Facebook Landing Page (on TIMELINE)

Hey this is Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome.com. In this video, I’m going to show you how to
create a Facebook Landing Page for your New Facebook Page in the TIMELINE setup. Yes, Facebook got rid of the default landing
tab, which means anyone who finds you through search or through a direct link to your username
will land directly on your wall and see your cover art. You can’t create a page that will intercept
that, but there IS a workaround to get people to land on a specific page first, which can
be used to show whatever it is you like – preferably, some sort of introduction to who you are and
a call to action to like your page and become a fan. So here’s how it works – we’re going to first
create an html page on Facebook using a specific application which I’ll show you how to get
in a minute. Second, we’re going to customize that page,
and I’ll show you the easy way to do it if you don’t have html experience. Third, I’ll show you how to find the direct
link to that specific page or application, and then finally a few methods to help promote
that specific link so that you get people to land on that page first. Let’s get right to it. First, let’s grab the application that we’re
going to use to insert an html page onto our Facebook page. At the top of Facebook, in the search bar,
I’m going to type in STATIC HTML, and you’ll see a number of apps come up. The one we’re looking for is the iFrame Tabs
application with the STAR as the logo, and there’s a number of similar ones, which are
actually from the same developer and so if you ever in the future want to add ANOTHER
html page on your Facebook page, you can use the second tab, third tab, fourth tab – that’s
how you create multiple pages, but let’s continue with the regular STATIC HTML: iFrames Tab,
and then click on “ADD STATIC HTML TO A PAGE”. What I like about this particular app, and
there are several similar ones out there, is that this one doesn’t ask for permissions
to use, so you don’t need to hand over your email address or any personal information
in order to use it, which is nice. So on the next screen select the Page you
want to install this application on – Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn – and then it’ll
ask you to confirm, so go ahead and do that, and then you’ll be redirected back to your
Page. From here, it might not look like anything
has changed, especially if you have some existing apps installed already. All you have to do is expand the apps here
on the right hand side by clicking on this triangle, and then you’ll see the Welcome
application with the star thumbnail installed. Before we get to the html, let me show you
how easy it is to change the thumbnail of that particular application if you want to. So, the thumbnail size is 111 pixels wide
by 74 pixels tall, and I already have one created in Photoshop, a simple one, which
I’ll upload for you right now. Just hover over the application, click on
the little pencil on the top right hand corner, and then EDIT SETTINGS. Click on CHANGE next to Custom Tab Image,
and a new window opens up. Change the icon there, so I’m going to click
on Change, Choose File, and I have one here. After you upload that image, close this window,
come back here and reload the page, and you should see, when you expand the apps – there
you go. The thumbnail has changed. Now same thing, if you want to change the
name of the application just do the same thing. Click on that little pencil, click on EDIT
SETTINGS and I can change this to LIKE! for example. And, click OKAY. Boom. Changed. Now – to edit this page, click on the application
itself. When you’re logged in as the admin you will
see the settings area like you see here. Here you’ll see two fields – one for content
at the top, and one for Fan-Only content, at the bottom, which is optional. This is where you’re going to enter your html
code to show whatever it is you want to show. If you choose to enter content in the Fan-only
content area at the bottom, that means that if people have already liked your Page, that
is what they’re going to see every time they click on that app on your Wall, or go through
the specific link to that App, which is like I said earlier what you’re going to use to
promote your Facebook landing page. If someone comes to your html page here and
is NOT a fan, they will see the non-fan version. When they click on LIKE, which will be located
in the upper right hand corner of the page, they will be automatically redirected to the
Fans-Only Page – so that’s a great way to incentivize people to click LIKE if you want
– something you can’t do on your cover art image. Note that, however, people will NOT be redirected
back to your wall. So on your Fan-Only content, you should somewhere
place a button or link back to your wall, if you want to, which can be done with your
regular Facebook Page url. And lastly, if you don’t have any Fan-Only
content, if you don’t enter anything down here at the bottom – both fans and non fans
will see the regular content area, the top portion of html here. So it’s smart to put some Fan-Only content
there so that when people click LIKE in the upper right hand corner, at least SOMETHING
happens and they don’t just see the exact same page. For an example of what this looks like, because
it’s sort of hard to see if it’s working on your own page since the settings page keeps
coming up – you’d either have to logout or use another person’s account to really see
what the experience is like after you have this set up, let’s find Coca Cola’s Facebook
Page, which I know I haven’t liked yet. So up in the search bar, I’m going to click
and find Coca Cola. So here we are at Coca Cola’s Timeline – great
branding, makes me want to drink a Coke, and let’s click on Home. I don’t have a direct link to this so it’s
not a landing page for me, but if they link to this directly it could be a landing page
for them if they wanted it to be. So since I’m not a fan, I see the LIKE button
here in the upper right hand corner, and an arrow with a call to action to LIKE the page. So let’s go ahead and do that and see what
happens. So now, I see that the arrow has disappeared,
I’m on the fan-only page, the LIKE has turned into LIKED, and now there’s a call to action
to share the page, which is a great idea, plus a lot of other stuff going on here below. So let’s go back to our welcome settings page
and setup our Content and Fan-Only content, so I’ll just go directly there. I’ll probably add some fancier stuff later,
and create some videos about how to do that in the future, so please subscribe to the
channel to get that, but for now I’ll do the quick and dirty version, which is a lot easier
than coding a whole bunch of html. I’m going to insert images instead. The images should be a maximum of 810 pixels
wide, and however tall you want them to be. I have a couple of images here that are 810
pixels wide and 500 pixels tall – simple designs that I created just for this tutorial using
my camera and you’ll see them in a second, so if you’re watching this in the future they
may be different at this point, but again the idea here is that you can “cheat” and
use an image instead so you only really need to know one piece of code, and that’s the
html code to insert an image on the screen. So, I’ll get to that in a second. The first thing you have to do is upload the
images onto a server somewhere. So once you have the images designed, 810
pixels wide by however tall you want, you have to place them on a server somewhere,
so you can get the URL for them later, which is what we’re going to put in here. So if you have a site and are familiar with
FTP, you can do it through there and just remember the URL path. If you have a WordPress site and you don’t
know FTP you can use the Media Upload feature in WordPress and just grab the link from the
file there, which works. Or, if you don’t have a website at all, you’ll
have to find somewhere to place it – like on an site that you can upload images to,
for example pinterest.com. All you have to do and all you really need
is to grab the html link for that image, and it must in .jpg or .png – if the url for that
image doesn’t end in .jpg or .png, it’s not going to work. In my content area I’m going to put the first
image, so I’m actually going to paste that image, which is on my server on my website
here just like that. Now, we’re not done yet, we still need to
add the html code in front and behind the link, which tells the browser to pull that
up as an image. So it actually looks like this. So that goes on the front. And this goes on the back. And the same thing for the Fan-Only Content. So I’m going to paste that, which is content-image2.jpg
– and the same code, on the front and the back. Now, don’t worry if you can’t remember this,
you can go to smartpassiveincome.com/timeline and in that post you’ll see this video and
right below that video there’s a couple of boxes where you can snag the codes you can
use and just replace my image url with your own. Now, because my fan-only content has a BUTTON
– a call to action to click a link on it, I’m actually going to “cheat” and make the
entire image clickable. So do that, I just have to add the html code
in front and in the back of this image html, so that looks like this – and again, you don’t
have to memorize this. If you go to smartpassiveincome.com/timeline
you can pull up this code and just copy and paste it into your own content box. So that goes in the front. This tells it that when they click on that
image, they’re going to go to facebook.com/smartpassiveincome and then at the end, I have to just close
it with that. So again, smartpassiveincome.com/timeline,
you can get all that code there and just replace my stuff with your own. Now I can scroll up to the top and save changes
– make sure you do that. And then I can preview this to show you what
it looks like. Here’s a picture of me, this is the, if you
kind of hover over here at the top it says PUBLIC, which means everybody sees this. And then there’s one here for FANS which is
just for fans, so when people click on LIKE they’ll see me throw a thumbs up, it says
“thanks you rock” – and it says “click here to say hello”. Okay, now the important part – we need to
grab the direct link to that application so that we can promote using that link and work
around this whole no-default landing tab issue. So we’re going to get a link that takes people
directly to this image you see here. If they are already a fan, then they would
see this, but typically we’re going to be promoting this to people who are not fans
so they would see this, have an incentive or a call to action to click like which is
up here in the upper right hand corner. So, to actually get that link, to this specific
application, I’m going to go back to my homepage here, or to my wall. I’m going to expand the applications, and
I’m going to go down to my welcome tab, click on this pencil and click on LINK TO THIS TAB. This will open up a direct link that will
always take people to your content that we just put up there. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to copy
this and put it in a clipboard so I can come back to it in a second. Now, this link is pretty ugly, and you and
you can use a URL shortener like bit.ly or your own or maybe even Google’s to keep track
of this but those links aren’t always that pretty either. So, I have a couple of tips for you to help
you promote this link and to get people to go to your landing page, which is a lot easier
than going through a URL shortener or just say this one or memorize this one. So, the first thing you can do is if you’re
on a WordPress site, you can download a plugin called Pretty Link let me take you to Pretty
Link right now. You can download this through the plugin directory
in WordPress, the free LITE Version will work for this, although you can upgrade if you
wish, and I’m going to click on “add a pretty link”. In my target or destination URL I’m going
to paste our Facebook tab link that we just got. And under pretty link I’m going to basically
just add a custom url, anything I want it to be, which can just be one word after your
domain name, which is nice, which is why this is called Pretty Link. So I can put, smartpassiveincome.com/facebook
or anything else, maybe, whatever – it’s up to you. The nice thing is that if that link ever changes,
you can come back, open up this Pretty Link and update this target URL, and whoever that
link was published, smartpassiveincome.com/facebook or whatever, those links would still be valid
and go through the new target URL, and the really cool thing is that this plugin keeps
track of the links and how many clicks they get, and you can reset them, which is awesome. Now, if you wanted to take this one step further,
or if you don’t have a WordPress site, you can buy a domain, like I did with PatonFacebook.com,
and I haven’t set this up yet, but actually if I go to PatOnFacebook.com, that redirects
to my Facebook Page, and I’m going to have it set up to it redirects to my landing page. You can have that all setup, get a domain
name, have it forward to a landing page and boom, you have an instant landing page. So, you can promote PatOnFacebook.com, or
whatever your custom URL may be, which of course costs a small fee per year like 10
bucks a year, or less, depending on what domain service you use, but for me it’s completely
worth it. PatOnFacebook.com is much easier to say and
memorize, so I can mention that on any podcast episodes, YouTube videos like this one, on
Twitter or interviews, and even guest posts. And there you go! So that’s how you get a landing page with
your Facebook Timeline set up. I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you’ve
found it helpful, please subscribe to the channel and I look forward to seeing you again
soon. Head on over to smartpassiveincome.com/timeline
for a collection of even more Facebook Timeline videos to help you and your online business
or blog. See ya and thanks again!