Electronic Info Products (Ebooks) vs. Physical | Online Marketing

hey everybody this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog you can find me at ww smart passive income calm you want more videos like this in the future please subscribe you know rate comment whatever do whatever you need to do I just want to hear from you today I want to go over really quick I’m and spend four minutes with you and tell you exactly why I love to sell electronic products as opposed to physical products and why I want to stay away from physical products when selling stuff online electronic products are things like you know ebooks audio files video and even code type stuff like wordpress themes or even iphone apps account with it for this and even a you know membership websites because membership what websites can be a combination of a bunch of these things and it’s all done online so that’s those are electronic products that I want you to think about and the reason why I love selling those is because if you remember this business model i showed you before and this is the business model that i use is passive income business model where customer comes to your website find the product that likes fills out billing information after that billing information is completed and approved you know an e-book or whatever the electronic file is gets automatically sent to the customer or if it’s a membership website you know registration information automatically gets sent to join that website and have access to all those electronic files so after that’s automatically sent to the customer you’re sitting here and all you do is get cash and this is the model that i use and you know it can only happen with an electronic product and that’s why i love this because you can just sit here and accept cash all day and not have to do anything with a physical product and i mean i’m sure you know that you have to go to the post office but it if you look at it in a graph form like this it’ll show you exactly how much more work needs to be done so these same steps need to happen and after the payment processor you know gets notified of a real payment you get cash right but you also get an address that you need to send whatever that product is so you go over here you package that product then you have to go to the post office then you stand in line and then you ship that product and then you know money is spent here and money is spent here money is spent here so all this money here is just getting lower and lower and lower and you know you’re the amount that you get at the end is less but it doesn’t even stop there because once you ship it you know it’s good etiquette to send tracking information to the customer so that goes here and then after you ship you know that whatever product that is goes to your customer too but what if it gets damaged or what if he doesn’t like it he’s gonna have to send it back so he’s gonna go package it and then he’s gonna go to post office and ship and then you know probably some a tracking number to you and then you’re gonna have to pay him back and you’re gonna lose money from all these things that you spent because you’re gonna have to pay the customer back the money and just gets really really crazy you know there’s a lot of stuff to deal with and you know you might make more money you might make more money if you send physical products but I choose not to do that because it’s not worth my time to me you know this is enough money for me to live happily and not have to worry about spending so much time doing all this crap so I hope that makes sense for you just something I want to show you about how crazy sending physical products is and this is just my take because it’s my lifestyle that I want to design for myself because I don’t want to you know go out there and ship all those things so you can do really successful selling just electronic products that people will buy and if it’s an e-book they can print it out if they want to and then you’re saving paper because some people might prefer to have it on the computer so just my thoughts left here you guys think if you think I’m crazy because I’m losing out on a lot of money that’s fine you know in a perfect world I’d have someone working for me to do that for me but you know I don’t even want to deal with that type stuff so call me lazy but you know I’m making money online and I’m not putting much work into it so let me know we think thank you guys I appreciate it if you want to head over to smart passive income com I love to hear from me there again please rate subscribe comment left here for me thanks guys appreciate it have a good day