hey what’s going on everybody Scott Hills here with you today as always be sure to subscribe to her post notifications on so I answer any and all questions within the first hour of every video and please please PLEASE at the very least hit like it’s one simple click hit that like helps me in my channel which in relation will help other people because that’s just how the algorithm works so let’s get right into it in my opinion this is the only product research method you should use there’s the only product research method that I use for sure and it’s very simple and it makes a lot of sense why that could be wrong here this is just my personal opinion but I feel like a lot of these product research software’s that they just like you know pump out these products and some are good I’m sure some are great but the issue I have with it is everybody who’s subscribed to that software is going to see the same products as you and they’re gonna test the same products as you and depending on the software it’s going to be the same videos the same everything so therefore you’re just like even if our products posted today there’s and the software has 5,000 members that’s 5,000 people are gonna see that product and then 5,000 people now that’s your competition I just don’t even mess with this this is a completely free way takes no time and it actually just it literally sinks into your normal life I’ve talked about this before but I’m gonna get into the details of it now my newest product that I’ve been doing this one has been very interesting and right when it popped up on my feet I knew it was instantly a winner like I was really just strolling through Facebook again I’m gonna get into the tactic in just a second I was a scrolling through Facebook I did what I needed to do and that boom was there and I’m like that’s an instant one I know for a fact so here we are just over a month and I’m at about a hundred five thousand dollars and just a quick explanation sauce scaling super hard right here the Shopify glitch happened and then everything started going down I was still scaling right here I sold all of Aliexpress out like the entire platform out and then they started getting in stock around right here I started scaling again and then all my ads were disapproved three days ago I’m just gonna go back and tweak a few things because I actually learned I sold Aliexpress out again right here and I was some issues with my paypal unifix yeah but anyway guys this is a very simple tactic I’m just going to show you right now alright sorry about that guys it’s actually storming outside to start the rain and then my Internet’s started bugging on me but this way you do search the free shipping has a lot of you know and then you go to videos and then here you go you’re gonna see tons and tons and tons of drop shipping products and just ecommerce products in general most are just drop shipping products so and they can also get other key terms too like 50% off your 50% off here thing with this is a lot of people know this trick and a lot of people are gonna come here and they’re gonna take these products it’s this is a little tweak to your feet so they’ll be a little different but still nonetheless you’re gonna see a lot of people testing all these products like 4 million and this is a great way to find products don’t get me wrong but using this and then taking a step further this is how the best way what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go through every single one at the right here you’re gonna click new brush this seems like it’s an actual ecommerce place not a drop shipping or maybe it’s drop shipping done well no and you’re gonna click you know the buy now you’re gonna add it you’re gonna proceed to checkout and everything fill in all this and then continue to shipping method and then just stop when it goes to purchase ok so then you’re gonna go back and you’re gonna do it to as many of these as possible so literally especially the ones that look like drops hidden like this is obviously this is the classic you know car charger you’re gonna go here with the bitly so what this is gonna do guys is you’re gonna obviously Add to Cart what this is gonna do is this is gonna this is gonna prime your entire feed on Instagram and Facebook and depending on where you go messenger and other sites related to Facebook there’s gonna prime your natural rhythm on Facebook and Instagram with drop shipping products and the best part is you don’t have to spend really any time researching drop shipping products because they’re getting hit to you on your feet especially if you do this a ton and then second of all these are products a lot of them are just gonna be brand new and if you have an eye for things like like you have to dropship you have to have the eye and I don’t know how to really explain it but you look at something and you’re like okay that’s unique can’t be found at Walmart and I bet a lot of people would be in that like when I found this new product I knew that instantly you just have to have that I takes a little bit to get used to but don’t sell the bland products don’t sell what everyone else is selling you want to start the trend before you want to start the trend and then if it’s a you want to start the trend own the domain name and then own that brand and then therefore you know eventually scale it so that you’re in wholesale and everything by far my favorite and pretty much only method on finding products now it’s like I naturally scroll through Facebook in this area because I like to be up-to-date with a lot of things so why not have my feed load and says stupid ads I don’t only care about why not have my feed loaded with stupid drop shipping heads I don’t care about about products that I do so this is just an example right here by my feet constantly comes up with stuff like this is like an eternity ring now in full disclosure I know tracks NYC this is a actual legitimate like diamond company but things like this like you problem you’re like oh wow like this picture alone looks amazing like this looks amazing and this could easily easily sell if you wanted it to I bet if I scroll through my Instagram here for a second I guarantee that I’m gonna get hit with an ad for some product just because its prime guys like it’s absolutely primed I know that see look right here boom our art pix 3d like this is amazing and I think these people actually do a custom so this isn’t drop shipping necessarily but you can see like this is like a good idea for a product and maybe even that might lead to like another idea for a product that you have and see look like this like you know these neon signs and stuff like this is what I’m talking about this is a hundred and ten percent the best way to find products that aren’t already saturated and kind of starting a trend but the example with my project and the reason I’m talking about my products so much is not to gloat or anything it’s like literally I found on my facebook feed and I saw one or two other people selling it because when you find these products you want to go into the Facebook and search and see how many people are selling it how much it’s been sold and everything and then going on Express and see your margins and whatnot but I just want to prove to you like I would stroll through my Facebook feed boom found a prod and all of a sudden I did a hundred thousand in revenue and I would have never so out of that product and I would never found that product if I didn’t do this trick so you want to try to do this multiple times a week the more the better because the more you do it the more you’re gonna seem as a prime candidate for these dropshipping products and here’s a little trick when you do start getting ads like this if you click the Buy Now button right it says learn more if you click the Buy Now button now you’re on the list of engaged shoppers and what that means is within the past seven days you’ve clicked the Buy Now button a ton of e-commerce people target engaged shoppers and the only way to get on that list is actually click to buy now these are just some tricks I highly recommend you guys implementing it doesn’t hurt to implement it literally takes almost no time at all to set set up and then it literally actually takes no time at all to research because as you’re scrolling if you are if you go on a ceramic if you go on Facebook normally you’re see me here with the products and who knows that product might pop up and I’ve known many many people to do hundreds of thousands of dollars that they just find randomly on Facebook doing this method so thank you guys so much for watching again if you could please hit that like button if you like this they’ve got any information from this I greatly appreciate that be sure to comment tell me what you think about this tell me have you used this I’m really interested to know how popular this method is I actually discovered this method from one of my students in my course I have a course simplify dropshipping comments in the description be interested but he messaged me this was like nine months ago we get at the beginning of my course and he was telling me about it and I started using it I’ve been using it ever since so so yeah that’s this how it’s done so thank you guys so much for watching I hope you learned something today hope you can find your 6 7 8 9 10 11 figure product you really never know because once you own that single product brand with that single product branded domain the sky’s the limit thanks guys peace [Music]