Earn Weekly Income Chatting With Strangers

in today’s video we’re gonna be talking about three different websites where you can get paid to chat with strangers in yourself Kevin how do I get paid chatham strangers you know my parents always told me not to talk to strangers well first of all it’s okay to talk to strangers as long as you are safe behind your computer like many keyboard warriors out there that love to spam nasty and mean comments on my own YouTube channel and plenty of others right because in the wild world of the anonymous internet we are all safely protected behind our screen and living in our mom’s basement so in today’s video what we’re going to be talking about is how you can earn four hundred dollars or more per week simply to talk to strangers via your keyboard and so let’s jump right in the first website that we are going to be reviewing today is called a site staff and site staff was actually founded I’m in Colorado back in 2011 and so basically what sites that actually does is they provide businesses with chat software right they provide chat agents that help manage their software and you know you can actually become one of those chat agents so right now you know they’re hiring primarily remotely in the United States but it’s unclear if they’re going to start hiring in other countries as well which is why we have this one at number three site staff is a relatively good way to actually start earning ten dollars per hour simply for chat only position and so if you can type you know up to 60 words per minute and you’re pretty good with grammar and spelling and things like that then go ahead and go apply to a site staff comm where you can earn you know $10 per hour literally just to chat with strangers and the cool part is you know you can do this while you’re doing other you know side hustles so you can you know start earning $10 an hour and then you know make $15 an hour $20 an hour by doing other things at the same time as actually focusing on site staff the number two best way to start making money just with chatting with strangers is actually being a rep for a company that probably many of us have actually heard of right so if you love Apple and Apple products then maybe being an home advisor for Apple is the right choice for you because if you’re an Apple fanboy like I am who has an Apple phone and an Apple computer and a second Apple computer right all and an Apple TVs and everything Apple makes right then maybe becoming what’s called an at-home advisor would be right for you because if you already know a lot about Apple products then it’s the perfect way to kind of start earning some side income to save up to actually start you know a more scalable form of online passive income and basically what Apple at home advisor actually is is you become a person support is what they call it right it’s not technical support you’re actually supporting people so you basically help people with their issues with Apple products so if you’ve ever actually been on you know a customer chat with Apple for example you’d actually be the one supporting that customer chat and the cool thing about Apple at home advisor is you can actually make significantly more than a $10 an hour like we talked about in our first option which was site staff right Apple at home advisors actually can make anywhere from 15 it’s even up to $23 per hour just to answer chats and they do actually also advise that you do have a telephone that you can actually do telephone support for but from what I understand most of the support that you’d actually be doing is via chat and the cool part is you actually have other co-workers and a full network of other Apple at home advisors that you can ask questions to and get support from if there are questions that do come in that you don’t actually know the answers to and as far as requirements when it comes to becoming an Apple at home advisor all the actual requirements that they have are that you have to speak English and you have to have a pretty good understanding and know your way around Apple products like I think many of us do number one way to make money chatting online with strangers we will actually get to in just one second but I do want to give a shout out to my favorite comment from last video which is actually from heart of house mid-tempo who needs a degree when you got Kevin so thank you for that part of house and if you want to be our next comment winner and get featured on our next video I’m going to shout out just like that all you have to do is click the like button you see on your screen right now to show some love and then on the subscribe button and make sure you turn on notification bells so that you can join at the notification squad because we usually choose our comment winners from the people that comment within the first minute or so um and those are the people who are always in the notification family so number one guys the best way to actually make money chatting with strangers is with a website called weebly.com and basically what we bleed comm is is a way that you can actually create easy to make online e-commerce stores and things like that and so what we really actually wants is self-motivated people right self-motivated individuals with kind of strong communication skills to help chat and provide customer service for their particular company right and so Weebly is actually based out of Silicon Valley out of San Francisco but they’re hiring people from all over the US and so if you’re in the US you can apply and the cool thing is you can get paid anywhere from 17 to 18 dollars an hour but they do require at least 20 hours of work per week right but that is close to $400 per week working part-time from home just chatting with everyday people and customers via your computer and the best part is guys there’s so many different ways to start earning passive income you just have to start so if you’re looking for more ways to earn some passive income check out this video right here where we talk about the top 5 ways to start earning passive income today and I promise you number one in this video is going to shock you so check out the video right here about how to make more passive income and we’ll see you there what is up ninjas welcome back to another exciting video in this video we’re going to be bringing down the five best ways to start earning passive