Gabriel St-Germain: Dropshipping Without Facebook Ads


Hey everyone, Gabriel here and in this video we’re gonna be taking a look at a massive drop shipping store. That’s been absolutely killing the space they’re doing over seven figures a month in sales, and most of that is without facebook ads.

Unique Marketing Strategy

They have a really unique marketing strategy and there’s a lot to learn from these guys.


If you’re still struggling with your store or if you’re just interested in the space, you should definitely take a look at this case study, because what they’re doing is really really interesting.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the case study, okay, so the web site that we’re gonna be taking a look at for this video is blue, crate calm.

This is it right here? It’s a nice simple, looking a website, I’m sure a lot of you have seen it around before because it’s been shared a lot recently. But this is what it looks like.
These are the type of products they sell, so you can see kind of fun. Viral products, animal paw, Sox, a snore, silencer desktop punch bag.

Popular Shopify Stores

You wouldn’t think that this is one of the most popular Shopify stores in the world, but if we pull up this list right here, which gives us the top web sites hosted by Shopify, we can see that it actually ranks number 10 right here.

Blue crate, calm, which is completely insane right, they’re competing with the likes of movement, which is a massive watch company. You know Fashion Nova’s up at number three and they’re our number 10.

This is really crazy. We can click here and get a little bit more info, so right here it says that their own average getting twenty two thousand website visitors per day, which is really good, so yeah. You can see that this website is absolutely killing it.

Dropshipping Websites

It’s doing really well and it’s obviously a dropshipping website.
So, let’s take a look at more more information about this store, so 10th, the biggest store in the world in terms of daily visitors, the company blue, create was founded in late 2017, but this website only really started scaling in March 2018.

Google Trends

As you can see, with this Google Trends picture that I snapped earlier, so I’m really yeah.

If you took the search interest for blue crate, it was non-existent until about mid March, and recently it’s been growing so yeah, it’s a really new website and they’re already top ten in the most visited Shopify stores, so they’re doing absolutely insane insanely well.

Estimate the Revenue

If we want to estimate how much revenue this website is producing, we can assume a five percent conversion rate, which is pretty standard for Shopify dropshipping and a thirty US dollar average order values. That’s based on.

I can see that most of the products during the ten to twenty dollar range customers are likely to purchase more than one product because they have upsells and cross-sells, and we can see that they also have quantity breaks rate.
You can buy two and say fifteen percent.

This will definitely increase the average order value as well.

We can just assume a thirty dollar average order value the real number it’s impossible for me to know.
But if we take those numbers, we can estimate that they are making thirty two thousand and a li sales and over a million dollars in monthly sales.

This store is really killing it all right.


Let’s talk about what these guys are doing to achieve such crazy results in such a short period of time, so the main thing that they’re doing is taking advantage of the new Facebook shows so Facebook introduced.

I think it’s called Facebook watch, but it’s basically shows that large pages can create from their page, and these show pages get a lot of video views compared to regular pages.

It’s really easy to go viral with them, and basically brute blue Krait. Double down on these Facebook show pages and partner up with a ton of large pages who add access to these show pages and they’re using them to sell these products.


Let me show you an example.

This is, i want one by howlers, it’s one of the main show pages that they use and, as you can see, they got season.
Seven in every single episode is a different drop shipping product right, they’re all getting a ton of views.

If you look at this one, this corn mouse, it got 1.4 million views in 21 hours and if you just take a look at the video, it’s just a it’s a drop shipping, video ad, it’s a nice ad and it’s just a cool trendy product and then They link it to blue Krait and it’s getting a ton of engagement and that’s partly because it’s a show page and they’re really taking advantage of these show pages.

Organic Traffic

But it’s organic traffic at this point right because they’re getting likes on this show page they’re. Getting followers this one’s already got 1.3 million followers, 140 episodes, so they’re just they’re just putting out a ton of these new episodes with new products, and this is the main marketing strategy and it’s working really really well they’ve got not do they don’t have just one Show page so this is just one of them.

I want one by howlers and this is another one.

I need this video and, as you can see, they’re doing the same thing right, they’re, putting the same video on the the corn cutter Mouse and they’re sharing this on a show page and it’s probably gonna go viral.

It’s already got 10,000 views in two hours.

This is a bit of a smaller one, but they’re really using as many of these show pages as they can.
Access is really limited for these show pages.

This is where you can inquire about it and try to get one. I’m currently they’re only available to a limited group of publishers in the US, and those are people that already have large pages and a good show idea and that’s how you get approved.

These is so blue crates, basically contacting a ton of large Facebook pages and asking them to partner up and try to apply for a show.


Besides the fact that they’re, taking advantage of these show pages to get a ton of traffic for cheap another thing that they’re doing really really well, is that they’re picking great products that are weird and cool that go viral easily and they’re, making their own video Content in-house and that’s a really big point right there that they’re making their own video content.


If you look at this show page, you take a look at some of the videos. Um you’ll notice that every single one has the exact same style and it’s recorded the same way with the same actors.

Video Production Studio

They basically got a video production studio, going with probably four or five different models or actors and they’re just ordering a ton of products from aliexpress and creating all these new videos.

You can see that’s the same style of video as the the corn cutter one and they’re just making really high quality video in-house and that really sets them.
Apart for the mature majority of dropshippers, the majority of dropshippers will use the same video that they can find online or they’ll just use the video from the supplier or just a boring text ad.


When you bring this to the competition you’re, absolutely blowing and blowing away everybody else right, because they’ve got engaging videos with live actors and that give social proof the video looks great.

This is a really big point here.

Facebook Page

If we took a look at their Facebook page, we can see that it’s not really big they’ve only got eight thousand people who like it and they don’t use it too much.

They have their shop or they have all their items and they also post some of their videos on here.
But you can see they’re not getting a lot of views. 5K views 2k views so they’re just trying to they’re just using this Facebook page to build their brand. However, their main source of traffic are these show pages.

If we go to the info and ad section, however, we can see that they are using. They are running some ads, so let’s take a look.
If we go to info and ads Canada, there we go and we can see that they’ve got um.


They’ve got an ad for their snoring product. They’Ve got an ad for their kitchen products, and I can’t know this for sure, but what I think they’re doing is they’re only using these ads to retarget people who’ve gone on their site, all the visitors, all the people, who’ve left items in their cart, initiate checkout.


They’re mainly just doing a retargeting for all the products on their website.
They’re also probably retargeting. The top video viewers on their show pages and they’re just doing a ton of retargeting, so they’re gonna get a lot a lot of extra conversions at a really cheap cost, but definitely Facebook Ads is not their main source of traffic.

I think these ads are mainly just for retargeting.
So, in a nutshell, what blue Krait is doing is they’re ordering a bunch of cool trendy products from Aliexpress, and then they make their own videos in-house engaging videos that are bound to go viral on Facebook, and then they share it across all their different show pages.

And they get the product to go viral every single time, and this is how they do it, though. The key success factors for blue create was number one that they were quick to make partnerships with all the large pages who had access to show pages and they’re still doing so on the the recruiting new show pages actively to grow their network.

That was the number one thing that was very successful for them

Own Videos

Number two, like I mentioned before, is that they were they are making their own videos in-house and they’re, making engaging videos they’ve got it pretty much down to a science on how to make these viral videos and they’re gonna rinse and repeat it over and over again, with new products number three, the great product selection, like I mentioned their website – is full of great products, they’re all good dropshipping products.

It’s a great place to find inspiration for dropshipping products. Number four: is they have a great website that matches the content?

Original Pictures

As you can see, they have original pictures for every single item. They’Re selling here they’re, not using any Aliexpress pictures or descriptions. Everything is custom.
All their pictures are custom. They’Ve got a nice they’ve got nice, truss badges, it’s a really nice website.

High Converting Theme

Overall, high converting theme and number five is they’ve, got a 45 day warranty on every single one, their products, so you can see in the description.
They’ve got our guarantee. We truly believe we have some of the best products in the world and we want to make sure that we back that up with a risk-free ironclad 45 day guarantee so they’re offering a great guarantee.

I don’t know if they actually follow through on it really well. But the point is this definitely increases their conversion rate.

They’re gonna have a ton of people buying just because of this right, because people are getting used to drop shipping stores, they’re sick of having to wait a long time and not not getting any returns.


No refunds, so people more and more are starting to check out the refund policy and warranty policy on the websites that are shopping on.

This guarantee is really good.
Okay, so obviously not everyone has the experience in capital needed to start a company at this scale.


At which blue create did and scale so quickly, these were obviously very experienced, marketers and had business experience in the past, but there’s some key takeaways that we can learn from this store as regular drop shippers who are just starting out or doing well, but want to Do better a number one is that you want to create your own Facebook content, I’m not necessarily Facebook content, but I mean your own video content.


There’ many ways you can do this number one is using Fiverr. You can just contact a bunch of people on Fiverr and organize four for them to record a video using your product. You can get your own professional studio.

This will be with a little bit more expensive, but then you can get video similar to what blue crates doing really top-level production and another way is just other connections.

Record Videos

If you have friends in real life or maybe a girlfriend boyfriend, something someone that you can someone that can help you record, a video number two is sell, proven products.

If we go to blue crates website, we can see that these are all proven drop shipping products that have been shown to work really well in the past and they’re, basically hopping on every single new trend and they’re actively looking for new proven products that other people Are selling and doing well with number three is always look for new methods of promoting your products, the biggest the the biggest factor in blue crate.

How it works on Facebook

Success was utilizing, Facebook shows to get traffic and the only way they were able to do this is by staying on top of the game and the e-commerce marketing online marketing game is changing really fast.

There’s new things that change everything almost every year, so every year it’s changing and you have to stay on top of it, so these guys have been staying on top of it.
They notice the opportunity with Facebook shows and they hopped on it right away and they were able to scale and make seven figures a month.

That’s it for this video guys.

I hope you enjoyed this short case study. Let me know if you want to see more videos like this and if you enjoyed it, please like and subscribe, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.