of money.

So, let’s go back to the notes:
CJ drop shipping, okay, so once you’ve found once you found product ideas, what I like doing is actually looking for your competitors, because once you find good drop shipping products, you can look for the drop shippers and then see what those really what those good drop shippers are selling right, because, if they’re already selling the products that you’re looking into they’re, probably like one step ahead of you all the time.

If you look at their at their Facebook, page you’ll be able to see what products they’re selling now and get more ideas that way.

Let me show you guys what I mean.
Let’s take this Peck love example and then you go to add: espresso comm, / ads examples, I’ll put a link in the bio, and this is a great platform that allows you to find ad examples popular ads, so let’s type in pet glove and find ads now.

And there you go, it pulls up all the ads you can find. It can only find seven, but there you go so this is the product that we’re looking for this glove is so amazing, and this is the Glock exact same glove right.

It’s the blue glove! There you go, it’s the exact same cloth and this just lets.
You know what.

First of all it lets, you see what ads are working to sell the product, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel right once you find your competitors, you can see.
What’s working for them and just base your ads off of that, so that you don’t have to waste time, split testing optimizing because you can just see what’s working for your competitors right.

This allows you to find your competitors super easily.

There you go. We just found pet stream they’re selling this product, and now we can see everything else, they’re selling.

Let’s take a look learning a little bit slow, ok!
So this is the video for the pet club. What you can do now is, you can go to their Facebook page. Oh, my facebook, just loads really really slow.

When I’m recording sorry about that, and then you go to this little tab info and ads info and ads, let’s go there, we go and then you can see what ads they’re running currently on Facebook ads – and this is huge.

This wasn’t a thing until a few months ago, Facebook just out of this feature – and this will literally tell you what ads are making these guys money and you can see from there.

There you go. It seems like they’re selling this um, this nail grinder for dogs, nail grinder, again nail grinders, so there you go. That could be a product idea right now. We can just go back on Aliexpress and look it up see how many orders it has and determine if it’s a good product or not so yeah, that’s really really that’s another great way to find product ideas, alright, so that is pretty much it. Those are the main methods that I used to find winning products consistently.

I try to do this quite often so that I can catch on to the winning products early and that’s how I’m able to make an absolute killing with them.

Right before this video, I actually did product research, and I found three products that I think have the potential to make at least $ 1,000 a day in sales, and I decided to give these to you guys for free.

All you need to do is subscribe and click the link in the description and there’ll be a download to a file with the three products and short descriptions why I think they are winning products, so that’s pretty much it for this video.

I hope you guys enjoyed it and I’ll see.