Gabriel St-Germain: First Dropshipping Store


Hey everyone, Gabriel here and in this video, I’m gonna be revealing my first-ever online store that started off as a drop shipping store and grew into a private label brand. That’s now done over nine hundred thousand dollars in sales, so I started this website back in 2017. Early 2017.


I was still in school, so I only had part time to work on this.

I had a full-time engineering course load and I was still able to grow it to on six figures and make it into a private label brand.

The Website

I’m gonna be revealing the exact website. I’m gonna be showing you guys everything.

Hopefully this will be a really valuable video for you, guys and yeah.

I hope you guys appreciate it. Alright, let’s get right into it, alright, everybody! So this is the store right here.


Beauty charcoal calm, and essentially this is a private label brand for activated charcoal products.

I’m sure a lot of you guys have seen activated charcoal products by now it was massively popular in 2017 and um. We really caught that trend well.

Private Labeled

This is the store here. As you can see, all the products are private labeled and we sell everything. We sell the teeth, whitening powder, the teeth, whitening kits the toothpaste, the soap everything activated charcoal and I’m gonna show you guys the numbers right here.


This isn’t Shopify back again.

This is WooCommerce.

This was my first online store that I started and back then I was using WooCommerce.

Now I use Shopify for all my new stores, but on this is WooCommerce, as you can see.


Nine hundred thirty five thousand dollars in gross sales since February 2017 average gross monthly sales, forty seven thousand so everything’s, pretty good.

Twenty eighteen was actually our best year. We scaled to one hundred twenty thousand dollars a month in June in May, but I wasn’t able to to keep it up.

I mean there’s a lot of competition and this Anish.

It’s really saturated, there’s a lot of big players, but um, it’s still doing pretty well.

It’s still doing like a thousand dollars a day in sales with really really minimal effort, because I spend most of my time managing my new Shopify stores now.


It’s still pretty good and yeah. Overall, I’m happy with these numbers, especially considering that I started this store. While I was in university studying engineering full-time, so I didn’t have much time to work on this so yeah there you have it guys.

This is the store. Those were the numbers, and now I’m gonna talk about the strategy that I used to start this store and how I scaled it. So, let’s get into it alright.

Product Research

In February 2017 I was doing product research to start a new drop shipping store, and I was hearing a lot about these charcoal peel-off masks.

I had some friends who had tried them who had liked them, and this got me interested in the charcoal trend.

Google Trends

Then, I went ahead and looked up some keywords related to charcoal on Google Trends, and I found that charcoal teeth-whitening had had a massive spike in search interest just in January.


Like a month earlier, I saw this massive spike in search interest.

Right, right here, this is where about where I started it.

I decided okay.

This is probably a good time to get into this product, and this is when I started beauty charcoal and, as you can see after right after I started, it started going up in search interest and there was a good amount of demand for this product.


The timing was really good with this with this product, so I first started promoting it on Instagram.


I didn’t have a lot of budget at the time, so I always recommend to start off with Instagram influencers when you don’t have a lot of budget, because you can get a lot of traffic really cheap since you’re, paying a flat rate and your post can go Viral right.

I started promoting with Instagram influencers with simple before-and-after ad pictures like this, so at beauty charcoal are the best for teeth, whitening, and you can see this was before during and after type of picture, and these ads were getting crazy engagement.


There was a few factors here. First of all, charcoal was a big trend, so charcoal products were getting a lot of attention and another factor is that teeth.

Whitening was also blowing up in 2017. A lot of people wanted to get their teeth. Whitened.

You had high smile, which was doing massive influencer campaigns, so just there was a lot of awareness around white teeth and people wanted to whiten their teeth.


These ads were going completely viral and yeah. The sales were doing really really great at the start, and this also helped build a large Instagram following.


This is our Instagram profile right here: Beauty charcoal as you can see, 220,000 followers right, so I’m having promoting on Instagram.

Let us build a nice fan base on Instagram, which also helped our sales.

At this point, we’re also running a lot of retargeting on Facebook and goo search ads.


When you run Instagram influence your ads, you still want to run retargeting on Facebook.
You can retarget the people who engage with your Instagram profile, who, like your photos, that type of stuff, and also we started doing retargeting for Google search ads for brand search name.

The Product on Google

People who are going on Google and typing in beauty charcoal.
We wanted to make sure that we’d be right at the top of those searches, so we did a lot of retargeting so about two months into this new store.

Cash Flow

The business started to have some more cash flow, some more capital to reinvest and that’s when I decided to private label the products so the these products, the charcoal teeth-whitening especially, was becoming extremely saturated.

But I knew that there was still a lot of demand and a lot of money to be made with this product.

Private Label for Dropshipping

I knew that what I had to do to stand out from all these other dropshippers is private label the products.

When you have your logo on the products, you can make much better content.

Influencer Marketing

You can do influencer marketing like send products to to models to post on their on their profile, and it just really helps you build a more legitimate business and have control over your inventory.


So what I did is I contacted a bunch of Alibaba suppliers and got my labels designed and ordered a bunch of stock to a warehouse in the United States.

Third-Party Fulfillment

I used a third-party fulfillment service called ship Bob and it’s really really easy to use.

It costs about $ 4 per order in the United States and like seven to eight dollars for international shipping, but you’re gonna be able to provide two to seven-day delivery in the United States with ship Bob.

Save Time

It’s really. It saves a lot of time and you also all the all. Your orders are gonna be fulfilled automatically, so it integrates really well with your website.


It’ll automatically take all the orders and ship them directly and just charge you and you don’t have to worry about anything except marketing and driving traffic to your site.

That’s what I did at this point. We switched over to third-party fulfillment ship Bob calm and all our products were branded. We also started selling kits to increase order value.

If I go back on the website, basically we sold kits with like the toothbrush right here with a toothbrush and kits with the the toothpaste.

Best-Selling Products

This became our best-selling products. We stopped selling just the powder and we always promoted just the kits, and this helped increase our average order value and it did wonders for the top line.

Before-and-after Ads

At this point, our before-and-after ads like this one weren’t working as well, we we had a lot of people, copying our strategy doing the same thing as us, and this has no branding right.

This is a really simple ad, not not a lot going for it.


It was really good when he was going viral, but it wasn’t pulling its weight after after a while, after a few months after we private labeled the products, and we knew that we needed to step up our game for ads.

What we did is we ran massive influencer marketing campaigns where we sent products to a bunch of different influencers to get video content to use for our ads.

Video Content

Once we got this video content, we were able to start running more Instagram influencer ads like this.

This is one of them that we ran for a while. That did really well just a really simple video.

Instagram Model

This girl she’s a famous Instagram model she’s using our product and yeah a little text here. Oh my god.

I need this and you guys get the idea, so we had a bunch of different versions of ads like this, that we ran on Instagram for a while. We also ran Facebook Ads.

Different Clips

Again, it’s the same video content as you can see, so we just had a bunch of different clips. Sorry about that, I’m gonna turn the volume off.

We had a bunch of different clips of just people using our product and I’m trying it out, and we ran this on Facebook ads as well using look-alike audiences, using the strategies that I talked about in my facebook ads scaling video.

Running Facebook Ads

We ran that on Facebook ads as well and as soon as we had this new video content with Instagram influencers people using our product, showing the logo having the branding in our ad, our sales really skyrocketed right and everything started doing a lot better.

Big Benefit

Another big benefit of running these influencer marketing campaigns is that we got a ton of content to use on our Instagram feed, which makes your your page look way more professional.

It makes you seem like a legitimate business and it’ll increase. Your trustworthiness and people are much more likely to buy from you.

Original Content

If you take a look at our feed, you know we have all original content.

This every piece of content on here is original from some of our ambassadors from influencers, and this really helps increase the trustworthiness of your business.

Alright, so that’s pretty much it for this short video before we go, I’m just gonna outline the key success factors why I think made this on this store, really successful and able to do close to a million dollars in sales.

Still a good timing

Number one was good timing, so this charcoal teeth, whitening product was one of the best selling products of 2017-2018, and I got in at the perfect time as you can see with this Google Trends right.

I got in right about reading this dip area and it started doing really really well so really really good timing, which is super important. With these products number two.


It was branding the products, the product became extremely saturated, but since it was branded and we had custom content original content, our ads were able to outperform other dropshippers ads and we were able to do well and it’s also just pretty cool to brand your products.

Beauty Charcoal

I have the product right here. You can see Beauty charcoal.

This is the teeth.
Whitening powder um, it’s just it’s cool to have branded products and you can build a real long-term business with them. Number three was that we used third-party fulfillment, so the one that we used is ship opcom, but there’s a lot of other ones and using third-party fulfillment allowed us to offer really fast shipping times in the United States, which was our main market and um yeah.

Word of Mouth

This helps you know with word of mouth. People are more likely to recommend to their friends right. They’Re, not gonna recommend a dropshipping store to their friends because it took forever to deliver to them, whereas Beauty charcoal, they would recommend it because you know they like the product and it got delivered in under a week.


Using third-party fulfillment is a big point as well in the last point that I think was really impactful on the success of this store was how we continually created original video content.

Running Ads

So, every time we would get a new video and would start running ads with the new video, we would see a massive sales boost rate. Add fatigue is a real thing.

Same Ad

If you just used the same ad over and over again, people will will have seen it before they’ll get tired of seeing it and they just won’t risk. They won’t respond to it.


There won’t be any engagement from your audience, so it’s really important to keep creating new original content if you want to keep competing in the bidding wars, so that’s pretty much it guys. That’s that was my big reveal for my first ever drop shipping store.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video.

I hope this helps you out and yeah. Let me know what you want to see in the comments next and I’ll see you next time.