if you’re using cash or a debit card you are literally setting yourself up to fail and not only that you’re missing out on massive advantages that this strategy gives you so if you want to learn the better way and the way that you should be using instead of your debit card and instead of cash then you are gonna want to stay tuned I don’t know about you but if you’re like me and at one point in time you’ve had a debit card or you’ve had cash stolen from you and you’ve realized how impossible it is to actually recover that stolen cash or recover that stolen money from somebody else using your debit card then you probably understand what a huge nightmare that can actually be but if your credit card gets stolen or people spend money on your credit card or there’s some online fraud or hacking you will not be on the line for that your bank will take care of it it’s happened to me multiple times and my bank instantly resolved it sent the money back into my account that same day right it’s not a nightmare with a credit card is a nightmare with a debit card yes I know that certain debit cards do offer protection when it comes to fraud but most don’t and I know people are also going to spam in the comments that credit is evil right all credit cards you know are for is just ruining people’s lives and charging you a bunch of interest but I’ve used credit cards for the past you know almost decade and I have never paid one cent of interest because the truth is if you use credit cards correctly you can book hotels and you can take flights you can literally never have to pay for these travel expenses ever again if you always pay your bills on time right you can set up auto pay you can do all these things so you don’t even have to think about it you’ll never pay a cent of interest and you’ll literally just get essentially an interest-free loan which is you know at the most basic sense just completely free use of someone else’s money that you get the benefit for so the number five reasons you start using a credit card is improving your credit score when you’re young if you’re you know 13 15 17 19 21 however old you are right now right you probably don’t realize how important the credit score is you’ve probably never tried to buy a house you probably never try to get a car loan right but all of these things that will be come important as you get older yes it does happen I know it’s hard to believe right now that you do actually get older and become an adult but it does happen you’re going to want to start getting rewards credit cards or you’re going to want to buy a house or buy a car and get all of these things the main thing that people check like banks and people that are going to give you those loans is your credit score and if you’re young now the best time to start building a credit score is right now it’s a date right so how do you actually do this you apply for a credit card right and if you don’t have any credit history you have to start with you know some of the lower credit cards like the chase unlimited freedom or if you have nice parents or a nice uncle they can do what’s called co-signing on your credit card and if they cosign on your credit card you can get some of the best credit cards in the world right because if your parents have good credit right by co-signing they basically take on the liability of you not paying your bills right and then if you’re really responsible with your spending then you can build credit completely for free which is going to be a huge benefit to you down the road and it costs you nothing and it costs your parents nothing right and you know you and your parents have to love each other a little bit more because they cosign for you number four is what’s called a return protection so if you want to return something that you bought with a credit card and the place that you bought it from won’t actually accept that you know item or whatever that product was back then sometimes your credit card company will actually pay the difference between how much that costed and what they actually won’t take back which is pretty cool if you ask me because it basically means that even if you bought something from Walmart and they won’t take it back sometimes your credit card will still reimburse you for that item and you can actually keep it for free number three is what’s called the purchase protection so sometimes if you buy particular items or products on a credit card right let’s say for example that you bought a brand new iPhone you know on your credit card what’s gonna happen is if somebody you know steals that phone or you know steals it out of your car or whatever your credit card company will literally reimburse you for a brand new phone via the purchase protection this alone makes it worth actually getting a credit card right because how nice is it how is it knowing that if your phone saw it they’ll reimburse you for it if it’s stolen within the first you know a few months it’s such a massive benefit that credit cards give you and it costs you nothing extra to take advantage of that number two is what’s called a warranty protection so some cars like the Chase Sapphire Preferred for example will extend a warranty if it’s less than three years a manufacturer’s warranty by up to one year so what happens is if you actually buy you know like a microwave or a refrigerator or something like that or like a washer and dryer your Chase Sapphire Preferred will extend that manufacturer’s warranty and they’ll cover you and actually reimburse you outside the manufacturers warranty period number one guys without further ado is points there are people who literally spend their whole lives and they make their whole living just by doing what’s called churning right so I have over six and a half million chase points like I will literally never pay for another flight the rest of my life my friends will never pay for flight my family won’t ever pay for a flight and the reason that that’s possible is because I pay for everything in my life on credit cards all of my ADD costs all of my cost of you know goods for my businesses all of my food all like literally everything in my life I pay for with a credit card I haven’t used a debit card in over ten years right I haven’t used cash in probably over ten years and so how you actually do that is you accumulate points every time you spend a dollar on a car the best card in the world for accumulating points is the chase ink business preferred you get three points per dollar on so many different things right ad costs on internet bills on your phone all of these different things that you get all of the benefits that I talked about but you also start to accumulate you know tens or thousands or ten thousands or hundreds of thousands of points with a no additional cost to you especially if you pay your cards on time so I know there’s going to be people in the comments that are saying Kevin credit cards are the devil right they’re taking advantage of you I’ve never paid one cent of interest in over ten years of using credit cards and if you use them responsibly right you don’t have to either so if you guys are interested in using credit cards and making money on the internet I suggest you check out this video right here which is how to make $30.00 per hour literally just watching videos check out this video right here we’ll see you on the next one I’m gonna show you how you can make $30 an hour watching videos and browsing the web and I know that sounds too good to be true but I tried it myself to prove at work and it does so stay tuned into