hey what’s up everybody this is pat flynn from smart passive income comm and today i want to share with you how I create my electronic whiteboards now you might be wondering well what’s an electronic whiteboard well it’s exactly what you’re seeing on the screen right now it’s almost like a virtual chalkboard or virtual dry erase board which allows you to write on the screen and you record it and it’s just a fantastic way to teach things to people you could draw you could do math equations you can doodle if you wanted to it’s it’s really cool and actually one of the most common questions I get because I’ve done a number of these videos in the past is how do you create these videos and that’s exactly what I’m gonna share with you today okay so what you’re going to want to do is create a background image the image that you’re going to be writing on just like what you’re seeing on the screen right now this image should be twelve hundred and eighty pixels wide by 720 pixels tall and the reason for that dimension is because those are the dimensions that are accepted in YouTube and many other places as well as the HD or high definition format and the reason why you want to upload a video in HD is one because it’s just it just looks a lot cleaner but also – especially in YouTube when you are found in the search results for YouTube for keywords related to your video a little box shows up next to your video that shows a little HD symbol and you know if you have that your videos gonna be more likely to be watched and viewed because because of that so I would totally recommend doing the 1280 by 720 background so that you can upload to YouTube and other places in HD now as far as the background is concerned you know I just like to do a little header like this it’s kind of branded it has my logo on it and also I like to put a little footer in there as well just to differentiate the area in the middle which is where I right on you can get creative and you can do whatever you want with this you can have you know little watermarks for your website or other kind of graphics that you want to put on there totally up to you you can be creative so how do you create this image well you can do a couple things you can go and you know create it yourself in Photoshop if you have Photoshop experience and I’m not going to go over tutorial but how to do that but that’s one option you can just create boxes and you know drag-and-drop your logos on here just like that number two if you don’t have Photoshop or you can’t afford it I know it is an expensive piece of software you could use a Photoshop like program called GIMP if you go to gimp.org you can actually download it to your computer it’s an open-source kind of Photoshop like program that you can download for free if you have a PC or a Mac and it’s just like Photoshop there’s a little bit of a learning curve but again if you have a little bit of graphic design experience you can go ahead and create that yourself using GIMP and the third option if you can’t do number one or number two is just to simply outsource it and you know what I mean by this is just have somebody create a 1280 by 720 background for you that you can write on so that you can record yourself for writing on it so you can go on places like Elance calm or odesk.com those are both places where you can hire someone really quick to have this done for you or you can just have a friend do it you know there’s got to be someone you know who can do this for you really quickly it doesn’t take that long and I would rather you ask a friend and save 50 bucks instead of going to Elance or oDesk but those are all good places to go to so the question becomes once you have your background how do you start writing on top of it and recording it so actually I’m going to I’m going to show you the trick here I’m actually going to zoom out and show you that I’m just in Photoshop right now and I’m drawing on the screen using the the pen tool in Photoshop and that’s all that you’re seeing me do so I’m just recording myself in Photoshop and before it was just zoomed in a hundred percent on the 1280 by 720 background that I created which is why you didn’t know I was in Photoshop now you can do this exact same technique with the image in GIMP GIMP has a pen tool and you can record yourself just in this portion of the screen you know doing your little tutorial now if you don’t want to use Photoshop or you don’t have access to it and you’re not comfortable with GIMP there are a couple of other options for you if you’re a Mac user you can download a tool for free that’s called um dazzle om and I dazzle and if you just look that up in Google you’ll see that you can download it for free and what it does is allows you to draw on the screen and not just on you know it’s not a program that you open up and draw onto you can actually draw on top of your entire desktop and I especially love on the dazzle for drawing and recording myself draw on top of things like websites when I do critiques or reviews and things like that so you it’s it’s a pretty powerful tool the only reason why I love to use Photoshop and why I only use Photoshop for the whiteboard for the electronic whiteboard is because I use a pen and tablet tool which I’ll show you in a second that that actually picks up the weight of the pen so when I’m writing in Photoshop I can actually do like light lines or dark lines and it picks up the pressure of my pen that on the dazzle doesn’t do so when you’re writing in Photoshop it’s a little more lifelike as opposed to with aamna dazzle where actually let me see if I could bring it up here it’s more just kind of one with and one so this is the red the red on the dazzle tool so that’s why I like on the dazzle and Photoshop for Mac users if you’re on a PC and you don’t want to use Photoshop or GIMP you can actually use the tool from Camtasia studios it can’t aegis studios is the screen recording software that you would use if you’re on a PC to record yourself doing this stuff on the screen and it actually comes with its own pen tool but again like on the dazzle it’s just one with and there’s no weight to it so if you had a pen tablet tool it would look like that red one I just showed you so again the reason I like Photoshop is because it’s a little more lifelike and cleaner when I write but that’s what you would use if you’re on a PC so as far as recording software I would recommend a couple pieces of software if you’re on a PC I just recommended Camtasia Studios to you Camtasia Studios and if you’re going to be doing a lot of this it’s definitely worth worth the investment if you’re on a Mac you have a couple of choices Camtasia for Mac by the same company as Camtasia Studios for PC is one and there’s another one I like to use called ScreenFlow and as far as Camtasia for Mac vs. ScreenFlow they’re basically the same thing and I even have trouble deciding which one I like better I actually switch back and forth so this is the software that you would use to record yourself writing in Photoshop writing on top of your background GIMP or with on the dazzle or like I said Camtasia Studio comes with some pen tool okay and lastly before I let you go I just want to recommend that if you’re going to be doing a lot of these videos in the future that you invest in a pen and tablet tool because I don’t know if you’ve ever tried writing a you know script or text on a screen with your mouse but it’s incredibly difficult and I’m trying to write my name right now and it just sort of looks like a second grader writing with their opposite hand it just doesn’t look very good so I highly recommend getting a pen and tablet tool like the one you see on your screen now this is actually my own hey everybody what’s up and this is a bamboo fun tablet that’s the name of it it’s by a company named Wacom and you know you can just get it on Amazon if you want if you want to go through my fill in link you can go to smartpassiveincome.com slash tablet and you know i get a commission off of that if you do purchase through me there and it just makes writing so much easier like you’re writing on paper and again Photoshop if you’re doing this on Photoshop it’ll take the weight of your pen and kind of put it on the screen so it looks a little bit more realistic so I hope that helps out again I highly recommend using a pen and tablet tool like this one if you’re going to be doing a lot more of these videos and if you haven’t done so already please subscribe to the YouTube channel I will be doing a lot more videos in the future so just click on subscribe right there to subscribe to the channel and check out these other two videos in case you would like more from smart passive income just go ahead and click on those little videos right there and it should take you to the next video so thank you so much I appreciate your time and you know good luck