Facebook Timeline for Pages Tutorial – Getting Started

Hey what’s up this is Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome.com. If you’re brand new to Timeline for Facebook
PAGES, this video is exactly what you need. I’m going to give you a fast track lesson
on how timeline works and the most important things you understand before diving into it. In this video, I’m going to cover the Cover
Art or Cover Image like you see there, the profile picture and thumbnail, the apps area
here including how to change the thumbnail for those apps, including third party apps
you may install. And then we’ll move down into the actual timeline
and I’ll talk about PINNING, HIGHLIGHTING and MILESTONES – again all important features
of Timeline for Facebook Pages you need to understand. So let’s get right to it: The top portion of your page is your Timeline
cover – a 851 x 315 pixel image that is the most important part of your page, because
it’s the first thing people are going to see when they land on it. And for those of you wondering if we still
have the option to create a landing page that people will be able to see first, no – that
option is now gone, this is the only page people can land on first, so this image becomes
even more important. I encourage you to be creative here and upload
an image that best represents your brand. Here, you can see myself, my podcasting mic
because I have a podcast, with my logo, a picture of my son in the background and a
shot of my computer showcasing my blog, my podcast and my YouTube channel, which represents
my “Be Everywhere” marketing philosophy. There are some important rules that Facebook
has stated that we must follow: 1. No price or purchase info, so if you’re selling
any products, you can’t say how much they are or if there are any discounts here in
the cover art. 2. No contact info, which means no web addresses,
email addresses, phone numbers, or anything else that Facebook says should be listed on
the about page. 3. No references to other Facebook features,
such as LIKE or SHARE. So – no longer can we ask people to “please
click the like button”, however I’ve seen some creative people “suggest” to do that
through the graphics they include in the cover art – you have to be careful here, just saying’. 4. And finally, no calls to actions, such as
“get it now” or “tell your friends”. To upload a new cover image – you can hover
over your existing image and click on change cover, and go from there. If you’re having issues with resolution and
blurriness, this image I uploaded is: 851 wide by 315 tall. 300 pixels per inch, saved as a .PNG file. Next, the profile image. This is a 125 x 125 pixel box, on the screen,
but it actually must be 180 pixels by 180 pixels when you upload it, Facebook just shrinks
it down, so just keep that in mind, and the important thing to note here is that this
image, or a part of it, will become the thumbnail image or icon that Facebook uses for your
conversations below. Most people will make this their logo – and
some will be creative and have it be a continuous part of their cover art image. I’ll give you a tool to help you do that in
a second. To upload a profile image, just hover over
the existing one, click on edit profile picture, and then upload a new one from there. If you want to change the thumbnail size,
you can again hover over the existing profile pic and click on edit thumbnail instead, and
you can resize or scale that icon from there. Lastly, let’s talk about this area here – the
app thumbnails. The first one, to the right of your ABOUT
area, is for photos. This automatically shows a thumbnail of the
latest photo that YOU uploaded to your wall, and this cannot be changed, moved or swapped
– it’s there for good. To the right of the photo application, there
are three move visible app spots. These can be changed or swapped out for others
that are hidden. Most brands will probably keep the LIKES there
because it shows the number of fans, which is great for social proof and getting other
people to like the page, but you don’t have to keep it there if you don’t want to. To swap apps, just click on the app drop down
menu on the right, and then click on the pencil icon for the app you want to swap out. What’s cool is that you can also edit the
app name and the app thumbnails from here as well, even if they are from third party
applications. The app thumbnails are 111 pixels wide by
74 pixels tall, and here you can include calls to actions, which I highly encourage depending
on what apps you’re using and what you want people to do. Now, for a quick tip, if you head on over
to smartpassiveincome.com/timeline, you’ll see a download for a PSD file which will allow
you to create a cover image, profile pic and app thumbnails that are all connected into
one continuous image, if you wish. Just drop a photo in there, follow the instructions
and you’ll have each of the images you need at exactly the right size. You don’t have to use that, but it’s there
just in case. smartpassiveincome.com/timeline Ok – so that’s the top of the timeline, let’s
get into the timeline itself. Pinning, highlighting and milestones. First, pinning. Pinning is the ability to make one of your
posts STATIC, or STICKY and always showing at the top left of your timeline. The pinned post will stay there for a maximum
of 7 days, unless you pin another post. And you can only pin one post at a time. To pin a post, go to an update you made, click
on the pencil icon in the upper right hand corner and then click on PIN
TO TOP. That post is now sticky. Ok – next, highlighting. Highlighting a post makes it double wide – taking
up both sides of the timeline, and this what you want to do when you REALLY want something
to stand out. Here is an example on my own page here, for
video actually, so you can see how it just stands out like crazy. You can highlight more than one post – pictures
and videos are the best, and you can go back as far as you like and highlight something
there too if you wish. You can actually go back into time and pin
something to the top too. Note that you can’t pin and highlight something
at the same time – pinning always puts something at the top only on the left side. Highlighting will make it double width, but
you can’t pin a double width, although that would be cool. To highlight a post, just hover over it, and
in the top right hand corner, click on the STAR, and you’re all set. Lastly, milestones. Milestones are cool, because you can think
about important events that have happened in the past and insert them into your timeline
– maybe when you earned your first dollar or client, or when you sold your 100th item
– I don’t know, it’s up to you. For me, I went back into time and found some
older and way uglier versions of the Smart Passive Income Blog when it was first launched,
something people I’m sure would be interested in to see how far along I’ve come, from 0
subscribers to now over 40,000. Milestones take up the full width, and must
include a date. The description or story that goes along with
it is centered on the screen so it really becomes a major looking event on your timeline,
which is cool. To add a milestone, just click on milestone
at the top next to where you leave your status, fill in the information, upload a photo, and
choose whether or not you want to hide it from the feed and just insert it in the timeline
quietly, or blast it out to everyone by leaving this unchecked – it’s up to you. Save, and then you’ll see it there. You can always edit or remove things as needed
if you want. So that’s it! You’re now covered on the basics of timeline. Make sure you have your ABOUT info filled
out, and underneath you can see ” recent posts by others” which you should be checking in
on every once and a while so you can respond and interact. Hope this was helpful to you, and remember
go to http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/timeline to download the photoshop file to help you
create your images and you can also get some other more advanced videos for the Facebook
Timeline as well as they come out. And, please subscribe to my YouTube channel,
I’ll be coming out with a lot more videos about Timeline in the near future, so get
those quickly by subscribing. Thanks, and all the best to you!