Empower Network frequently asked questions.

hey what’s going on Jay browning here I’m making this quick video because you probably you know send the email one more information about empower network well I get emails on a daily basis and I’m going to answer some of those questions that I’ve been getting first off people want two eggs what is in power network well empower network is a network marketing company one of this kind it’s the only company i know that’s paying their affiliates one hundred percent of all the commission that means if a person signed up with you you don’t have to worry about paying the company or percentage that money get deposited straight into your bank account and that’s the power of this company and i get people asking me you know well what would I be doing well basically all you would be doing is just like with any other network marketing company or affiliate program you have to promote it but don’t get intimidated when I tell you you have to promote it because all you have to do is show someone your website and when they watch that video when they watch that video they’re pretty much soul you know cuz Dave and Dave does all the ceiling all you have to do is just promote it you could make a video if you don’t like making videos you can post the ad but don’t worry about that because we’re going to give you all the training all the training that you would need to be successful in this company oh we give you access to a private facebook group we also have daily cause you know you would not be left alone all you have to do is just plug into our system you know for only twenty-five dollars you get access to thousands of dollars worth of training and you can’t beat that it with my team only you know if you sign up with somebody else and empower network you know all you’re going to be given as a website link but if you sign up with my team the prosperity team we’re going to give you all that training so don’t worry about you know how to promote because we will show you how to promote it and you don’t worry about you know trying to sell it because Dave and Dave does the ceiling you know if you watch that video you know what I’m talking about that video sales you know are seventy eight percent of people that watch it so you know that’s basically all you will be doing and the products that empower network offer are some of the best products on the internet so you know it’s not like a cash gifting program where you know you signing people up and they get nothing in return we have some awesome products so you know that’s basically all I have you know you can sign up off only twenty-five dollars like I said you get access to all the training and all the daily calls and the private Facebook group and uh only twenty-five dollars that’s all you have to pay you probably you know you know kind of skeptical about spending twenty five dollars where you have to look at it like this you know you spend $25 anyway you know you probably right around looking for a job and you know you spend that and gas or maybe you have a full-time job and you you know you’re spending that and gas driving back and forth to work every day so you know only twenty-five dollars is really nothing you know I took that you know I took that chance and I spent twenty-five dollars and if you see my payment I mean you see my our video of the payment proof that i made about empower network you know i’ll show you you know some visual proof that this company is actually paying so that’s basically all I have I’ll get off that fence get signed up and sitting in jail Brown peace and blessing city