do you want to make over $100 per hour because I’m going to show you on this video a simple website where you can do this and the best part is you don’t need any money to start no college degree literally the only thing you need is an internet connection one of the big things that I’ve been getting a ton of questions about is Kevin you know the things you’re showing these you know money-making strategies the problem with them is you can’t do it from anywhere in the world right it’s only available to the USA so we’re gonna be showing you a way that you can take advantage of this same money-making system to make $2 every 60 seconds or over $100 per hour at times using these strategies from anywhere in the world so the website that we’re gonna be going over today is called validate lead and so the reason that I actually chose this website is because they’re really legit right there’s a lot of scam websites out there there’s a lot of terrible information there’s a lot of people trying to push you down the wrong path to do surveys and all this scammy stuff right validate lee is cool because they don’t pay you in gift cards like most of these services do right they actually pay you in paypal cash right so it’s actual real money which is a big benefit right the other big benefit is these guys partner with some massive companies like Google Amazon and Microsoft right so you know that they’re legit so we’re gonna click right here where it says get paid to test and then we’re gonna set up our account right and it’s gonna ask you some questions like what type of mobile device you have you know what type of computer you own because the point of this site is user testing and usability right a lot of these big tech companies that have unlimited budgets will just pay crazy amounts of money to get their apps and their websites and things tested by real people and so what you do is you come in and you actually help test these products and help test these simple apps and websites to make sure that the usability and the user flow is on point right so you have to tell them what type of device you own let’s have a computer you own and then they’re gonna assign you specific tasks and test is what they call it and then they’re gonna pay you for each you know five-minute test that you get assigned you know up to ten dollars so you’re gonna be making $2.00 every 60 seconds so as you actually fill out the questionnaire to kind of get started and create your account on validate Lee you know one of the important things is if you’re watching this from another country outside of the USA I’m what you have to do and I believe it’s question number 11 is you have to use what’s called a VPN right a Virtual Private Network to basically tell your computer to show your IP address as being inside of the United States right so use you know a basic VPN the one that I use is called Nord VPN but there’s a lot of free beef VPNs out there that will make your computer’s IP address show that it’s inside the United States right so then in question number 11 where they detect your location it’ll it’ll detect your location as being inside the USA which means that you will be eligible to actually start doing usability tests right so for everybody who’s constantly commenting on my videos right I went into a lot of excruciating detail of to find that specific thing for you guys to make this available for you all even if you’re outside of the USA to make you know sometimes over $100 per hour with this if you know how to do it correctly so once you sign up you’re gonna get an email from a valid date Lea it’s going to show you you know how to actually set up your account and the dashboard and things like that and then what’s gonna happen is you’re going to get emails from validate Lea you know every day or often that’s going to actually assign you an amount of money for an amount of time to do a task write some tasks they’ll give you ten dollars for 10 minutes of your time some debt some tasks don’t give you ten dollars for fifteen minutes of your time you know so I’ve seen tasks giving you a seventy five dollars for thirty minutes of your time which is actually making more than two dollars every sixty seconds so it varies depending on the actual task right but you’re gonna get emails every day that look like this right where you’re actually going to be able to sign up for those tasks and actually start to earn money and get it sent directly to your PayPal account and remember when you actually are filling out your actual questionnaire these questions matter right don’t just skip through them because what they actually send you as far as project that you can qualify for oftentimes depends on what you choose for these answers right so if you have an iPhone they’ll send you iPhone test which usually pay a little bit better than Android right if you have the Chrome browser or the you know Firefox browser or Internet Explorer all of these things matter so make sure that you do fill them out correctly so that you can get assigned the most profitable actual projects that you’re going to be paid for you know multiple dollar two dollars or more every 60 seconds for some of these and so let’s actually go through some of the questions one by one just so you guys know kind of like what I chose for my answers I mean you want to answer honestly obviously because they’re gonna know what kind of mobile phone you have anyways and it’s not gonna be any value to the people paying for if you’re lying about it right but so I have an iPhone I also have an Android right so I could you know make maybe make a second account with an Android if I wanted to and then I have two possible opportunities to actually get paid and get these jobs right and a lot of what comes you know what comes down to actually getting these jobs and making you know upwards of a hundred dollars per hour is understanding what we’re gonna talk about in a second so what type of computer do you own I’m gonna put a Mac but I also have a Chromebook male for gender what year were you born you know I don’t want to say that I’ll allow cuz you boys a little old but I’m around 1990 or so what’s your level of education we’re gonna put college graduate what’s your what’s your employment status we’re gonna put unemployed we’re unemployed CEOs even though I’m not wearing that shirt right now what’s your annual household income for this one right I’m not exactly sure what this actually determines from their perspective so you want to just answer honestly we’re gonna put over 125 K per year but answer honestly what’s your full name we’ll put Kevin David what’s your email fill out your email and then you want to put your paypal email so obviously make sure you get this one correct because this is how you’re actually going to get paid which is the most important part of all of this and choose a password and then question number 12 right I think I said it was 11 before question number 12 is what timezone do you live in right so you’re gonna click this button it says detect my location but if you are outside of the USA right to qualify for the most lucrative the most profitable actual jobs for this site you have to make sure that you have a VPN on that shows your IP your computer’s location as being inside of the United States or else you’re not going to be able to actually qualify for these projects that are going to be able to make you you know two dollars every 60 seconds ten dollars for five minutes and I’ve even seen things like seventy five dollars for 30 minutes right so really really good ways to make a significant amount of money as long as you can get the jobs and actually get picked for them which we’re going to talk about in a second and then all you have to do is click yes I agree and so once you log in to your dashboard they’re gonna send you an initial test something like basic and simple they’re gonna say go to this actual website and record your screen for five minutes and send you know your feedback advice and opinions about this site right so do a good job with this be detailed about what you see say you know I’m logging in now it makes a lot of sense right kind of explain your thought process about you know the button like the design looks very natural and beautiful you know it looks really good I have no problems logging in right the dashboard makes sense kind of think out loud as you’re actually doing this test because they review this test and they give you varying levels of opportunities to be able to make more money if your initial screener test is of higher quality and so for the most part guys that’s how it works right this is one of the best ways that I found to make a significant amount of money especially from the outside the USA and all it requires is an internet connection right for some of these you don’t even need a computer you can do it just from your phone but the main question you should be asking yourself is but Kevin how do I actually get picked for these right because one of the big things and one of the big problems with actually making money in this fashion is there not being enough tests to go around because because it’s such an easy way and such a good way to make money right a lot of people are trying to get these same tests and so how do you actually kind of increase your chances of getting a good test well the first thing that you do is what we just talked about right do a really good job for your screen or whatever the screen the screen or test that they give you when you first log in recording your screen for five minutes recording your thoughts right put some real time and effort into that maybe write it out be explicit give actual data that you think that they are going to want and actually find value from and if you don’t know how to do that right look up how to do UI testing correctly right into Google it’s just like another thing that you can teach yourself submit a really good actual screener test to them or if you’re already inside of the USA and so the second thing that you need to do to make sure that you make the most possible profit in the shortest amount of time using validate lee I hope we will get to in just one second but I want to give a quick shout out to our daily comment winner we choose one of you guys who comments in the first minute every time we release a brand new video and we actually feature you guys on the next video so I want to give a shout out to Nik eBay thanks for your awesome content you’ve inspired me to create my own channel we’ve just started last week and I’m already seeing so much success so much love to you Nikki and so let’s get right into it guys in a second and probably more important thing is how validate Lee actually distributes these tests is they send out an email saying you know we have this new test you’re gonna earn $10 for 15 minutes or or $10 for five minutes or $75 for 30 minutes right they send these emails out and then literally the person who actually clicks the email and clicks the link first is the one who generally has the highest chance of getting that project especially if they submitted a good screener test right there in the USA I mean they’re good and they’re doing good quality work right so what you want to do is you want to have push notifications on for your email you want to mark those emails as important so as soon as validate Lee sends that email right you’re immediately logging in and you’re clicking that you want that test right and you’re gonna be assigned more tests this way especially if you’re doing higher quality work and you use the VPN inside the USA or if you’re already inside of the USA and if you want to make even more money doing this the best way to do it is to stack multiple different websites that allow you to get paid to do these user testing right so the best way to do that is to check out this video right here how to make $30 per hour by just watching videos it’s another site that you can use that I’ve tested it’s totally legit and you can actually make even more money and you already will from valid entity by checking out this video right here how to make $30 per hour watching videos see you there in this video I’m going to show you how you can make $30 an hour watching videos and browsing the web and I know that sounds too good to be true but I tried it myself to prove it work and it does so stay tuned inches because this is gonna be a good one [Music] [Applause] [Music]